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Airsoft Review ENG – Best GBBR? GHK Steyr AUG GBBR Bullpup Ultimate review with shooting test

Airsoft Review ENG – Best GBBR? GHK Steyr AUG GBBR Bullpup Ultimate review with shooting test

Hello it’s Vasriotaep, that a long time I don’t make the review of an airsoft assault rifle. Let’s go for the review of the GHK Steyr AUG Here is the Steyr box I bought it on airsoftiger411.hk for 400€ I didn’t had to pay custom fee, lucky me It’s of course sold by Samoon, the official GHK vendor They’re lot of kits with this AUG, for my part I bought magazines They’re expensive, 70€ with shipping fee, really not a nice price I also bought a picatinny rail to make a “real” A2 version It costs 60€ shipping fee included, once again not cheap price! That why I didn’t bought more kits There are another rail which should be released, maybe more close to the real A2 version? The A3 version RIS Once again, the price was too hot for me Another cool kits are barrel lenght, the normal one is 20″ But you can order 16 and 14″ barrel if you want They cost something like 100€, too expensive for me for this order There is also a small tools for setup the sight of the A1 version It costs around 40-50€, once again too expensive And as the power can’t be adjust, FG Airsoft has a special nozzle with power adjustement It costs around 50€ It’s mandatory if you want to play everywhere in France With my rail, I had the chance to received bb loader tips, because with GHK mag, it’s necessary to use specific tips I have five tips, it’s cool And I also had some valves o-ring If I have some leaks, it’s always good to have Until now, except a particular G5 mag series, there is not a lot of gas leak with GHK But if it happens, I have some spare it’s cool! Remember that when you order on samoon something, you always have some gift like this, it’s pretty cool thank you Samoon! The packaging of GHK product is really simple A carton box with the name of the gun, that’s all Some texts The AUG isn’t inside the box that why it’s so light weight That all for the exterior of the packaging It’s a polystyrene protective shell This is a nightmare my friends! It’s silly to store a gun in a polystyrene shell, there are polystyrene everywhere on the gun! Moreover that mine has take hard, some parts are broken Fortunately, the AUG is really solid But I beg you, constructors, GHK, stop with polystyrene it’s not possible anymore! It’s too stupid to clean all little parts Inside the pack, the gun, a magazine and a notice (no bbloader on mine) The notice is really nice for one time, despite there is no French Explanations and advice are very useful A very good notice, thank you GHK it’s cool That’s all for the packaging, let see the gun You have been patient enough, here is the Steyr AUG form GHK I don’t know if it’s A.

U.G because it’s an acronym I prefer say Aug because I find this more easy, but I’m not sure it’s the good pronunciation So here is it, after some tests and skirmishes I have dissected the gun like always when I make a review I analyze everything I can before making the video, and this time I have lot thing to say About the body, the finish level is really amazing regarding other airsoft guns level The materials are very very good But, for a GHK product, I have been surprised to see that the assembly and finish aren’t perfect There are some burrs or spaces between parts Nothing important, but it’s surprising for a GHK product As you can see, this model is black or dark grey The classic color, OD/Green doesn’t exist yet, so as a Tan version So if you want a AUG GBBR, it’s on grey/black only On thing really nice for this gun is the weight, less than 3kg, near 2.

9kg without the mag The real one weights near 3.6kg without mag if I don’t say bullshit So it is really more lighter than the real one, and moreover for a so long barrel gun kind I had the L85 during some month, it was so heavy weight! This one is really lighter, it’s amazingt And as it’s a bullpup design, it’s really nice to handle The balance is close to the perfection! When you use it on the battlefield, the weight is not too much and it’s really quick to acquire target! It’s really impressive As you can see, it’s a long gun, with a 20″ barrel, but thank to the bullpup architecture, this long barrel isn’t a handicap I made some research, and it seems the real gun haven’t lot of marking So it’s not a bad point for the GHK version The only marking it has is here But it’s weird to use the name A2 because it’s not a A2 version, it’s a A1 with the classic scope I don’t know why they used this version number, but it’s not a big deal For my point of view, it’s not too bad, I don’t really care about marking if the gun works correctly Another nice detail, the hole for bullet ejection can be chosen It’s useful for the real gun if you’re a right or left hand user The cover can be removed easily, it’s a cool feature if you want to change it, even if it’s doesn’t useful for anything on the airsoft version It can be used to check if you have bb jam inside the nozzle or not It is a gun designed for been used by right-handed or left-handers.

You can see it with the shell ejector But this is not the case for the charging handle. This can only be used with the left hand. So if you’re left-handed, you have to use your left hand to load the gun.

