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Airsoft Review ENG- Tripwire v3 for Kimera JR by Precision Mechanics from army-shop.be

Airsoft Review ENG- Tripwire v3 for Kimera JR by Precision Mechanics from army-shop.be

Today I will show you the tripwire v3 by precision mecanics This tripwire has been sent by armyshop.be, thank to them for this This is a small tool for Kimera JR This tripwire has to be inserted on the ground to transform your grenade as a mine There are two parts, the tripwire and the “trigger” The tripwire contains a half cutted M120 spring attached to this big screw The trigger looks like this, a small plastic part There is a small hole to attached a rope To arm the tripwire, you just have to compress the spring When I say “just have to” it’s an euphemism, the spring is really really hard to compress With many manipulations, it becomes to be easier, but I will not lie to you, it’s still very hard Then, plug the lower part into the ground About cons, the lower is really short, and too smooth, it’s really not usefull to plug the tripwire into the ground I think it could be better to make a kind of screw, it should be easy to plug and harder to pull of the ground It’s my little advise for armyshop and precision mecanics Anyway, now the tripwire is armed, you just have to attached the rope and place the grenade on the upper part You can use Kimera JR and Kimera JR2 They are compatible, but not totally perfectly for one of them This is the Kimera JR1, as you can see, it’s not 100% suitable The stability isn’t amazing It’s a detail because it’s absolutely not important for the explosion of the grenade With the Kimera JR2, it’s really better As you can see, it holds very well It gives you more possibilities and of course it works well too To conclude, after some use, the tripwire works, it’s a good point If you have a soft ground, it’s easy to plug into the ground and the tripwire isn’t pull out But the lower has to be like a screw, or it’s impossible to plug into hard ground Then, it’s really too difficult to engaged the trigger Even now, after many trials, it’s still very hard, I have to do it many times before it stays I think they could add a lock system or something like this It could be perfect to manipulate the tripwire without be worried about the trigger Another way could be to change the shape of the trigger To avoid undesired triggers of the spring As it’s a small tool, it can be carry in any pouch and use quickly It depends of what you have on the battlefield to fix the rope, a simple stone can be enough I think the price of this product is a little too much As it’s a v3, I would have a product with less ergonomics problems It works it’s good, but there is some missing which should transform this tripwire into a fully useful product I hope this video enjoy you, like always, don’t hesitate to comment, share and like See you


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