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Airsoft Review ENG – The ultimate review of the so disappointed WE P90TR T.A. 2015 GBBR Part #1

Airsoft Review ENG – The ultimate review of the so disappointed WE P90TR T.A. 2015 GBBR Part #1

For this very particular video, I had to make 2 differents video I let you discover the content of each on the list above Hello everybody, I’m going to show you the review of the P90 GBBR of WE, the T.

A.2015 because WE doesn’t have the licence This gun was waited by all GBBR and bullpup fans since many years Here is the precious! I have it since many month, I didn’t want to make the review quickly before having enough and accurate contents So I hope you will like it, especially for this reason I hope I will give you enough informations on this gun About the price, I bought this gun 320$ on tiger111hk.

com with shipping and without custom fee So it’s a very correct price for a GBBR and for WE Moreover that this gun only exist on the WE catalog So it’s cool they don’t exaggerate the price because of this And I bought 2 mags on ehobbyasia for 46$/mag shipping included, without custom fee So for mags, it’s also a good price, similar as other mags for WE and GBBR I hope I will be the most objective possible because it’s still difficult to be honest when we have affection for something It could be on positive and negative matter, too kind or too bad for some points of the gun We could forget or exaggerate some defaults It will be your comments which tell me if I’m wrong or not, feel free to warn me if it’s the case, I’m open to the criticism And if it’s the case, I will be careful, but I try to be the most honest by telling you what I like and what I dislike with this gun The main interest of the P90 is the taking in hand, look how it’s a small and light gun The taking in hand is amazing, really! The weight, thanks to the bullpup, is really balanced it’s great I can aim very quickly, it’s amazing It’s obviously totally ambidextrous One of the most weird point is the pistol grip The pistol grip is really “horizontal” You’ll need a time to appreciate it if you didn’t already tried it because of this Once it’s done, the taking in hand is excellent You can place your other hand on differents positions to improve your comfort The body is mainly in plastic And the global quality is really excellent It’s very appreciable for the eyes The touch is also really nice, soft and thick There are some molding but I really don’t care It’s classical and not annoying at all The biggest deception for rigorous person could come by the upper, in plastic too Rails and flash hider are in alloy The charging handle is in metal Little deception for the butt stock, which is in a hard plastic It’s really not kind, not enough soft The flash hidder can be disassemble with a hexa key The upper rail include the sight, which is really basic Very basic Don’t play with that, it’s decorative Use something else like a holographic sight, it will be more effective The gun weight is 2.

2kg And 1.8kg without mag It’s really light for a gun, pretty cool It uses the open bolt technologie, a good techno so it’s nice The length is 510mm The internal barrel lenght is 250mm The internal barrel should be 6.

03, classic size on WE GBBR It’s commonly a good barrel Except you’re an upgrade psychopath, don’t change it The power of my gun is 300fps, which is perfect for CQB But be careful, it exists two different power for this gun, 300 and 450 fps.

