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Airsoft Review ENG – My choice is for these Defcon 5 Jungle Gloves

Airsoft Review ENG – My choice is for these Defcon 5 Jungle Gloves

Let me introduce Jungle gloves I would like to thank S&S Tactical and Defcon5 to provide me theses gloves for this review They have been released at the end of 2014 They weight 20gr and they exist in TAN and black The thumb and the index have tactile surface They are cover by Amara fabric It’s a special leather which can work with smartphones The glove is made of synthetic fabric such as nilon.

.. and palm side is covered with a cloth absorbent sponge but which serves to drain humidity from inside to outside So they are perfect for all hot and humid environment Typically the jungle or the desert, and why not the south of France in summer Let’s talk about the design They’re very slim Which gives them a very good flexibility On the top, there is a perforated fabric Seem similar than the back of the tactical shirt (mesh version) On the top, there is the logo in plastic It’s nice But if it was more accurate, it could be nicer The end of fingers are not renforced The close system is really simple, same as the glove On the rear side, the glove is cover with this sponge fabric No reinforcement on the fingers, so the extremities of fingers are really slim And there are amara fabric for smartphone About the airsoft usage I think, there is not enough protection On fingers, it’s close to the skin And on the read, no protection too I’m worried about the glove durability This glove is made for hot and humid environment And it seems appropriate, because the heat will get out by the top On the rear, we will see during test if the fabric is breathable But I’m not sure this fabric will resist to an usage in forest If I look closer, the finition is really good About the design, does not consider the website picture as the real design They aren’t like gloves are in reality These gloves are really much sexy in reality than on the website picture Let me show you these gloves in game usage I tried these gloves during a classic game In use, they’re really confortable I don’t really feel seams on the extremety of fingers, it’s really cool The main problem was the protection, feel not safe without But it doesn’t happen every time to being hit on fingers The close system was correct The top of the glove, except the protection, is very nice It tested them during this winter, but in the south of France, it’s not really cold I tried them in another location the morning, 4-6°C, it’s really hard The gripping ability is just amazing It’s a second skin and they past to the hand, it’s very confortable And so when you want to use object, it’s just amazing It’s the most interesting fact about these gloves About the possible weakness, I didn’t confirm this during my games This fabric, on the palm of the hand, even if it seems weakness I did everything I usually do, I crawled, I climbed, I climbed on branches, they hadn’t been damaged Just some seams on the extremity of fingers which are frayed, but it’s totally normal It’s the result after just one day, but I have a good feeling about them During my usage, there is just one thing which disturb me a little, it’s on the index finger When I bend the finger, the seam isn’t aligned like other seams and it’s a little annoying Once I played, I forget this, but if Defcon5 can work on this, it could be better There are lot of other gloves on the market But, I didn’t find any similar gloves than Jungle Because first, they’re not expensive (19 euros) which is really good They’re well done, solid, flexible, thin I didn’t find equivalent gloves Even on Mecanix branc, they have similar price gloves, but they didn’t seems to be equal to the jungle If you live in a hot or humid country, like overseas territory by example They will be fantastic For 20€, gloves which provide a so good sensation of flexibility and agility I give them a YES at 200% For me, there is only one bad point Protection excepted because it does not annoying me It’s just the seam problem on the index finger It’s not hard to fix for Defcon5, and it could increase the comfort, but it’s not really important


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