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Airsoft Review ENG – Lens Protection Eotech Gunsight

Airsoft Review ENG – Lens Protection Eotech Gunsight

Hello everybody and welcome for this new video. Today I will show you a new Eotech protection sent by gunsight It’s a russian airsoft shop which made this proctection itself! They contact me to test this protection which should be better than Element one (not hard) and better than Guns Modify one (hard!!) The packaging is really poor but I don’t care for a eotech protection I discover the lens protection just like you There is the adhesive protection on it, like all others protection I received With the adhesive protection, there are some dust The design is one more time different than 2 others protections I tested before With a strange angle here, but except this, the corner are rounded like the guns modify model Arms seems to be rock solid, but flexible enough They’re long, it’s unusual I have to clean the lens to check the transparency It’s done This lens costs about 10€ I take the Guns Modify lens to compare them You can see the design difference Same for arms, short for one and long for another We will see what solution is the best during the mounting Now what about plastic quality, transparency and deformation I will focus on the Gunsight logo and compare them Like I said, to test the focus of your camera, it’s the harder! We have both models side by side I don’t see any difference between both models No sharpness problem, no deformation It’s very impressive because Guns Modify was my reference! Which is more expensive than the gunsight model (not so much 14€) For a lower price, you can get a equivalent quality lens protection Total transparency, no blurry It’s really nice Let’s go and mount it I use my Samoon 552 Eotech again for mounting It still works incredibly well, I work on a comparative review between a 551, 552 and 553 eotech replica from differents brands Let see how this protection can be mounted on this eotech If I follow previous method, I just have to push the protection inside the eotech body I’m afraid the superior arm is too big Or not It’s not easy to push it in The design doesn’t allow me to insert the lens protection more deeply It’s because of this particular shape here It’s not really nice, I will try if I can do better without breaking the arm I will not go deeper, after all the protection is installed but it’s just not really esthetic I don’t really understand this shape, maybe they use another models But it’s not perfect on my 552 and it’s a little bad Maybe you can cut this arm with a Dremel, it could be good It’s really too bad, they should remove this strange shape, the installation could be cleanest What about transparency now? It’s really good, very very good, very nice transparency No deformation at all again It’s really as good as the Guns Modify version, really The view is not darker It’s all good, except the mounting on a 552 About the mounting, I take another Eotech version, a 551 I keep for the comparative video Don’t look at it, it’s not the review time for it But I tried to mount the Gunsight lens protection on it It’s really better with this model Perfect adjustment, like the Guns Modify on the 552 On a 551, the design is good, the mounting is easy So it’s “models” specific, I haven’t the 553 to test Resistance test Take a look closer after a shoot We can see the impact on the lens, I can feel it with my finger You can notice that arms don’t appreciate the test, maybe it’s because the protection wasn’t on the Eotech 2 of 3 arms have been damaged This one is good The resistance test is good, the bb doesn’t break the lens protection Just a small warning about arms if they can be damaged once mounted on the Eotech Maybe after some times, the lens protection could fall down But I think even with one arm it should stay on the sight, at least use some glue What about transparency and deformation now? I use this paper to help for the camera focus I mount the protection on my 552 again It’s simple, it’s absolutely not annoying, the damaged part is not a problem for targeting I even try in exterior with a magnifer and even with this, no problem at all Of course, there is just on impact and it’s not on the center of the view, so it’s better But it could be worst, the protection is still working So it’s pretty good Resistance: check Visibility: check This review is now finished, I validate the protection I like the performance, I like the price You can find it on Gunsight website, see the link in description For the delivery in EU or France, contact them directly by the website or facebook because the website is in russian Like always, don’t hesitate to like the video, share it, comment, subscribe etc! See you


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