It’s pretty shameful. By contrast, unlike a L85 for example, the charging handle is at the front and therefore, you will never be bothered by it. Of course, all the other buttons are ambidextrous. This is totally normal for a so modern gun The shooting selector has three positions, the safety position in which the shot will not start.

The semi-auto position in which a pressure on the trigger will send only one bb. And the full auto position in which a slight pressure will cause the firing of a single bb and a strong pressure will shoot several bbs.

This last mode is really very effective on this gun. It exists on a lot of other models, notably the P90 of WE But on the Steyr AUG of GHK, it is really very easy to use and it is a real plus, a real gain.

On the other hand I regret the absence of a BURST mode, but hey I will not be too demanding on this, the full auto mode already works very well so enough. Still on the exterior, there are straps attached to the front and back of the gun.

This last one is removable to disassemble the internal of the gun. And it can be changed according to whether one is left-handed or right-handed. It’s pretty nice. I regret that there is no side rail.

It’s a shame, because it exists on quite a few models of AUG. It can be useful to place a scope cam for example, because like this, personally, I will have trouble to put one it is a pity. In my opinion, if you are a little handyman, it must be able to install without too many problems.

Personally I’m not sure to do it, but it should be possible because I have not seen any blocking point inside. About the scope, the magnification is quite light, maybe x1.5 or x2 I’m not sure. The scope is of very good quality, the vision is very clear.

The point inside is just a black dot. It’s very nice. In addition, at the top of the scope, there are gun-sights. I do not find it convenient, because it is not as effective as a small red dot. They could have left a system to put a rail on the top of the scope via an additional kit.

Today it does not exist, it will still be something to do yourself. My big jerk on this scope is about the settings. Either you are a handyman and you make a tool yourself, or you have to buy the adjustment tool designed by GHK to adjust the scope here and here.

Quite frankly, it’s abused, without spending money, this scope will not be setted up. It is a shame, as you can see that it could be adjusted easily. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to buy a picatinny rail to put the red dot of my choice.

Particularity of the AUG, their is a front handle. It can be taken in a fairly normal position, horizontally. Otherwise it can also be placed in an angle of 45 °, I absolutely do not understand this position since it folds itself.

That means I continually should putting an opposing force on the handle, it’s pretty unpleasant. And finally, a vertical position like this, which is my favorite. In this position, the grip is ideal and it works very well.

The handle has a lot of play, it is functional play so it is not very important. I find it has much more play in its horizontal position. In this position it is much more unpleasant. Again it’s a functional game, it does not seem to be more weak than expected, so we’ll say it’s normal.

I must show you something about the charging handle that surprised me. On this model, there is a charging handle like on so many other gun, but it is not very pleasant. There is a spring, common to the breech and the charging handle.

So when I load the gun, I make a first press on the charging handle to compress the spring. And a second pressure to push the breech. It’s quite strange, fortunately in the action, we will not realize it.

But if you pay attention to it it is rather strange to do two movements. It’s not like the G5 or others, with a single movement. Obviously it has no impact on performance, but in terms of feeling, it is not the most sympathetic trick.

One of my other big regrets is the lack of bolt release, it is a pity that it is not included on this gun. About the mag, like the real gun, they have a plastic shell. On the other hand, they are not transparent, it is a shame, I would have liked to see the fake cartridges.

Who says plastic shell says better resistance to cold. It is not yet cold enough in the region, but knowing the resistance of the G5, there is no reason why this one does not do as well. I will give you a feedback when I will try it in cold condition.

The bbs capacity is 36, max 38 I think. You have to be careful with the GHK mag, not to put too much bbs because otherwise there is a bb that comes out and it can cause problems. 36 bbs is excellent for a GBBR, it’s quite close to the run gun mag quantity.

Personally I love it. The filling of the bbs on this model, compared to the models for M4 or G5, is really better. Indeed, they reworked the entry of the bbs, which is slightly wider than on other mags.

As a result, we no longer need to force as hard on the bbloader, so less risk of breaking it. It is therefore more pleasant to fill, and faster too. I also noticed two improvements in the valves. First of all, the percussion valve is much less prominent, it no longer exceeds, unlike the G5.

It can therefore be stored in mag pouch without fear of mistakenly pressing the valve, breaking it or degassing completely. It is also good for storage, I am less afraid to store my mags, no matter that a trick presses on and the gas release valve.

Then on the loading valve, the hole to insert the gas bottle is very thin. So to disassemble this valve it is very likely to have to disassemble the mag. But this avoid too easily finding dust and dirt and thus damaging the valves.

The mag is very light compared to the G5, it is 390gr. Believe me, passing G5 mag on the belt to those, it feels good. The total weight of the gun with a mag is 3.5kg, which is always lower than the real gun.

