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Airsoft Review ENG – Shooting test of the ASG CZ P09 GBB #2 from Univairsoft

Airsoft Review ENG – Shooting test of the ASG CZ P09 GBB #2 from Univairsoft

Hello everybody, it’s Vasriotaep. Small modification, now the summary is at the begining of the video And I start this performance review by the chrony test No problem for the power, the range is a little high and the power decrease slowly The shooting process is the same than last time I show you the installation in my shooting field Still to be as transparent as possible, I measure distance with a triple decametre The target is as large as a human body, should be represent an airsoft player Like that, if I can touch it, you know that it’s possible to touch with this gun I made this test in standing position, so obviously the gun performance are influenced by my own performances At this range, the accuracy is pretty good The groupment is good, the shooting feeling is very clean, the trajectory too It’s really pleasant to shoot with this gun I tried at 40m, impossible to touch the target at this range I touched it but it was more luck than skill so I’m going to show you the difference between 0,25 and 0,28 at 30m With this 0,28g bbs, always good accuracy but I prefer the shooting sensation with the 0,25 But honestly the difference is really hard to see, so with 0,28 it’s ok too! Of course it’s a plastic slide so don’t use strong gas like ultrair but prefer 144a (or 134a) Otherwise you will make the same mistake than me, slide breaking It’s not pleasant at all, I made a video to explain how to change it, find the link in the description A little more than 2 mags, it’s not bad but not good, it’s normal Like always for the conclusion, the 360° view with for and con If you like the video, don’t hesitate to click on the blue finger, share it or comment it’s always pleasant Thank you all ciao


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