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Airsoft Review ENG – For strong men ! ASG SPAS 12 spring shotgun – DM Diffusion

Airsoft Review ENG – For strong men ! ASG SPAS 12 spring shotgun – DM Diffusion

Hello Youtube, it’s Vasriotaep, today I review the SPAS12 ASG Thank to DM Diffusion for sending me this gun The SPAS12 is not common on the battlefield The most known is the Tokyo Marui version But it’s a weak and rare version of the SPAS12 It’s a shotgun I really like, we can see it on many films and video games Terminator, Matrix, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Jurassic Park.

.. And my favorite, Half Life I really love the look of the SPAS 12, very massive, aggressive It’s a shotgun for badass It’s sad there is no stock on this model I want to show you this shotgun since a long time, especially the TM version but it’s too hard to find it at decent price There are lot of review of the TM SPAS12 too So take a look on the ASG version It’s probably a repack from Double Eagle I didn’t find any informations about this It has been released recently because you can see it during the Shot Show 2017 And I never saw it in a shop or in the battlefield yet, so it should be in store recently The price should be around 70€ It’s a very decent price for a shotgun It depends if the performances are acceptable It’s not a too high price for a so appreciated gun Take a look on the packaging The box is nice with a nice SPAS 12 It’s only in English, and we can see there is a bbloader and two cartridges sold with the gun It should shoot 3bbs at once It’s a spring type Until now, very common On the side, some informations in French It’s always weird to see english and french on the same box Here you can see that the gun should be 1/1 scale thank to the licence But I will speak about it later, I’m not confident with the size And here, another typical informations for an airsoft gun Like a not adjustable hop-up and the length of 780mm Same than my scale comment, I’m not really confident with the length Inside the box, you can find a manual It is correct, the gun is now really complex to use How to use the gun, how to reload, how to use the security.

.. Very very classic The BB Loader, two cartridges Pretty nice Some “trash” bbs like always Unfortunately the gun is protected by polystyrene, you should maybe know why I hate this kind of protection It’s easy to break and there are lot of small parts on the gun, it’s really annoying Under the gun, a cleaning stem, it’s very nice Now take a look on the gun Of course, no stock on this gun, it’s very sad because it’s an element which participate actively to the badass look like of the gun And most of all, it balance the gun Some nice marking They are nice and should be the same as the real gun On this side, airsoft marking The finish level is very good for a low price gun I don’t find anything wrong about it Of course you can see molding lines but it’s not a big deal at all The barrel is in metal, and the rest of the gun is mainly in plastic It’s not bad, the finish level is enough The plastic seems solid, it’s cool But they are too smooth Especially for the pump It’s too much smooth it’s hard to arm! To be honest, you have to rape the gun to arm it, it’s really not confortable, it’s a little bit better with gloves The color is mat black, nice too But there is no different colors between the pump and the upper part by example It’s sad because it’s not fully black on the real gun You can paint it if you want There are some dummy buttons Unfortunately, no charging handle There are three sling catch, one on the side here One above here And one on the front With a rotating ring for left and right handle user The ejection hatch works very well The spring opens the door easily and if there is a cartridge it is eject correctly And the closure is correct too Nothing wrong about this part There is of course one active security When the red circle isn’t visible, you can’t shoot anymore The trigger is hard And if you disengage the security, the trigger will move freely There are sights but they are very primitive, it’s not a sniper rifle The real gun has a range of 20-30m They seem solid, but I will not knock them too much, never know The pump can’t be used anymore if the gun is armed, good point! The sound when firing is correct The trigger need a very high pressure to release the spring The “wall” is directly here, you press and you fire About the length of the gun, on the box, it’s write 780mm But I measure it and it’s more 795mm And the real gun should be 820mm (wikipedia) So it’s not really a 1/1 scale size But it’s not a big deal for me The airsoft gun weights 2kg instead of 4 for the real gun, it’s half lighter It’s a light shotgun So as it has no stock, the balance is really not good At the end of the game, you will pay it 🙂 But as it’s not a heavy shotgun, it’s good to play with Like I said, the hop-up can’t be setup It seems there is three hop-up unit, one for each barrel Unfortunately, I only find this diagram in poor quality It’s hard to see what is inside the gun But it seems it’s the case Informations find on Internet, internal barrel should be 465mm When I checked inside the outer barrel, inner barrels stop here! It’s really sad because barrels are very small regarding the outer barrel size! I think inner barrels are more 300mm than 465mm like found on internet It’s weird to find these informations on internet In another way, I understand that the inner barrels are smaller than the outer barrel, because if they were as long as the outer, the power was been very high As it’s a close range gun, it’s not the goal But it’s still a little sad The gun needs very classical cartridge with around 30bbs inside They are nice with small marking on them A little too shiny Like I said, very classical As I haven’t other brand cartridge, I can’t tell you the compatibility But it seems you can use other brand too


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