It depends where you buy it As I bought mine in Hong Kong, I have a low power version So if you buy it in France, the power should be higher This gun has a bolt stop, which allow you to block the bolt when mag are bbs empty But as it’s not a visual open bolt, you will not see the bolt stopped except if you remove the mag The trigger has two differents firing mode In full auto mode, if you press slowly the trigger, you will shoot one bb, if you press it totally, you will shoot many bbs This system already exists on the FN2000 by example But on this gun, I never succeed to use it, it’s really too much sensitive It’s a gadget, we never use full auto on a gbbr, especially on this model because of the rate of firing But it exists and it’s cool Always on the external, I’m sad that there is no marking except this one, which is a sticker It’s sad but expected because WE doesn’t have the licence But we can be happy they don’t use fake marking Because if you have the possibility to do it, you can add real marking with laser It will be really better, so in a certain way, it’s a good news Still about the trigger, it has lot of slack in semi-auto! It’s hard to use, moreover that to trigger the shot, you have to push hardly on the trigger The shot starts at the very end of the movement It’s really too hard and too long to shoot I have lot of difficulties to understand how WE pass through a so important problem like this one on a so basic part like the trigger It is not blocking for play, but it’s really not pleasant If you want to do double tap without hurt your finger, it’s not possible And strangely, in full auto mode, it’s really more smooth to use The problem is, like I said, it’s too difficult to make a single shot when the fire selector is on the full auto position Fortunately, it’s simple to fix this problem, I will show you how on the reliability improvement part Now on my gun, the semi auto is really more smooth to use Let check magazines As it’s P90 magazine, they’re obviously big and long They weight about 400gr and for those who don’t know these kind of mag, they are really weird to use To carry them, you’ll need special pouch by example They really look like G39 mag, metal internal and plastic external It should improve the cold resistance and reduce the cooldown I will make you a feedback after play with it in a very cold weather but it should be ok But the plastic is really breakable Honestly, if you let the mag fall, I’m pretty sure the plastic will explode About the plastic resistance, it’s crap but I’m accustomed with I’m more disappointed on these mags because there are lot of air bubbles on the plastic that make mags even more weaker It’s really bad On all edge there are air bubbles, same for all mags I have It’s really bad because this make the mag more weaker (again) As the magazine is in plastic, we can see bbs inside This is really cool because we can see how many bbs are remaining on the mag It’s a big advantage when we have to make a tactical reload I tried the same thing on the G39 without success I’m really happy that WE did it At the back, here is the filling valve The body, which is numbered until 50 But marking are for the real version with bullets because bbs are stopped here But mags carries 50 bbs, like the real one, it’s really nice Here we have the bbs pusher, with another part which allow to release bbs There is also a little button which enable or disable the bolt stop And near the bbs well, the intermediate valve which allows the transfer of the gas from the mag to the internal gas tank One very interesting thing on this mag, it’s the bbs well with no lips So it’s really easy to add bbs in this mag No more broken bbloader after the game This is really awesome The bolt stop works very well thank to this little stop But be careful, it’s in plastic and I’m afraid it could break easily because of the recoil I have to warn you about something about magazines As I said, I bought 3 magazines in total And no one has worked before I made lot of reliability improvement on them I had gas leak on all vavle!! It’s really unbelievable and this really disappointed me Release a GBBR, in 2016, with so many gas leak, it’s just not possible now! On so “simple” valve, it’s really really unbelievable! To be totally honest, I can’t recommend this gun for a GBBR begineer Even me, who knows pretty well GBBR valve, I had lot of difficulties to make them reliable I will come back on this point on the reliability part, but on this point, WE really misses the shot But, WE had the good idea to include on the box a magazine sticker It’s kind because it wasn’t the case on the G39 by example But there are no sticker for optional magazine! It’s really stingy! Note it, you will have to print it yourself for optional mag! That sad Little tips, because of the gas leak, don’t install it directly Be sure you have no gas leak because you could damage it when trying to fix this, by diving them into hot water by example Here is the result with the sticker inside It’s a cardboard, not an adhesive Just bend it and insert it into the mag It’s cool The classic design is well too but it’s always better for me It’s really easy to insert Just fold the sticker at the appropriate dimension And that’s all The insertion of the magazine inside the gun asks some techniques You can see here a modification I made for improve the reliability It’s just something I add to reduce the gap between the mag and the stop Because without, there is a little edge (1mm something like that) This cause a problem when you insert the mag Without, the edge will not on the hole And worst, the magazine valve will not be in the correct axis with the gas tank valve So when you will insert the mag, the valve will be aligned with force and this could damage it I will talk to you about the reliability improvement on the appropriate part So inserting the mag requires a lot of attention, be sure you inserted it until the stop If you’re a cowboy, push on this extremity until it’s engaged It’s not the best solution considering the valve weakness If you want to be more secure, open the mag lock system, push slowly until the end and release mag lock And like this, you don’t damage valves Now take a look on the gun without mag And more closely this part You can see the hop-up setting wheel It’s very easy to use, soft but resists to the recoil, it’s a good thing It’s a good solution because we just have to release the mag, pass the finger under the mag and roll the wheel and that all! It works perfectly The disassembly of this model is a real pleasure, because they kept the same system as the real one First, load the gun Because this will release the bolt Then, by pushing this button, you can split the gun in two parts The upper and the lower Now, tilt the gun and shake it to drop the bolt Be careful to don’t let it go Now you can remove the stock And for finish, you have a special lock system which allow to release the trigger group And now the gun is disassembly Thank to that, no reason to don’t make the maintenance of the gun, it’s really easy The greasing of the gun when I bought it was correct but not amazing, I advise you to do it yourself.