But it remains a fairly contained weight, so the replica remains playable for the small jigs that I think of being part of. Last point on this mag, which is very surprising at first, is its insertion in the replica.

It is very very hard to insert at the beginning, when the mag and the gun are new. You have to press very hard until you hear a “clack” and the mag release is raised. Here it is raised, everything goes well.

The mag is very well maintained it has no play at all. But alas it was necessary to force like a madman to return. Obviously, if we force to return it, we must force to get it out. It is not enough to press the button to drop the mag.

We must press the button and pull hard enough. I reassure you, in the course of time, that it is getting stuck. The more I use it and the easier it is to use. I hope this will not cause any play after a while.

At first anyway it’s really surprising, I do not lie when I say that you have to push and pull hard to handle this mag. Sometimes you have to spank it so that it is inserted correctly. All GBBR users freak out a bit when you do it too hard, but reassure you, the internal looks very solid so I think it’s safe.

So what about the internal of this GHK Steyr AUG? Well, it’s really close to the real gun, and it’s really amazing! It’s always a pleasure to disassemble a GBBR because it’s always easy and pratical. It’s still conform to the real gun, and I note that GBBR maker are more and more close to the real gun.

For amateurs it’s really nice, and even for us GBBR’s player it’s more easy to disassemble so it’s very cool. So on the Steyr AUG, it’s simple. First, pull the charging handle and lock it to release the front lock.

There is a small button to push, then rotate the barrel with the front handle. And the barrel go out. 20″ barrel on which we can find the hop-up adjustment wheel. With this, the adjustment of the hop-up is really easy.

You just have to turn the wheel, which has a arrow to indicate the +, like this we can’t turn in the wrong way. This is really nice, but this mean each time we want to adjust the hop-up, we have to remove all the barrel.

I’m sorry for GHK but I think they could do something better (without disassemble the barrel). Once the hop-up is adjust we don’t change it I’m ok, but it’s annoying to remove all the barrel just for that.

It’s weird to remove it for access to the hop-up, why not use a small hole or hatch like on the G5. I will not too much complain but it’s true it’s a little weird. Now the gun doesn’t have the barrel, you can release the charge handle.

You can press on this button to release the upper side of the gun. This button is really really hard to push when the Steyr is new. You have to use a screwdriver, but as I have already disassembled it many times, I should succeed by hand.

Really at begining, it’s really hard, you have to push it many many times to make it easy to push. Once it’s done, just push the upper and everything will come. We remove the bolt with stem-guide with the breech and the upper with the scope.

It’s not finish, we can now remove the trigger group. It’s a little more difficult because the trigger group is blocked on the stock by the sling hook. For me, it’s really worried because if you use a sling, you will have some weight on this hook.

And it’s this hook which allow to maintain the trigger group to the body. So it’s special. To disassemble it, you have to push on the hole on the stock. And push at the same time on the hook. It’s really more difficult to do than to say.

First because when I push on the stock hole, I don’t feel the button so I can’t know if it’s good or not. And I have to pull the hook really hard and it’s a little tedious. I didn’t say it yet but to disassemble the trigger group, you have to armed the gun.

Or the hammer will block the trigger group inside the body. I will try to disassemble it without destroy my hands. Well for one time, it was easy. So here is the buttstock, which is in a soft plastic.

So it’s really nice, good to don’t feel a hard plastic on the shoulder. You can see also two hooks which allow to keep the buttstock to the body. Here is the sling hook. And I just have to pull the trigger group to release it.

Which is easily accessible to maintenance. One thing to know is when you buy the gun, the internal is really really dry. So please don’t use it directly, disassemble the gun, clean it, especially the inner barrel which was so dirty.

Otherwise, you will damage prematurely the gun. One more thing, I noticed, except small polystyrene parts I took out at each disassembly. It’s a GBBR, so it means mecanicals movement, running-in period, and so metal particules.

So do a lot of maintenance during first months of use. The times each parts are correctly running-in. Otherwise you will find lot of “grey dirt” everywhere on the internal. It’s the sign that you have to clean the gun.

Something strange on the body is this little trapdoor with the little plastic part. When I take it out, I can see two small storage areas. It’s curious but why not. It’s conform to the real gun, it’s nice from GHK to keep it.

It’s use for the maintenance kit on the real gun. But it’s so annoying to disassemble the trigger group that I’m not sure you will took them oftenly. The trigger group seems well done, parts are thick, solid.

This is the bolt catch, a classical little part on GHK products. This part has a strange small play, it moves a lot but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. All parts are well lubrificate, honestly it’s really good, really reassurant.

