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Airsoft Review ENG – Why??? Tokyo Marui KSG gas shotgun review with shooting test – Univairsoft.com

Airsoft Review ENG – Why??? Tokyo Marui KSG gas shotgun review with shooting test – Univairsoft.com

Hello all it’s Vasriotaep Today we will see the KSG from Tokyo Marui The new gas shotgun of TM This gun has been released few day ago, thank to univairsoft to share me this gun for the review Let see what the point, let’s go! This shotgun works with gas Hello all it’s Vasriotaep Today we will see the KSG from Tokyo Marui The new gas shotgun of TM This gun has been released few day ago, thank to univairsoft to share me this gun for the review Let see what the point, let’s go! This shotgun works with gas This is not the first TM gas shotgun, the first was the M870 in long and breacher version This shotgun is based on the same technology It costs around 430€ in France It’s not a cheap gun for sure! It required to work some shotgun shell which cost around 15€ And gas tank, a little more expensive, 30€ each They are specific to the KSG Let see the packaging! This is a really upmarket packaging, really beautiful! It’s the signature of TM, a nice packaging! There are some papers, security etc It’s in french so it’s cool but we don’t really care about The gun is well protected It doesn’t move thanks to these velcro bands There are the cartridge, the gas tank and some accessories I will explain later In the other side of the box, I want to show you something Here is the upper protection, really well thinking and how it’s nice, the manual and some others papers Like always with Marui, it’s in Japanese Nothing in English, it’s really sad Fortunately, there is the parts list We have parts number but we can’t understand something it’s really bad One page is interesting on this manual.

As I don’t read Japanese I can’t tell if this is just a dream or the real development schedule If it’s true, it’s really cool because we will discover new original kind of airsoft guns soon This one in particular for me which is often used in video games So here is the cartridge A small Marui cartridge with 30bbs capacity This part contains the gas tank It is well protected On this box, there are some accessories like bbs, barrel plug and a small item to setup sights Well packaged once again it’s cool So of course, the gun I will talk about it later so for the moment I put it out That all?!? no no no something is still inside Other items are not in front, they are behind! Take a look here, I will try to take it out without destroy everything A cleaning rod and a bb loader It’s done with the packaging, you have seen it’s something really high end and nice So now, take a look at the gun itself, let’s go! Here is the “small” KSG Small but heavy, near 2.

