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Airsoft Review ENG – Futuristic look made by SRU GHK G5 GBBR Bullpup Kit

Airsoft Review ENG – Futuristic look made by SRU GHK G5 GBBR Bullpup Kit

Hello everybody it’s Vasriotaep, 2017 is the year of all possible, even change your classic gun to a bullpup gun! SRU did it thank to their kit here on a GHK G5, or on GHK AK, WE Scar L and Scar H It change everything, it’s perfect to change your game experience with one of your classic gun, let see this now! I bought this kit at the Samoon website, at my knownledge, the first shop which sold this SRU GHK G5 kit It cost around 140euros with shipping fee It exists in 3 colors: black, OD, Tan STake a look on the SRU kit packaging SRU is not a big big brand for the moment so it’s visible on this simple packaging Carton box with the box name Nothing incredible As I bought it at Samoon webshop, they put their logo, here we can see the box content The bullpup kit for GHK G5 in OD color And that all, really common box It’s enough for the external, let’s open it Inside, there is foam plates Parts inside aren’t weak but they put a good protection, it’s nice It’s common for airsoft gun, not for parts in 3D printing So it’s really appreciable You can see the unboxing here if you want Like I said on the unboxing video, I was surprise there is no manual at all It’s sad because even if the assembly is easy, a word of the kit maker is always nice to get And it could avoid some brainstorming to choose what I will remove first Inside there is the upper rail A plastic bag with.

.. … the rail cover The trigger bar In many parts Screws and pins One part of the upper rail Another part of the trigger bar And this other part which is going near the magazine well And now the other parts of the kit The lower The rear/stock part And the upper/front part And this, this is nothing A practical thing is you can use this box, like me, to store all stock parts of the G5 Like this, I can’t lost some of them, it’s pretty cool to be such organized whooo It’s enough for the packaging, it’s not an amazing box but it’s good enough for the kit Now try to put this SRU kit on my G5 I removed all perks on it First, disassembly There is no order for the disassembly, you can begin by what you want So let start with the pistol grip For this, use a cross-headed screwdriver I have a custom pistol grip but it’s totally the same for stock one So just unscrew the screw It’s done with the pistol grip But keep the screw This was the easy part The only “hard” part will be to remove this circlip If you have a snap-ring pliers it will be easy, if not, like me, you have to smart This Snap-ring/circlip has to be remove because it hold the pin which hold the stock If you have no snap-ring pliers, you can use two little screwdriver and put them on holes of the snap-ring You can use two small screwdivers like this And my advise is to use a magnet on one screwdriver, because circlip can be ejected very far Insert screwdrivers on each holes and push+rotate You will need some trials because it’s not easy at all I made a little scratch on the lower but it’s not important As this circlip is not useful anymore, to not lose it, I put it directly on a small plastic bag Now I can remove the pin You can use a screwdriver or a pin punch It’s easy Don’t store the pin, contrary as my video, you have to put it back at the end to avoid damages on the lower Now you can remove and store the stock It’s near to be done, just remove this screw and it should be good It’s easy, take a classic screwdriver and remove the screw Put the screw on the plastic bag Now you have to remove the pin, a little bit more tricky You can use a pin-punch It’s possible that the pin could be hard to be remove, use a hammer with the pin-punch if necessary Be careful because the lower and the upper are not linked anymore Now it’s done with the G5, you can store it near your and take the trigger parts of the SRU Kit This is the trigger bars and it has to be mount into the lower You can begin by this part, easy to insert because it’s the same shape It’s the same for this part, all is very intuitive As you can see, there is no blocking system, it’s useful for the assembly This part should be put here As you can see, it slides perfectly Now this part must be inserted into the trigger guard of the G5 Start to engage the lower rail Now remove the SRU trigger and insert the kit It’s easy, now you can put again this part Just remember that the curve face will touch the trigger As plastic are flexible, it’s easy to put it back And as you can see, it works! Now I will put the lower/stock part There are two notches inside for the trigger bars With the correct angle, it’s easy To fix these parts, I will use a pin here I will use this one You can see which side should received the pin first because of the shape of the hole If necessary, use a small hammer to be sure the pin is well engaged I can see the pin on the other side, it’s good Now let attach this part For this, I will use the stock pistol grip screw It’s not necessary to force The lower kit is now installed, try if the trigger works You can see mag will be easy to load I will put the cheek support now because if you put the front part, you can’t put the support by the rear It’s easy, just insert it on the rail until the end, go above the little locking tab and that’s it Now I will put this part It will be here Check the orientation before I try this way To check, I will put the front now It’s easy, let see if I’m good Hmmm, it’s maybe better on the other direction I will do it Yes it’s better Now I’m going to assemble the upper I use this pin Use a pin punch or a screwdriver Don’t be shy at this stage, the pin must be clearly visible on the other side It’s done For installed the upper rail, you have to put all nuts in upper holes And use these screws, be careful that nuts hit the bottom of the hole Like always, don’t forget to use a magnet it’s easier Don’t force too much If the nuts and the screw aren’t aligned, don’t hesitate to take a look and adjust them! It’s totally done Now you can enjoy this SRU kit! The gun weighs about 2.