By the way, it’s really better on this model than other WE GBBR Of course, as for all my gbbr, the first step I did when I received the gun has been to analysed the gun and understand his functioning It’s really important to understand how parts works together, anticipate breaking part and find solution if something bad occurred By example, the lower.

The charging handle is in metal It’s a very good point, moreover the charging handle is as large as the lower, so it should be reliable enough Now, the hop-up part The is mainly in plastic, like all WE gun As it’s not a grind down part, it should not break Except if you use a metal nozzle or a short stroke system.

I really not recommend this kind of stuff because it increase a lot the risk of breaking part But, this zone is new comparing than other WE GBBR BBs and nozzle will come by both hole And this new part is in metal, which is a good news So this part should be hard enough I want to warn you about the bolt stop on this part The little part of the magazine will push this part, which will block the movement of the bolt The bolt will be stopped here The problem is because this part is in plastic And has lot of slack I already read some comments about people who had this part broken And I really doubt about his lifetime The bolt stop is, since the beginning, one of the most needed and damaged on a GBB One more time, WE want to make a saving and uses plastic instead of a good metal It’s unbelievable, this part has to stop all the mass of the bolt It’s not possible to release a GBBR with a plastic bolt stop, even Marui made something totally different to solve this problem WE when will you understand that you can’t save money on so important parts? I want to show you another part on this area, this little tip of metal This little tip is used to release bbs inside the bb entrance part On my gun, this tip wasn’t high enough I wasn’t able to shoot, bbs didn’t go down on the hop-up unit, except if I push on the mag I will come back on the fix I made for this problem on the next part It’s one of the first problem I saw To finish, be careful about screws, the recoil is hard so take care of them It’s the same advise I give for all GBBR user, check your screws regularly because with the recoil, they can be unscrewed If it’s the case, use threadlocker, because it could cause lot of damage It’s finish for the upper, let see the bolt Parts seems correctly machine, the finish is good The bolt is mainly composed with alloy Guides are in metal so they should be solid The main zone I don’t trust a lot is this one As you can see, this part is thin and makes with alloy I say that because I had a very bad experience with the SMG 8 WE, this part has to stop the bolt movement And on my SMG, this part has exploded so on this gun, I’m afraid it’s too thin I will be careful on this part and why not if necessary glued a small buffer to reduce the impact of the bolt During your maintenance, take a look on screws The nozzle is very reactive This model is new but it seems correct So on this part, pretty good except the rear Now, the trigger group Here again, it’s totally new, I never see this kind of trigger group from WE I didn’t notice something really weak inside, all seems well done The problem with trigger group is that all little parts are hidden inside So it’s hard to check these parts without disassembly everything, and I will not do it because I don’t want to break it before recording shooting test The only part which worried me is this one When the gun is loaded, the bolt push this part forward, which allow the fire And when the bolt goes backward, this part move with it, and on the top, there is a small spring The bolt will pass on it and return in fire position It push by the way the hammer So this part looks like weak, I already saw this part in metal, sold by Ratech I guess But, there are not a lot of constraints, because this part can move only on this direction So it should be good, but I will be careful about it too Something cool is that the trigger group is encapsulated in this box It’s really cool for the maintenance It’s not necessary to remove special parts or disassemble it Like always, be careful about screws The lower is close to be empty There are two rods which are linked to the trigger group It’s common on a bullpup because the trigger group is on the rear of the gun Good points, there are two rods and moreover, they are in metal It’s a good sign for the lifetime of the gun, because it’s common to see plastic rod or only one rod Without the bolt, you can see the gas tank now You can see here the intermediate valve which links the magazine with the gas tank And here the gas tank with the gas extraction hole This little part is a security to disable shooting when there is no magazine, because there is gas inside the gas tank Even without mag, without this part, you will be able to shoot Thank to it, the gun is more safe, but if you push it and press the trigger, you will shoot So be careful, it’s well done but the bbs are in your side to make something stupid Below the gun, you can see the other side of the rods and trigger group The rod is inserted inside this deep The rod press on the deep part and make the shoot I try to show you inside the gun, difficile with the light and the focus There are the gas tank, the security in front of the valve It’s really different than WE already made Strangely, I didn’t notice gas leaks on both valve of the gas tank versus magazine (it happened few days after the video) For internal parts, I have noticed that some shops already sell metal parts like the bolt, some parts inside the trigger group and the bolt stop It’s a good sign if spare parts or upgraded parts are available, it means if something breaks, you will be able to change it I don’t deny it, on a GBBR, breaking parts are the main problems, because the recoil always lead to a break one day or another I have read that the hop-up and inner barrel are specific But I also read that some people already change the hop-up bucking by a classic VSR10 one, so it should mean it’s compatible But I don’t know if a VSR10 barrel + bucking will be compatible yet One day, I will make another video to show you that Let’s go for the reliability improvement The first problem I want to show you is the double feed problem.

