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Airsoft Review ENG – Shadow Molle Combat Belt Defcon 5 tested by Lab-tac

Airsoft Review ENG – Shadow Molle Combat Belt Defcon 5 tested by Lab-tac

Hello everyone, this is Vasriotaep. Today you will see the first YouTube review of the new Defcon 5 touch belt This new combat belt was produced in collaboration between Defcon 5 and the company Labtac Labtac is a French combat training and security company This new belt was created at the same time as the plate holder of the Shadow range, it is a GEN4 And it is complementary equipment They can be used at the same time I’ll do the review soon! This belt costs around 100 € and is available in three colors OD, black and this one, Coyote (Tan) The belt is offered in two sizes, M and L For size L there are two extra rows of Molle This belt is made of four parts, the first is the combat belt The combat belt is covered with Molle over its entire surface You can see at first glance that it is a new generation equipment Because it is mainly made with laser cuts It’s really better because it’s lighter and stronger And so of course, almost the entire belt is made in one piece The belt is padded with a lot of foam, it is very comfortable Even with fairly heavy chargers, it’s not a problem There are two sides open at the waist, here and on the other side It is very useful for attaching holsters This is very good news for people who want to attach their thigh holster to the combat belt and not the trouser belt.

There are also two loops on the sides, very useful for attaching your helmet, gloves, etc. It can also be used to attach a carabiner if you change the inner belt This is because the combat belt has been designed to accept different types of internal belt depending on your use.

For example, a seat belt or if you are in a helicopter, a belt with carabiners. Either way, we don’t need to change it to make airsoft About the inner belt, it can be closed with a very strong plastic buckle And it can be adjusted with velcro positioned over its entire surface.

There are two small velcro loops to lock this The harness is really very simple, just a little bit of Molle in the front, nothing in the back It is very easy to use thanks to the velcro So it’s easy to adapt it to everyone On the other hand, it is a pity that there is no soft loop in the back like the previous model to put a hydration bag for example For the shoulders, there are reinforcements with D-Rings They are very easy to dismantle thanks to the velcro inside They are very comfortable It’s really a very interesting little extra Honestly it’s very hard to find negative points on this combat belt The absence of softness in the back Or maybe the lack of camouflage in the choice of colors Because there are only three colors it’s a little sad Of course the price may be a negative point But it’s really not a cheap belt, it’s material for professionals so .

.. On the other hand, there are so many positives! The belt is very strong Very well thought out And a very modern design It’s simple, if you need a combat belt and have some cash this is what you need This video is now complete, hope you enjoyed it If so, don’t forget to like or comment And I tell you see you soon for other videos


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