Home Airsoft Reviews Airsoft Review ENG – Kimera JR2.5 Grenade by Precision Mechanics from army-shop.be

Airsoft Review ENG – Kimera JR2.5 Grenade by Precision Mechanics from army-shop.be

Airsoft Review ENG – Kimera JR2.5 Grenade by Precision Mechanics from army-shop.be

Hello everybody it’s Vasriotaep, welcome for the review of the new grenade, the Kimera JR 2.5 which is an evolution of the Kimera JR 2 It’s a small evolution but there are some interesting improvements It will be a short review because the main parts of the grenade are the same than the JR2, and don’t be afraid of the name on the cardboard It’s write JR2 but it’s the 2.

5, it’s write here So here is what is in the package, except oring I had in addition of the grenade to update my JR2 It’s exactly the same than the JR2 content There is no difference between them except the brightness of the plastic I don’t know if it’s the material or the process, but the new Kimera is a little bit brighter than the old one This new Kimera is still sold at 40€ like the previous one The JR2 is now close to be out of stock when I record this video It exists in black, black with red center and in yellow The good point to have a black grenade is the discretion when you carry it, but when you throw it, good luck to find it As you can see, I put some red tap on mine and use a red rope I will probably paint them The good point is they now propose the new model with the red center cap Like this, when you carry it, it’s still not visible, but when the grenade has exploded, it’s more visible It’s a nice option I will try to paint mine like this Except the exterior aspect, there are other news like this new rope It’s more thin and seems more solid For your memory, I had a bad experience with the previous version of the rope which break at the very first test during the review of the JR2 Fortunately, I have changed the rope by a paracord, but it’s more fat So this one is more thin, I will fix it later The red button or lach red is new too It should be more solid, this part broke on my JR1 but never on my JR2 so it’s a good news too but maybe not the most interesting part The top gasket, if I said it correctly, it also new.

It’s the o-ring around the lach red, this one It should improve the sealing and be more solid. It’s true that sometimes, my JR2 has some leak from the top It should fix this problem The internal o-ring of the center cap is new too It’s the flat one, the previous was rounded And before, it was a nightmare to assemble the top part, now has it is flat, it’s really easier It should be more sealing and solid so it’s really better Inside the center cap, there is another new o-ring system It should increase sealing too And to finish, the external o-ring you can see here, this one which allow the retention of the tank They called it “conic press system” because it has a triangular form It should increase the sealing and moreover, increase the sound by 25% when the grenade explodes It’s one of the main users’ blame made against the Kimera so it should be better now This new o-ring should make easier to insert the tank to the grenade because it’s really not easy on the JR1 and more on the JR2 because of the size of the previous o-ring I used a lot my JR2 and I still have to push very strong to insert it so now, it should be better As you can see, now o-ring are now red instead of black This is a new material, transparent They say it’s a new machine which is used to made this new o-ring I guess they didn’t do this for nothing so I’m curious to see the result! Of course, like for previous grenade, you have to setup your grenade to use it correctly They explain it on the manual which is very good, you have to tighten the center cap to avoid leak between the center and the top part And not tighten too strong to avoid the blocking of the internal ball You still have to insert gas by this hole, by using your gas bottle the head to the up Not like with a gbb with the head down You have to fill it without liquid gas And to be sure the internal ball stay in position thank to the lach red and ensure a good sealant position When you put so gas inside the grenade, just listen if you have some leak If it seems not, close the grenade, make some test and you will see If it works, perfect! if it’s not, you have to screw or unscrew the center cap until you find the good setup until it will be good You have to try This is the normal space, I don’t try to set it up yet I will try later and I will see if it was necessary Armyshop advises to use greegas for the Kimera, it’s a 80-110psi They strongly discourage the use of propane, which could be too powerful I don’t remember using propane, maybe on my JR1 at the begining, but since a moment, I always use ultrair for my JR2 As far as I remember, I think it’s as powerful as green gas, maybe a little less Anyway, you need a strong gas, not gas for plastic GBB by example, it could not working correctly I just finished the test, here is the grenade I have noticed some new points.

First, only with the first maintenance and the top cover adjustment, I had some leaks around the lach red It’s sad because it should be more sealant, but I added some grease around the o-ring and now it’s ok So if you have the same, put some grease around the lach red and use spray silicone oil inside the grenade Check if it fix the problem, if not, disassemble the upper part and make a new maintenance inside I also noticed that this o-ring, which must increase the sealing should be harder to assemble during first uses than the JR2 In fact, it’s really easier to use than the previous version it’s a pleasure Like I said, the JR2 was a nightmare to assemble About the gas loading hole, contrari of the JR2, we can insert a very little part of the gas bottle stem inside Not a lot, less than the JR1 but much more than the JR2 It’s probably compromise between the JR1 and the JR2 Because with the JR1, the stem can go so deep inside the grenade that if you shake too much, you could break the stem When I read this, I was sceptical until I happen to me Fortunately I used a gas bottle with not a lot of gas inside, but it was scary to see the bottle flying inside the safe zone On the JR2, it was not possible to insert the stem to avoid this kind of problem But it’s a little bit more complex to fill the grenade with gas So on the JR2.

5, it’s an interesting compromise


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