7kg As you can see it’s a bullpup shotgun because you have to insert cartridge on the rear of the gun It’s a new generation gas shotgun with 3 barrels which can shoot 3 to 6 bbs About the design, I don’t know your opinion but for my part, I love it! It’s aggresive, never seen on a game yet and rare on video games or films So it’s really amazing to play with a gun like it It appears recently on some films/video games but it’s still really rare When I know they will make a airsoft version of the KSG, I was crazy Moreover that it’s a Gas Tokyo Marui Shotgun! It’s a plastic and metal gun, mainly the internal parts are in metal which is a good news Plastic, despite the cheap sound they make, seems solids Except the plastic of the loading hole where the plastic is really sluggish and can be twisted by hand The plastic part above the selector of bbs per shot is weak too but it’s not as disturbing than the other The heel is in plastic too, very soft it’s great! The plastic of the pump is really hard I don’t think it could break, or maybe near the picatinny rail, it depends of the kind of grip you will use but it’s really not obvious About the upper rail, it’s the same, everything is in plastic so I’m a little afraid of break possibilities but it seems correct The gun is sold with two flip up sights, it’s not common it’s pretty cool You can adjust them and use them by two position, high and low mount I prefere the high mount, for a shotgun it’s enough, don’t mandatory to use a specific red dot, so it’s good The finish level of this shotgun is really amazing, it’s normal, it’s a Tokyo Marui product Honestly, except some little injection points, everything is perfect! No slack, nothing bad, it’s a real high end product from Marui no doubt I regret that the pistol grip is empty and I don’t really like the feeling I have with it It feels really cheap, I would prefere a not-empty grip or more soft But it’s a question of feeling The particularity of the KSG of TM is it has 3 barrels which can fire 3 to 6 bbs But these barrels have a strange size, they don’t reach the end of the external barrel It’s really weird, it’s the goal of the bullpup design to get a long barrel length with a small gun length They don’t exploit this possibility, they probably use M870 or breacher barrels It’s curious, lot of length lost Another weird things is that barrels have a small rotation inside, weird because it could impact accuracy But in fact, I don’t notice anything special during my shooting test I don’t know if it’s only my gun or all guns As it doesn’t affect performance it’s not a problem, but it’s weird Now listen why this KSG is amazing So, is it not an amazing sound? Honestly, the noise of this pump is great, it should satisfy all shotgun fans As it is noisy, if you’re in a CQB during an infiltration, if you use the pump once, everybody will hear it It could be a “scary” effect to your opponents I like it, it’s a good sound, not cheap at all, that what I’m looking for a shotgun Of course, as it’s a bullpup, cartridge should be loaded by the rear of the gun There is a big hole at the rear with two containers One is for store cartridges and the other for feed barrels It’s not a real success on the KSG In fact, it’s hard to tame the KSG It’s so specific, so weird, you have to change lot of habitude you got before And it starts with the cartridge feeding, first, don’t fill the wrong hole (lol) Then you have to push the cartridge at the maximum And when you want to change the cartridge, you have to remove it And then, pull out another cartridge from the storage and insert it inside the container In reality, it’s so boring to do it that I can’t recommend you to do this Use external cartridge storage, not the internal one Moreover, the storage container keep one cartridge, even if you push/shake the release button The spring is probably don’t hard enough to push the cartridge outside the container If you really want to use the storage container, put a dummy cartridge or a cork first But you will lose one place As the gun is already heavy, it’s not necessary to overload it Moreover, when you want to get out a cartridge from the storage There is the “trigger group” which hinder the exit of the cartridge So you have to take a look, search the cartridge, so it’s not convenient for tactical reloading At least, the spring of the main cartridge storage is strong enough to make it possible quickly One another weird thing is the impossibility to reload with the trigger pressed On the Breacher and the M870, we can press the trigger, pump and it releases a shoot automatically With this gun, it’s not possible, you have to release the trigger, pump, and press again the trigger The gun isn’t armed, I pump, I press the trigger, I keep the finger on the trigger, I pump again and now the shoot should happen but no I have to release, wait the reset, and press again I have to do this each time It’s something you have to deal with It’s not a big deal, but it’s a little sad It avoids the possibility of shoot quickly It’s sad because for a pump action shotgun, in a CQB, it could be a question of success With one cartridge, you can shoot 5 to 10 times, depending how many bbs you want to shoot each time (3 or 6) It’s not a lot And it’s sad there is no “bolt stop” or something to avoid empty shoot It’s really disappointing because if you don’t count, you will make a blank shoot at a very bad moment You will start reloading and it’s at this moment the opponent will come to get you It’s really bad for me, I don’t know how they can do something like a bolt stop but for me, it’s mandatory There are some marking, close to the real marking It’s not my goal to get a gun with the most realistic