4kg with mag engaged against 2kg for the stock version So it’s a little bit heavier but still very nice The design is very very good! It’s a really good work, there are some details everywhere like marking, design effect, etc It’s a real pleasure, like the handle of the gun which is really nice too The pistol grip is well designed The plastic is nice too, soft, non abrasive It’s impresive The cheek cover is a great idea too, it’s really better than put his face on the rail! Of course we can buy rail cover but it’s included on the kit so it’s a good news The size is maybe a little too big, because the charging handle of the G5 goes really far to the bottom of the gun on this configuration There is only few cm to put a sling or anything else using picatinny rail Thank to the SRU designers, the gun is now a bullpup version but all buttons are still usable The gun is still ambidextrous Mag release, fire selector mode On this side, the mag release and fire selector too Of course, the charging handle It’s perfect, and the sling attach holes are still accessible too And you also can use this hole to put a sling or paracord etc, so it’s pretty good Unfortunately, for those who want to put the sling on the middle of the gun like this The problem is the charging handle move back until the middle of the gun So it will be hard to use the 1 point sling on the middle of the gun, not impossible but hard Bullpup means a better weight repartition With the G5, the weight is not a real problem but now, it’s amazing, all the weight are on the back of the gun, the front is really really light I can use the gun with only one hand, Akimbo rules! I have the feeling to use a P90 with a kind of M4 mag It’s really pleasant The main problem of the G5 is the weak lower which can break easily with the strong recoil of the gun With this kit, I think it could help to avoid this kind of damage or continue to use the gun if the lower is broken In fact it’s totally not the case, some people already broke their lower, don’t forget to put the rear pin to avoid this Despite all theses good points, as it’s a 3D printing product, the finish level is .

.. very bad It’s not very fair to say that, some parts are very nice and some others aren’t It’s mainly due to the 3D printing technology And on this product unfortunately, we can find these print problems But maybe you know it, I’m a not a big maniac of finishing I want something with good performance, usefull, reliable, something which work first of all! And on this kit, everything work perfectly, so the finish level is really not a problem for me But, with a more conventional point of view, SRU must improve this point I don’t understand why SRU didn’t made a OD upper As you can see, the lower is in OD and the front/upper is in black It’s not big deal, but it’s weird I don’t understand this choice, even if the rail wasn’t in OD it should be ok.

Anyway it’s like this This part of the lower is a little bit biggest than the stock lower of course It can be a problem for those who use laterals rails because there is not a lot of space to add accessories If it’s your case, you will have to be smart to find a solution Always about rails, it’s my opinion but I think the upper rail is a little bit too low I think 1cm upper could be better It’s really subjective, it will mainly depend of your feeling Still about the design, I regret the lack of design on the face of the kit It is just slick, like cut by a laser The kit has a very nice design except the face of the front It’s a bad point but not a big problem I was expected to see something more aggressive like we can see on some MP5 or P90 fronts That why it’s strange to see a so slick front face But, it’s not the end of the world The GHK G5 recoil is one of the most stronger you can see on a GBBR yet It’s mainly due to the light weight of the gun and the “high” weight of the bolt It’s really amazing on the stock version, but now on the bullpup version The ear is just above the bolt and the bolt stop And I can tell you it’s really really amazing, even maybe painful I have to be careful to not put my ear on te gun to avoid a long hissing It’s amazing It reminded me the WE L85 sound with his metal body On which is was really similar Of course, it’s much more higher than the WE P90 The trigger is flat and red, I don’t understand why but it’s not important It’s in a soft plastic It’s a weak part if you look the kit quality There are lot of slack on this trigger, on all directions It has no impact the performance, but it’s strange to use It has a small influence on the trigger reset When you push the trigger, the wall is immediately here The shoot will start really quickly The sound of the trigger reset is high and sensitive, but the trigger is moved forward far away, it’s particular Like I said, the performance aren’t very impacted by this trigger, but it’s a little bit different than the stock version The bullpup kit has one big default, it avoids an easy disassembly for the maintenance You have to be patient or smart and modify the kit to make your basic maintenance


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