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Airsoft Review ENG – Incredible WE PX4 GBB Feedback after 1 year of usage

Airsoft Review ENG – Incredible WE PX4 GBB Feedback after 1 year of usage

Hello everybody, let’s go for a new review: the PX4 WE It has many name, PX4, Bulldog, Bulldog long, 3PX4, etc I have this pistol since more than 1 year, it’s my favorite secondary weapon It replace my previous pistol, a M9A1 KJW I choose a PX4 because I’m a fan of Beretta pistols The M9 is one of the most beautifull pistol But I wanted a modern design pistol, something else than glock After few research, I find the PX4 and fall in love I see many video, review, etc of course I check Khan Seb videos and I was ready to buy it I didn’t take the Tokyo Marui version because it’s expensive and I would a metal slide because my M9 was in plastic Because I use Ultrair or Propane, the metal slide is better too The power is quiet correct, 270 FPS with Ultrair I bought this PX4 on Phenix Airsoft shop, at Aubagne for 99€ I had a very pleasant surprise when I opened the box about the marking I think you will not understand how this can happen regarding licence External part It’s a compact pistol The slide is in metal, and the lower in plastic, certainly like the real one The finition is excelent, specially on molding and marking There is a little molding track on the bottom of the gun, but honestly, I totally don’t care about this as it as not a big visual impact With the exeption of functional games, there is no slack in the rest of the gun, the hammer exepted I speak about it later It’s a simple and double action, like all modern pistol Be carrefull of the pin you can see on the red circle, on my px4, it go out the gun because of the recoil so use thread lock On my PX4, I have real marking on the lower part! It’s strange because lot of other px4 has fantasy marking, like on my slide Sights are classic, no more The resistance is good, especially painting You can see that controlers and edge are used, but that all The trigger is maybe a little slack, but it’s not really annoying And the mag release button which is a little hard, not really nice, but I prefere that to a too slack button and falling mag This PX4 is a particular airsoft gun because it reproduces the same firing system than the real one with the rotating barrel When you shoot with it, the outer barrel has a rotation movement I don’t believe people who say this feature improve performance The inner barrel doesn’t move So the bbs inside doesn’t care if the outer barrel move or not In a logical point of view, it could be decrease performance than anything else because of the stability interference But in fact, it has a nice accuracy and range so the rotating barrel doesn’t interfere and it’s a cool feature! This gun has another cool feature, the decocking When you arm the gun, if you activate the security, this will disarm the gun So the gun is totally safe like that I will show you a slack which is annoying on this gun It’s on the hammer, as you can see, this part move a lot When the hammer is armed, it’s ok Blablabla (I repeat the same thing) Listen, it’s the same when you run I had this problem the first day I received my gun I look on other px4, and it is the same Fortunately, it’s not annoying for the gun usage, but not very pleasant Another specificity of the PX4 is the detachable grip, there are 3 different size: S, M and L For remove it, it’s very simple, there is just one button on the rear of the grip And to replace it, just put the new grip on the slot and push on the button I tried all grip, I prefer the L version, there is not lot of difference between them.

Honestly it really depends of your hands Maybe if you have strange hands ^^ To unmount the gun, it’s very simple, just push down both pins The slide will move forward. Of course, don’t do this with a mag It’s done! Honestly, it can’t be more simple, and moreover it’s pretty strong This little part will lock into the notch There is no chance you miss the notch and use a not locked gun For reassemble, just push the slide until you listen a “clic” On my M9A1 KJW, it was really more difficult Close look on the internal Frame on the top and slide below No specific erosion Parts inside the slide I don’t disassemble everything, you can see the major parts, same, no specific erosion here The hop-up unit is adjustable, but it’s a little hard to rotate I increase the reliability with some scotch tape on the extremity of the inner barrel, it’s to avoid cap between outer and inner barrel Close look on the slide, some erosion but nothing worried, it’s normal regarding the usage Close look on the nozzle, which is particular, because it doesn’t come back fully on the original position.

But this don’t affect performance. The internal is reliable, I don’t find lot of comments about problems with this gun I just had one problem, the trigger spring which fall down (red circle) That why you should think about the guaranty when you buy an airsoft gun! Thank Phenix Airsoft for the customer service Mags are reliable, the paint is not as weak as I expected, not usual for WE product Mags can contains something like 20 bbs and with one gas charge, I can make something like 50 shoots I had only one time a gas leak, but I fixed it with teflon tape, it can happen on metal mags A small customization for the mag, you can use large heel if you want They increase the size of the heel of the mag, it’s a fun customization for big hand user, and it’s easier to get out your mag from pouch Very important, you have to pull up the notch of this part to remove the original heel With the big heel, the most important part is the little hook you can see under the part If you install it directly, you will damage the hook and your heel is good to send on the bin When you want to insert the big heel, do exactly the same, pull up the notch, or you will damage the heel This customization provides a very good looking to the mag, but it has one big inconvenient I stop to use big heel for this reason, it’s that it’s not possible to load gas with this part!! The shaft of my gas bottle is too small to reach the gas valve So I had to remove the heel, charge the gas, and put it back again each time The problem is that if you insert bbs first, you will not be able to remove the heel It’s mandatory to remove all bbs, remove the heel, fil the gas! I used this heel 6 month and I decided to remove them because of this problem You can see the look with this heel It’s a little larger and better with big hands About the design, it’s really nice The only inconvenient is the gas loading, too bad It could be possible to increase the hole size I didn’t try yet but it’s a track you can follow If I find a solution for the gas loading, I will use them again About possible upgrade, there are lot of small parts you can buy Barrel, bucking, etc.

. I repeat that I said on my last review, and I will repeat this each time The bucking why not, but barrel and some other parts… … it’s really not necessary, the barrel is really short, you will not increase performance by changing it You can do what you want with your money, if I was rich ok I would like to change everything for fun but it’s for shoot at low distance so, it’s waste of money If you want, you can change sight by optical fiber version because original ones are correct but not more It’s nice parts but it’s not easy to find and it’s a little expensive Blablabla (not really interesting) This gun is really reliable with default parts, so it’s like on Marui, if it works, don’t change anything About performance, honestly, it’s pretty good, has a good frost resistance I use it all the time, even on the winter, it never freezes (2 to 7°C) My previous pistol, a KJW M9A1 full plastic froze during winter About the range, it’s something like 40m, I will make shoot video later with differents rubber About the accuracy, at 40m, with the WE rubber, it was not bad I changed it for a Nineball, and I noticed a small increase of the accuracy but it was fantastic Since few time, I use the original rubber again, and I really notice the difference! The range is the same, but the accuracy is really different (with 0,20g bbs) I succeed to miss a shoot on someone, from the back, not moving, at 30-40m, it was really humiliating With the nineball, it’s not possible to miss him Of course, this gun has a metal slide, so a big recoil And I confirm, the px4 has a very big recoil So big that for me, who had a plastic m9a1 before, I had some difficulties to manipulate him when shooting fast I don’t say it’s the best recoil on a airsoft pistol but it’s really impressive With it, I prefer to shoot slowly but certainly than quickly and everywhere except on the target The power is 270fps with 0,20bbs and Ultrair gaz So it’s a really safe pistol If you use less powerfull gaz during the summer, it will be better Thank for watching, if you like my videos, subscribe or die 🙂 And I answer all your questions in comment!


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