Here is the bolt with stem-guide, with this little spring which do a very annoying noise. Here is the bolt and the nozzle. The nozzle is specific of the AUG of course. Nothing special about it except the guides which are really slack.

The nozzle move a lot on the bolt it’s weird. But I didn’t encounter any problems during my trials. Here is the trigger The main part which move two stems inside, also called linkage I think One here And another on the other side These linkage are in thin metal, but they seem solid So the reactivity is really god For reassembly, it’s really easy, just put alls parts back one after the other The buttstock Be careful to well insert it on the bottom of the body or it will not fit By the way, it’s on the buttstock I noticed some finish problem, take a look on the upper part It doesn’t fit perfectly, it’s too sad 🙁 Fortunately, the buttstock is very confortable The sling hook Here is the finish problem on the buttstock Now the bolt Don’t forget to push the button to lock the upper For finish, the barrel Inserted like dad on mom 🙂 It’s finished, hard to do easier Let see the trigger in semi auto It’s really pleasant to use, not necessary to use lot of force to push it The trigger reset is really nice too, I feel and hear it easily But there is no hard point, it’s awkward When I push the trigger, I can’t know when the bb will be fired With pratice, it’s not a problem, even to make quick shoot Let see the full auto mode The first stop is for semi then full auto It’s really pleasant, there is a huge difference between each mode It’s really the best GBBR I like to play in full auto For chrono test, the temperature was about 20°C Finally the AUG isn’t so powerful It’s sure that in the summer by 40°C it will be too powerful but at 20°C it’s totally acceptable for all airsoft battlefield in France If I exclude the last bb which was really too low, the regularity is pretty good The shooting process is the same than last time I show you the installation in my shooting field Still to be as transparent as possible, I measure distance with a triple decametre The target is as large as a human body, should be represent an airsoft player Like that, if I can touch it, you know that it’s possible to touch with this gun I made this test in standing position, so obviously the gun performance are influenced by my own performances The temperature during shooting test was around 20°C I start the test at 40m with ultrair and 0.

30g bbs The scope wasn’t correctly align, it didn’t help me At 40m it’s really easy to touch the target, the grouping is good, I just have to be applied to get good results The feeling when shooting is totally amazing, the recoil is really hard The recoil is really “linear”, “flat”, so it’s amazingly easy to control the gun, maybe because of the bullpup architecture It’s totaly not the same feeling on the G5 by example It’s a really really pleasant surprise for the shooting test The trajectory is also very clean, with 0.

30g bbs it’s the best compromise that I tried Some fun with full auto Like each sessions, it’s always hard at beginning to find the good position because of the not-adjusted scope The full auto is totaly playable it’s really nice 50m now, always ultrair and 0.

30g bb I will not change this winning couple Now it’s more complex, and still some time to find the good shooting position to touch the target, so first bbs are wasted I have notice the highest curve of the hop-up trajectory is just at 50m But the biggest problem is that the hop-up isn’t sealed correctly between inner barrel and hop-up unit so it turns slowly So there is lot of side spin to the right It’s really annoying and it’s mandatory to offset the trajectory At 50m, when I found the good position, it’s not a problem anymore But at a longest range, I have to offset a lot! At 50m, the result is really not bad, of course the hop-up isn’t run in, the scope not adjusted and there is the side spin, so it’s obviously harder to touch the target But once I have found the point, no problem to hit the target Let’s go to the big challenge, 60m You will see that this side spin will make it really harder to touch the target Even if I will finally hit it The bbs goes really farest than 60m There is a tree behind the target, 65-70m, and I have heard bbs touched the trunk some times The maximum range is really far, but the accuracy with this hop-up isn’t really perfect Another session at 60m to compare I didn’t lied, the range is really amazing For a not updated gun, it’s the best airsoft gun I ever had about the range/accuracy ratio Let see the GHK Steyr AUG magazine gas efficiency Until now, it’s normal Sometimes, the sound change but it doesn’t affect the performance, I can’t say why Not the same sound but the same perf, no worry Third mag done without problem It’s the 4th mag, it’s really rare to find a GBBR mag which can finish this one Once again, the sound change but not the perf, and the 4th mag is empty! So I continue we will see 13th last one should not been counted It’s still amazing performance, I have succeeded to finish the 5th mag It’s really impresive Little bonus, let see how to remove the classic AUG scope for a picatinny rail Be careful with the orientation of the rail, there is a front and a back It’s not like this There is a gap for the gun body And don’t forget this little screw or you will not be able to add it Before finishing, be sure the rail is well adjusted with the upper or you could damage something Now you have a gun with a picatinny rail, usefull to put all scope you want, like a 552 on my case Your choice 😉


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