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Airsoft Review ENG – Side rail kit for GHK Steyr AUG GBBR from Samoon.tw

Airsoft Review ENG – Side rail kit for GHK Steyr AUG GBBR from Samoon.tw

Hello it’s Vasriotaep, welcome for the review of the Samoon’s Side Rail kit for GHK Steyr Aug It is useful to add some rail around the scope of the AUG I’m going to show you the product and how you can install it The product is very simple, two main parts The side rails With some screw to remove them and a screw to fix it on the scope It’s very solid! I don’t think it’s in steel Only screws are in steel It’s better for the weight and anyway it seems solid so it should not be a problem This is the first part, and the second is.

.. The top rail mount It will be put above the scope There are hole to put a mini dot But if you have like me a mini dot for picatinny, you can add the rail here You can use this rail and put it on this part It’s pretty smart Let install it I need one small hexa key Small tips, use a magnet! You will never loose screws and spring anymore It’s removed And this one too Now it’s ready to install Take this part too, and put it here Take attention to the two holes at the top of this part They have to be aligned with these both holes here Once it’s done, use this part to assemble the rail Take attention to the orientation of this part Once it’s done, use the long screw and screw the rail Put it from this side You can do it without disassemble all parts but it’s easier like this As you can see, this part is assemble correctly It was the most difficult part To finish, install the upper part It’s hard to make something wrong here Just be sure of the orientation of this part If you have a space between the upper part and the side rail, unscrew the lateral screws of the side rail Now it’s done, no more space Now you can fix it with 2 screws Sorry for the position, not easy with a so big gun Two screws are inserted, so it’s ok Screw these two screws too It’s to maintain the other side of the upper Now you can put the rail With these two screws Put the rail on the upper and screw Don’t worry about the orientation for the first screw Now you can adjust it like you want When you are satisfied, just screw to lock it Just be careful of the axe of the scope It’s not perfectly aligned here by example, I will check it again after the video So here is how it looks like You can now put your mini dot with a picatinny mount You can put it where you want Here is a closer look That all for this rail, I really like it, it’s a good improvement of the AUG I like the simple design and how you can adapt it to your use You can put two kind of mini dot, picatinny mount or not You can put what you want, like a 551 or a T1 I prefer with a mini dot If you have a classic mini dot, not with picatinny support, there are two screws inside the package for it So it’s a very nice product The only problem is the price It’s really too expensive for the usage By example, I bought this little rail before for my camera for 5€ There are many other kind of rail, but it’s absolutely not the same design It’s your choice, or maybe the choice of your wife 🙂 I hope this short video was good, if you like it don’t hesitate to share, comment and like See you soon for next videos, ciao


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