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Airsoft Review ENG – Kimera JR2 Grenade by Precision Mechanics from army-shop.be – real eng sub

Airsoft Review ENG – Kimera JR2 Grenade by Precision Mechanics from army-shop.be – real eng sub

Hello Youtube, let’s go for the review of the Kimera JR2 I just remove the package, the Kimera JR is now a well known grenade I think A really big thank to Army-shop.be, my new sponsor, who send me this grenade for review This grenade is an alternative of the Tornado It is still made by Precision Mechanics in Portugal And sold by Army-shop.

be It costs 40€ It’s the same price than the Kimera JR1 They release a better grenade at the same price than the previous version, which is now at about 36€ It’s cool So why the JR2 version? If you saw the unboxing, if not, you can find it here I thank warmly Army-shop and Precision mechanics for their reactivity Indeed, this grenade is quite new, and we already have a new version with lot of new parts I start the listing, first the bbs tank with the hook This mean they have to change all their mold This hook allows you to attach the rope It’s usefull to don’t lost the tank, previously we had to attach a rope but it was not so easy to do The knot can undo or may not be tight enough Another new part, the rope, on the previous version I was really annoyed by this missing which cost 1cts So it was not on the JR1, but included on the JR2 Another part totally new, the center cap Now there is a seal instead of the thread To improve the assembly speed And maybe increase the sound of the explosion And this part which is now hexagonal It changes the design of the grenade but moreover the mounting capability Another new part, it’s inside so you can’t see it, I’m going to show you a picture The lack red, the button which allow the explosion The matter and the design are new to reinforce his durability It was necessary because for example, on my grenades, one of them had this part broken (+one during a game just before finish this video) I’m really happy they change it because I was not the only one with this problem Another new modification, didn’t see it as first sight The hole for gas is really tight compared to the old one For the example, both version side by side So you can see, it’s really tight.

I asked the reason because it’s strange In fact, the big hole can cause damage on the grenade And it’s recommended to use plastic gas bottle nozzle As it’s not on all gas bottle, by example on my Ultrair bottle And when you use metal nozzle for the 1st version, you could encounter two kind of damage We could shake the bottle and break the nozzle inside center cap of the grenade Or we could shake and break the hole of the center cap To avoid this kind of problem, they reduced the size of the hole The bottle nozzle doesn’t enter inside the hole At first, I thought it was a problem, but after trying, it’s not mandatory to insert the nozzle inside, a short pressure is enough to load enough gas to allow the explosion So it’s not necessary to insert the nozzle Ok it’s not pratical and you will lost some gas, but it’s safe It’s a choice, less pratical, more safe, as the moment it works.

.. Still about the loading, as on the previous version, there are still two kind of gas loading With liquid gas -head down Or with “gas” – head up This last solution was recommended for the JR1 And I agree, it’s better on the JR1 But, with the JR2, with some trials, it’s better with liquid gas The kind of gas, you will see on the part about explosion, has a role on latency of the explosion I have to do more test to be absolutely sure Last news, as you can see, the grenade is sold already mounted All parts inside the upper are already mounted They just let us finish the mounting of the center and upper cap by screwing them It’s needed to finalize the setup of the grenade Because the screwing of this part is just a setup More you screw these parts, and more, with gas, the bb inside crushes the valve So if you screw it too much, the bb will be past to the valve and you will not be able to load gas If you have this problem, unscrew a little bit If you don’t screw enough, you will cause gas leak On this case, you have to screw it a little more Let’s go Is it practical? Yes it’s better I feel I have crushed a seal inside So I stop now I will say you if it was correct during the explosion part or conclusion Because it seems it’s correct Now I just have to insert the tank, where I can put bbs, talc, paint, what I want I have to insert it above this seal I have read lot of time that first insertions can be difficult This is my first try, you will see 😉 Don’t laugh, it was f**** hard! I confirm, it’s very very hard I’m not sure it’s perfect because it’s not fully inserted everywhere I think the seal has to be run in I will say you if it’s better with more tries, I hope it will be Don’t worry about the hooks axes, both parts can be rotated I said it was not necessary to assemble the grenade when you buy it But on this model, impossible to make it works during my first trials Because the gas went out from many parts So it was mandatory to my model to dissamble it, I will show you how Army-shop.

be told me that some model, about 2%, must be disassemble, greased and reassemble to work properly If you encounter this kind of problems, you know what to do now To disassemble, you still need two tools like this, thin and resistant Hold them hard Be careful to avoid damage on the grenade, like on the V1, the disassembly is still hard Like on the V1, you have the bb, the lack red button Here is the seal On mine, when I opened it for the first time, the seal was not on this position And as I said before, when I screwed it, I pinched the seal, fortunately without damages Here I didn’t cut it, lucky me Just don’t forget to add some grease on the seal before mount it You can use this or this or this² For this time, I will use this one Once you did it, you can reassemble it This time I didn’t really forced, as soon it was hard, I stopped To be sure it’s enough, make some trials before use it on game Check if there is gas leak, if it not, this mean the setup is correct Let’s talk about maintenance As they work with gas, the sealing is mandatory They recommend to add some grease sometimes inside the grenade You can use silicon oil Just put the stem inside Just few oil and that it Now when you will load the grenade with gas, the sealing will be perfect Do you know that an upgrade kit JR1 to JR2 exists? I added the link on the description This kit include the tank, the center cap and the lach red button You can buy this kit to upgrade you Kimera JR1 to JR2 The kit cost 25€ And I will be honest, I think it’s a little expensive If you take the price of the JR1 + the kit price The “JR2” cost 60€ instead of 40€ I think there is only one case it can be usefull If you have a good JR1, don’t change anything But if you have a broken JR1, or without tank, broken part.

.. On this case, instead of losing your grenade, you can buy the kit, it’s a good solution! But if you just want to make the update, it’s really not necessary Good to know, the included rope is really not strong enough, it has broken So, precision mechanics, for your next version, use a better rope 😉 Comparaison between JR1 and JR2 Custom pin 😉 First, JR1 Then JR2 So as you can see, the explosion is quite similar between both version You can notice that on this test, there is a delay between the impact and the explosion It depends the way you charge the grenade with gas, or if you add something on the bbs tank But you have to run in the grenade to understand it enough to always know what kind of explosion you want The JR2 still works perfectly What can we say about the JR2, it kept all good points of the JR1 and without some bad points See the FOR/CONS Becareful of the greasing when you receive it See the FOR/CONS The Kimera JR2 is still one of the best airsoft grenade Just buy a good rope, test it before use it on the ground and it should be good Thank you to see this video, it was long but I hope I told you everything you want to know See you, ciao


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