I don’t have this problem yet but I can tell you some tips about it This problem comes from a bad form of this part This part, number 98, is used to stop bbs coming inside the hop-up area If you have the double feed problem, you have to sand it to correspond as the picture It seems if you change the hop-up, it could fix this problem, but not confirmed I don’t have this problem yet so I can’t tell you if it works If you have missfeed problem, the problem comes from this little bump The solution I used for the moment is to increase the size of the bump by a little point of glue I let it dry one or two night After this, the bump is a little higher and so, push on the bbs release button correctly For the buffer, I used a plastic material It must be really thin, less than 1mm I have pasted it with double face tape For my part I have cut an old smartphone silicone case It do the job, it’s black so it’s discreet It’s something I advise you to do quickly when you buy the gun to avoid problems on the valve About the hard trigger I used a chock here with a card This one is plastified to don’t damage it with grease It avoid the lack and the delay is less important before shoot As you can see, it works well and no more lack Small warning, the chock you will choose must be thin because you could make a full auto instead of a semi auto if it’s not the case If you want to get the semi/full feature on the semi-auto position you can with by using the good size I have prefered to use a very thin chock to don’t have this “feature” and avoid some risks Anyway, with this, it works well About these leaking gas magazines For this valve, you just have to unmount it with the specific valve tool (or a screwdriver but I really not recommend this tool) For this one, you have to use a screwdriver, and inside there is two other parts One of them will fall without effort, for the other, you have to use a very small screwdriver or something like that to get it out without damaging it To fix the gas leak, I have dropped all valves and seals into a glass filled with silicon oil during some hours I took my spray and I filled the glass with oil I let them during more than one hour for some valve You will probably see bubbles When I assemble everything, I have sprayed all screw thread with oil again to be really sure it was perfectly lubricated Be careful, this will probably put oil inside the hop-up After this, I added gas and dive them inside a very hot water bath, to check if there was no more leak and put under pressure all seals Not they work, but I had to do this for all my mags This video is now finished, don’t forget the part 2 in the table of content, tchao!


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