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Airsoft Review ENG – Holosight Red dot Eotech 552 Samoon

Airsoft Review ENG – Holosight Red dot Eotech 552 Samoon

Hello everybody, it’s Vasriotaep. Welcome for this new review! Today, I will show you my own Eotech 552 bought at Samoon.com. It costs with shipping fee around 90Ç. I have this Eotech since a while now, I alreay spoke about it so it’s time to review it, it’s the good time.

The packaging is really classical. A basic black box without any marking excepted the name of the brand and the model. It’s not very important for me if the content is good. So what’s inside? There is the 552 manual.

Manual only in english. Not too much informations. Correct but not crazy. The microfiber cloth to clean the screen, always nice, keep it with you on your bag. And the 552. With his little sticker behind.

Of course, I have it since many months so it’s “Battle used” like we said. It has some scratchs but it’s still in a good condition, nothing important. Let’s take a look around. Some dirt, I will use the microfiber.

About the exterior, what can I notice? First of all, the materials quality is pretty good. The metal is resistant, and plastics are uniform, well adjusted. There is a little Eotech branding here. Buttons work well but the finishing is not really good.

There are arrows for adjust the red dot, it’s cool. The front screen has a high reflexion, it’s not really nice. But the back screen is really great, no reflexion and it seems a special treatment has been applied.

It’s effective. The Eotech uses two AA classical batteries. You will notice that when I opened the battery case, batteries was already inserted. Indeed, on some cheap Eotech it’s mandatory to remove batteries to avoid a premature usage of the batteries.

And this Eotech hasn’t this problem! Take a look on the red dot. It’s uniform, it’s accurate/tiny, it’s really nice. There is a red and a green dot. The brightness is adjustable like on many other Eotech.

The red bot blink when the brightness change. I use the maximum brightness when I play. You can notice the ghost missing, it’s very good too. In normal light, there is no ghost at all. I will try without projectors.

It’s closer to a low light situation. As you can see, there is a very low ghost by low light situation. It’s not really easy to see it, it’s better in reality than in the video. The red dot is really really good.

I also like that this Eotech has been tested on real gun. So as I use GBBR, it’s a very good point to be sure that this Eotech will resist to the recoil of my guns. The message that Samoon tested them on real gun reassure me.

And indeed, I use it since more than one year now and it still doesn’t break. It’s a really good quality indicator, it’s really rare. Cheap Eotech generally stop working. It’s sad that the front screen has so much reflexion.

But it doesn’t avoid usage, moreover I use a screen protection. You could see the review here. For me, it’s the best Eotech replica I ever used. They exist in 551 and 558 on the Samoon website. I don’t try them now.

As T1 red dot, Type A and Type B. Don’t try them too. All dot have been tested on real guns and are shockproof. So they’re really good products for the price. At 90Ç, if you have the luck to avoid duty fee, it’s not a sting.

It was quick but I said all essential points. I hope this video was good and anwser your question for this Eotech. If not, don’t hesitate to talk to me in comment or on Facebook. See you soon for a next review.



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