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Airsoft Review ENG – Defcon 5 Advance tactical pants Multiland (vs ACU pants)

Airsoft Review ENG – Defcon 5 Advance tactical pants Multiland (vs ACU pants)

Hello everybody, I will show you the last Defcon5 product: The advance tactical pants As you can see, it’s the multiland version Until now, they were only two pants in ML The ACU pants and the sniper pants Of course, they’re other pants in other camo in the Defcon5 range But I’m specialized on the ML camo for the moment Curiously, this pant is not intended to equip military forces but civilian market, airsoft, the police or the security services It’s stange because this new pants is highlight And the answer is simple, to integrate the military market, we need regulatory cuts, and as you’ll see, these pants do not really complies with regulatory cuts About colors, they’re multiland, vegetato, multicam, black, od, and tan You can find you happiness On this front view, you can see the new fuller shape of the pants You can see the new position of pockets On the rear view, we can see the new position of pockets but also the presence of reinforcement on molets and behind the knees You can see the new fuller shape of the pants and new pocket position This new pants is 100% ripstop, 65% coton and 5% polyester These pants are thicker and more rigid The ACU version is 660g and the advance tactical is 920g I feel the difference when I wear it but it’s very light It is very flexible, but we feel that it is ultra resistant, it provides a solid feel that is amazing It is as comfortable as pajamas when I wore it the first time, I did not want to remove it About reinforcement stitches, you can see that there are everywhere it’s necessary with 500D Cordura At the crotch, we can see that the tactical Advance, there to everywhere On the ACU, there not Just on the back Like on the Advance tactical There are also reinforcements behind knees And at the molets Continue with the new, the new pants have a new belt reinforced Cordura 500D, larger than the previous one It is increasingly fleece which is very significant, it has no sense of pressure Belts or military belts can be used with a size of about 6 to 7 cm I wondered why they did not want to put the size adjustment system They did some tests and it seems that this system did not like them at all It’s not comfortable and not compatible with this type of belt, so they chose not to embed this model I do not really agree with that because as the pants is not quite up to my waist, I have to tighten the belt quite strong which is not very practical But given that it is padded, it is not painful and in the end it goes quite well On the front, it has a Canadian button to close the pants, instead of a classic button And a zipper, it is still different from the ACU pants You can also noticed that there is a second button which here serves to lock the closure So the value of the Canadian Button I fully understand because it is a very durable button, and it is quite simple to use with gloves As against the utility of the second button, I distinctly less well understood Since I, with my size, when I close the pants, button causes wrinkles It is not annoying, but it’s pretty weird, so that I do not understand the usefulness of this button The other strange thing is the size of the zipper, which is not the same on both sides So when it is closed, I have the feeling of not being able to close to the top There is a gap between the top of the closure and the button Strange, but not annoying About aipper, this is a YKK zipper This is a very famous brand in the field of zippers It is very strong so I understand why they used this brand About pockets, there are two types kangaroo pockets Previously there were Italian pockets with vertical opening These pockets are much wider and deeper than the old one This is a real plus as previous were not great partly usable with gloves and fully equipped We can put a lot of equipment in it and catch easily I made a game or I not wanted to use my chest, I could put 3 M4 mags in one pocket without problem Concerning the back pockets, they are now closed by velcro instead of buttons This is much more convenient, they are also much deeper, you can put the whole hand About cargo pockets, they are slightly higher than the previous model And instead of velcro closures, we now have Canadian Buttons It’s an odd choice, it’s quiet but not very fast in use, but it’s the Defcon5 choice Regarding the target of these pants, it would have been better to put velcro Because the civilian market or the police have no real discretion problematic in use It’s weird, but in absolute I not use it very often so it is not very annoying We are in the presence of new knee pads that have a slightly higher position than the older it seems This is a big novelty, these knee pads have a new shape and a new position They are very comfortable, we do not feel them when wearing the pants It is impossible to put rigid knee as I used before, but anyway it is not absolutely necessary They are very flexible and lightweight, very discreet We can probably put rigid knee like that sold by defcon5 but honestly I do not see all the interest Unfortunately little regret, there is no adjustment of the width at the knees Apparently Defcon5 did tests and they had genes and iritations with this type of system, so they chose to not put this type of adjustment on their pants Here is how does the knee brace when doing movements They fall well below the knees, but I think if they were a little bit lower, they would have been at the top for me It is not annoying but it’s a few things that heckled me For reinforcements on the calves, there’s better is very significant Inside, another novelty, a kind of on-shoe, which is adjustable I used it in part, is very convenient, but again I preferred Velcro I used it in part, is very convenient, but again I preferred velcro.

I think it would have been much simpler to use, but in any case it’s very good Tip for spies in the pants there is a small hidden pocket I do not understand at all what it is for Defcon5 is generally very good in finishes, but I noticed that there are small problems finishing at the seams, there are small wire everywhere.

But it’s not important. Bonus: How will evolve over time camouflage This is the old pants, it has about 3 years He underwent several wash cold most of the time The color has a little white, he just rubbed off The color still well maintained, it still hides very well, which bodes well for the future Tips for washing your mesh Wash upside down cold or then at 30° maximum Avoid washing powders or bleaching detergents And do not use dryer At first I was confused about the price charged by Defcon5 These pants cost about 80 euros, while the old costs 40 euros, which is twice As they target the civilian market, we can say that the constraints of this type of use are less important than the military market So is that the price of the new pants is justified First, the new shape is really more comfortable to wear than the old one.

Already, the new shape is really more comfortable to wear than the old. Believe me, this is the day and the night, that have convinced me Then it is much stronger than the old. As you could see, the seams are reinforced throughout the fabric seems indestructible, it really is a big plus.

Then, and this is the big force Defcon5, equipment sold by the brand is military grade for a decent price There is no difference between public and military products, which means that when you buy a few things, you will have the same equipment as those fitted to Italian and French forces now Last, when you compare the price with competitive products, we realize that these pants are really cheap They cost double or triple, and often second hand These are the arguments that convinced me to keep this model After that will depend on your budget, your expectations in your game, it’s everyone who sees For my part, if I had to choose between the old and the new pants, I have chosen this one This review is completed, I hope I have answered all your questions, and you were pleased If it’s not, you can comment the video Don’t hesitate to share to your friend, put a like.

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