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Airsoft Review ENG – Must have ! AIP Sight Fibre Optique PX4 WE & Tokyo Marui

Airsoft Review ENG – Must have ! AIP Sight Fibre Optique PX4 WE & Tokyo Marui

Hello YouTube On this video, I will introduce my new fiber sights for my PX4 It’s the AIP fiber sights which can be installed on WE or Tokyo Marui PX4 These sights cost something like 24$ But you can find them in sales at 15$.

They also exist for the XDM As you can see, these sights are really cool They give a nice look to the PX4, more futuristic These new sights have a different color than the slide But it’s ok You can see that the targeting is better with optic sights Becarefull, fiber doesn’t glow in the dark like I read on some website! The package include rear sight with two 1.

5mm optic fiber rods and the front sight with two 2mm optic fiber rods Rods are green and red for both sights The quality seems not be really good Rods are brittle and can be broke easily if you don’t cut them properly I asked myself if axis was correct after the installation You can set your sight with this little tool very usefull! We can see that the axis is good.

The red dot is just lower than the sight because i’m in front of a very close background You can see the render of fiber rods with a normal lighting Let’s go for the installation and the list of all tools for the installation of AIP sights If necessary a pliers, I just use it for the first disassembly but it’s not mandatory now The sandpaper is not necessary if you don’t break the fiber A lighter or glue to past the fiber inside the sight The slide of course and I forget to show the threadlock which is mandatory First of all, you have to disassemble the frame and the slide It’s easy enough to don’t show you exactly how to do 😉 Then you have to remove everything inside the slide, really not so complicated than it seems Now you have to remove the little screw behind the hammer Use the 2mm allen key The first time it’s a little hard, but it’s easier after (I know what you think pervert!) There is threadlock on this screw, so don’t forget to add threadlock when reassemble it Now you have to remove both security You can use a tool to help you the first time, but after it will be easy For this, just hold one security and pull the other As you can see, it’s simple Don’t forget to put your finger on the other security.

It’s done You can see the stud with the spring inside On the other side, there is the part which disengage the gun with a small spring Now the nozzle isn’t hold anymore, he’s just inserted, so you can pull it out with a rocker arm movement You can “open” the slide a little to move it out but be carrefull if you have a plastic slide The nozzle bloc is out It’s dirty and don’t forget the little nozzle spring Now you just have to unscrew both screws which maintain sights.

One on the rear and one on the front Use the small screwdriver Unfortunately, it’s not so simple, sights are inserted in force So remove them with the hammer and the pinlock Of course, use a rag to avoid some damage on the original sights Put the pinlock on the strongest part of the sight, if not, you will probably break something For me it’s easy because I already did it once it should have a glue or something under, it’s very harder than you can see on the video so don’tbe afraid to be brutal and patient Once it’s done, do the invert to install new sights When you reassemble the security, take attention to the little spring The spring must be placed on the correct notch I show you because it was not correct for me at first You have to put the security on this side and put the spring on the notch then rotate the security to plug it Before insert the final screw don’t forget to use threadlock it’s mandatory Without, the screw will finally unscrew and will be lost or break something It’s not needed to force, the threadlock will keep the screw in place Here is a fiber sold with sights I cut it with this tool But after few minute, I lost my patience and I use the cutting pliers It’s really not a good idea because you will break the fiber inside and it will lost his “lighting power” To keep optic fiber inside sights, there are few methods, I put a very small glue for my part inside sights I saw another method with lighter, which consist in burning fiber ends like this, they will not go out anymore but it’s not the option I have chosen The review is done, so what can I conclude about these sights Thank you very much to see my video, if you like it, share and subscribe, like and moreover thank you!


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