marking They are well made so it’s enough It will only annoying for purist There are flip-up amovible sights You can attach sling at the front, near the barrel and at the rear near the stock They can be used for right or left hand user Of course, there is a safety This cover can be put out to change the firing mode, 3 or 6 bbs by shoot There is a dummy cartridge selector inside the loading hole For the real gun, you can choose to use different types of ammo It’s obviously not functional on the airsoft gun There is a dummy pump lock I didn’t understand the goal of the pump lock on the real gun I’m not really fan of this kind of dummy buttons Under the stock, you have to insert the gas tank Once again, the KSG is a very specific gun, without training, it’s hard to remove the stock and change the gas tank Without gloves, it’s hard to do it I found a trick, don’t pull it from the upper part like the manual say It’s easier by pulling it from the side But it’s really better with glove than without Gloves provides me a better grip Take it by the side, pull and it should go out Here is the internal from the stock point of view You can see the gas access and a part of the trigger group This is the gas tank release button The gas tank can be inserted easily You have to push it quickly to avoid gas leak You can see that once inserted, there is no more space at the rear of the stock So cartridges will not go here You can see the filling valve To remove it, push the button and push gently Really easy Same action but on the battlefield That’s why you have to be quick There is always a small gas spray when you insert or remove the gas tank You can hear the difference plastic sounds They are pretty good by the way The cartridge contains about 30bbs I know you can use different brand cartridge but I don’t have them The cartridge quality is just correct On mine, there was bubbles inside the sticker It’s not what I was expected from Tokyo Marui Bubbles + wrong position for the sticker I think they don’t really care about But they work well The spring inside is strong So it’s ok The KSG works thank to external gas tank It’s pretty strange to use this kind of shotgun because you have to manage two consumables This gas tank is small, that good, but it’s heavy It will increases the weight of the gun and your loadout weight if you need more gas tank As it will be inserted at the rear of the gun, it will positively affect the balance of the gun This is the principle of the bullpup configuration So it’s not so bad to increase the weight on the rear of the gun You will feel it with the general weight but not when you will target My version has a small gas leak on the feeding gas valve A silicone spray and it’s fixed It was a micro leak, I smelt it and heard it only when putting my ear on the stock The leak didn’t penalize my tests, nor during the consumption test, shooting test So it’s not so bad This gas tank is really solid I’m not afraid to break it When I see this kind of shotgun, I mean gas shotgun, what is the interest of using gas?? There is a pump! I can’t explain it, it had more problems than they can solve Defaults are gas related, fps variation, low fps when the gas tank is empty You know me, I’m a GBBR addict, gas is life for me, but when it’s about a pump action shotgun, I’m dubious It’s the Marui choice, it’s like the M870 which is a really good shotgun so why not Anyway, you will probably need more gas tank The trigger reset is easily audible and it’s finger sensitive But I don’t feel the wall when I press the trigger The shoot will start late It’s not really bad on a shotgun but it’s weird to use For chrono test, the temperature was about 20°C First shoots was with only one bb inside the cartridge, but it had no impact on result so I continued with 3 bbs by shoot You can see there is no difference Results aren’t amazing, the power is pretty low, there are high differences between each shot Even with a full gas tank, the power goes down quickly The shooting process is the same than last time I show you the installation in my shooting field Still to be as transparent as possible, I measure distance with a triple decametre The target is as large as a human body, should be represent an airsoft player Like that, if I can touch it, you know that it’s possible to touch with this gun I made this test in standing position, so obviously the gun performance are influenced by my own performances So I do my best to be as accurate as possible The temperature is about 18°C Let’s go, 3 bbs, 20m, gas 144a with 0.

25g bbs Some wind today but no impact But I had lot of misfeed problems Misfeed again I happened so many times, I can’t show you all misfeed Sometimes one bb, sometimes none I tried with some other brands without change I tried 0.

20 and 0.25, it was really annoying At this range, it’s easy to touch the target when the gun works Second test with 0.25 at 20m with 3bbs per shot Now 6bbs per shot with 0.25 3 or 6bbs per shot, I still have some missfeed problems But of course with 6 bbs it’s soooo easy to touch! More range now, 30m, with 0.

20gr and not more because I can’t reach this range with 0.25gr Let see how many shot I can do with one gas tank, earch cartridge contains about 30bbs During all my tests, I had some bbs falling from the gun at the end of the cartridge, may be related with misfeed problems I don’t know why Misfeed again and impossible to shoot remaining bbs inside the cartridge From this point, it was not really playable so it doesn’t really count So it represents 7 cartridges or 210bbs, really not bad If you plan to play more than 1 hour, buy some gas tank just in case


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