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Airsoft Review ENG – Defcon 5 backpack Sniper 2

Airsoft Review ENG – Defcon 5 backpack Sniper 2

Hello everybody, let’s go for a defcon5 product review Thank to s&s tactical for sending me this product I will talk about the Sniper 2 backpack This backpack cost 43€ He’s sell like a one day backpack I will present you the bag and you will understand it can be use for more than one day For your information, I will give you my opinion It’s personal, regarding my stoutness and my usage of the backpack it could not correspond to a military usage or someone with another stoutness First, the overview It’s made with 1000D nylon and can contain something like 35l There are molle on the front side and on the side There are many colors like Tan, Black, OD or Vegetato like the model I show you This backpack is originally made for one day player and sniper There is a handle on the top of the bag which is pleasant and resistant There is a master closure system here which allow once opened the access to all pouch Or you can open pouch by the side Each pouch is closed by a double water resistant zip The main pouch can be totally opened for a better access And inside, there is a little net pouch Which add a storage solution And on the back side, there is another pouch closed by a water resistant zip too Then another pouch with a nice volume this one can’t be opened entirely Inside there are three other pouch Another pouch here I use this one to stock tools No pouch inside of course, there is velcro outside And the last pouch with a nice volume too which can’t be opened entirely too With many small pouch inside The two shoulder straps With straps for increase the retention and the confort On the rear side, there is a pouch for water bladder, very usefull Shoulder straps are very large They can be detach easily They are hooks on the straps The rear of the bag is filled with a kind of foam, to avoid back pain It’s enough if the bag is not over filled This big can be adjusted easily from big to low capacity His size change a lot depending of the adjustment, it’s cool when you carry it in another bag Fast speed Now it’s adjust to the minimum size, something like 5cm Little tips about this hook, you can put it on the molle straps It’s usefull to avoid disturbing noise in your back when you run or walk quickly Another disturbing point, as you can see, they’re lot of molle straps on the bag The problem is that these molle straps aren’t all at the good dimension, some are too small, others too big, so I can’t us all of them On this bag, I put 10kg of airsoft stuff I added my primary weapon, 4 mags My secondary + 2 mags Some tools, my video stuff etc It’s pretty heavy About the size I can add more stuff inside With 10kg, it’s full at 3/4 Let me wear it to show you Like I said during the introduction, the bag is really nice to carry thank to the shoulder straps Very thick Despite the heavy weigh, I don’t feel any discomfort No pression it’s really amazing The only pression I feel is here because I tighten the belt too much It’s really good to carry So they’re two straps here Be careful to don’t tighten this one too much Otherwise shoulders straps will be too close and it won’t be comfortable During my first use, I did it and it wasn’t good The belt, always a good thing About straps They’re very large For a common use or walk, it’s good But, I’m not very large, and when I close my arms, it’s sometimes disturbing It’s not very important but a little disturbing For guys strongest than me, it should be better But if you use it with a harness I don’t think it will be excellent You can see the render of the camouflage, it’s vegetato The vegetato is quite good with the Multiland It’s a very effective camouflage To conclude, first I will resume what I really don’t like on this bag, I will be very finicky Maybe I will ask too much, because the bag costs only 43€ it’s not a high price for a quality product like it Let’s be crazy and ask something impossible 😉 Small defect, the size of straps are too big for me There is no straps loop near the hook On the back, Molle straps haven’t the good size, it’s really bad Then this little hook, which, if you don’t lock if into the molle straps, will make too much noise It’s annoying and the locking system depends of how you bag is loaded Inside, there is no pocket closed by a zip If I put the bag upside down, all the content of pockets will fall Another negative point, main straps can’t be detached.

You can’t use this bag on a harness It’s not a big negative point because, from my point of view, attach a bag on a harness is stupid. You have to remove the harness to access to the bag, it’s a strange usage As I played as a scout, I’m mainly alone so it’s not possible to me, but I know that some player does this installation of their harness For positive points The bag has a very low profile when empty And when it’s open at his maximum, the capacity is amazing for a so “small” bag They announce 35l, I can’t check it but it’s really big I have the feeling I’m not limited with this bag It’s not the bag which will limit your carry capacity, it’s your back strength For myself, not more than 10-12kg, it’s really my maximum Thank to the big straps, you won’t feel the load This carry capacity is a really big plus The general quality is, as always with Defcon5, very very high You can find lot of similar bag on cheap website And you will never find this quality on this kind of bag One another big advantage of this bag, the PRICE 43€ for a military quality product, with a very good load capacity, with many colors For us, airsofters, who play on sunday only, who need to carry airsoft stuff discreetly Or to keep stuff on the field Honestly, it’s a really excelent quality/price product That why I recommend it to you if you play during one or two days, especially if you play “lightweight” like me It’s finish for this review, see you soon for next videos Share, subscribe and like if you want, ask me questions, and have a goodday


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