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Airsoft Review ENG – ASG G18C GBB #1 from Shootgame – real eng sub

Airsoft Review ENG – ASG G18C GBB #1 from Shootgame – real eng sub

Hello everybody, let’s go for a new review, the ASG G18C Built by KWA This pistol comes from Shootgame, an airsoft shop at Antibes It begins a new collaboration between us and you can find the link of this product and shop in description of course This pistol costs arround 130€ A big warning, maybe you don’t know that Glock made a very big offensive against airsoft gun And if I understood correctly, only Cybergun has the right to built and sell glock replica ASG hasn’t the licence anymore So this pisto should be a collector now About the packaging, it’s always the same kind with a grey color, sober and serious, I like it The carton is not really nice but nothing crazy We can see all classical informations on this side of the carton 1/1 scale gun The size, the weight, the caliber, the number of bbs, materials and the power So what is in this box? When I received it, they was a plastic film on it.

There is the gun So the gun, an hexa key for sight removing, useless bbs, a kind of bb loader And a strange tool to setup the hop-up It’s weird And obviously the instructions The parts list Some simple instructions Nothing amazing, for one time, the maintenance is not totally false The instructions are only in english, not cool for no english people All of these, the packaing, the content, the only english instructions make me think it’s a old product It should be an old version not built anymore It’s just my personal feeling, it’s not a big deal So the gun now! Let’s talk about basic characteristic, it weighs 730 gr, it’s pretty light for a pistol but normal for a glock The lenght is 205mm, I don’t have informations about the inner barrel diameter It seems it’s not a precision barrel Maybe between 6.

05-6.08 something like thsi In opposition of the box informations, the body is in polymer and the slide in metal You can select semi or full auto mode The finish level is not really amazing on this gun, the grip here is not really adhesive Could I say ulgy? It’s not amazing here too Usually I don’t really care of the finish level, but I warn you because I know some of you are interested by this point It’s not really disturbing It’s more annoying on the slide, because edges are sharp And most of all, all Glock fans wait for that, no marking at all! Except airsoft marks here It could be annoying for Glock fans Usually, it’s not something I take care, but for this time, the slide is so .

.. empty that I noticed it As it doesn’t impact the gun capacity, it’s a detail Maybe I’m going to surprise you but I’m really not a fun of the Glock design The handle, nothing to say, it’s very good It’s very pleasant, square, compact But despite all of this, I don’t like the design, too much “square” I have the feeling to had a carton pistol it’s weird One more time, it’s my opinion, but I had to tell you The only part I appreciate about design is the upper of the slide with this open area It’s not too much common, it’s nice It’s cool, even when the slide is open, I like that By cons, I think the paint will not stay a long time I have a bad feeling about the plastic and metal of this product The quality doesn’t seems amazing, but it doesn’t seems weak at all I don’t think the slide will be broken when fired in semi For the full auto, I’m not a fan of this kind of mode I will come back on this later So I think the paint won’t stay awhile Some particularity about the external design of this model No security position on the selector, you can put it on this position but in fact it’s the position to unmount the slide The only security is on the trigger, if you don’t push on this button, you won’t be able to shoot It’s not possible to shoot, it’s a simple security Despite that, it’s efficient.

I’m a little worry about this security but if it’s work, why not The fire selector is a very fucking bad selector Without doing something special, change the position of the selector is near than impossible The only way to do it is by opening the slide and now you can change the fire position It’s really annoying! In fact, if I can show you, the moving part can be blocked in a weird position which disable the selector switch It’s really annoying because if it’s happen during a game, you have to pull the slide, remove the mag, change the fire mode, release the slide, put again the mag to avoid double feed It’s really not cool Sights are classical Can’t be setup, but they’re correct This sight moves to release a screw I’m not sure the sight can be fully removed but I guess Be careful with the kick to don’t lose it, but I don’t think it could happen The screw is usefull to disassemble the internal part of the slide The sight is really to move, but the kick in full auto is so strong that I prefere warn you about the lost posibility The hop-up can be setted up by using a small tool directly on the open part of the slide You have to find the correct position of the tool inside the hop-up chamber Once it’s done, just turn the tool to change the hop-up impact As you can imagine, it’s not really user friendly and not practical because it’s mandatory to have this tool! Once you understood how it works, it’s easy to use and I don’t notice adjustment modification during my tests in semi or full, so it’s a good point The mag contains something like 20 bbs First problem, no hole to insert bbs except from the lips A kind of bbloader is included on the box Honestly, I don’t understand the goal of this bbloader, it’s possible to use a classic bbloader It was a while I didn’t see something like this, it’s a little useless The other problem is that there is a cover above the valve To see the valve, you have to slide down the bbs stop and remove the cover It’s not stupid because it protects the valve from dust during game It’s just annoying if you want to load the gas with bbs inside the mag Warning, don’t lost the cover To put it back, just make the inverse of disassembly procedure To disassemble this G18, it’s really easy.

Just remove the mag Arm the gun Put the fire selector in middle position Pull down these two little buttons And slide forward the slide Easy and classic Let start the internal inspection by the lower First thing I notice, there is no grease at all! It’s really bad So when you buy it, add some grease it’s mandatory! Another thing I notice, there are lot of small sharp pieces Parts seem to be weak, in metal but not really hard Some springs, some slacks It does not really reassure The first time I saw it, so much thin parts that I said it will break quickly So I made lot of research on internet, find some commentaries, informations And yes I saw some comments about people who encountered breaking part with this model.

Maybe a lack of luck Or maybe they abused of the full auto fire mode Regarding the mechanism, I don’t encourage you to use this mode a lot You’re warned, the trigger group can be broken This spring You’re warned I take this opportunity to inform you about spare parts.

If you need parts for this gun, my partner, univairsoft.com sells all spare parts for it Don’t hesitate to go on his shop if you need Now take a look on the slide I start by showing you the disassembly, it’s easy again you will see Pull up the spring, which is totally dry Remove the internal and external barrel And it’s over About the barrel, it’s pretty common You can see the mechanic slack here It’s weird that the inner and outer barrel aren’t fixed with a pin by example But, the inner barrel has a spacer, it’s pretty uncommon and it’s cool to avoid bad slack, increase the stability and performance Here is the teeth of the hop-up ring The hop-up has a small slack It’s not really reassuring But it’s not bad for the gun performance.

That all! About the fire selector, like I said you, it’s easy to block it So be careful and use it with the slide locked back Once again lot of small mobile parts, worrying The nozzle comes back quickly on his position, it’s cool Once again, no grease 🙁 Otherwise, no slack, no weak parts, so no warning You can see how rail are dry To reassemble the gun, do the same than before but in the other way 😉 As you can see, the kick isn’t insane, but it’s nice enough I think performance and stability should be really nice The trigger reset isn’t really insane again, but it’s reactive and the trigger travel is correct This confirm my feeling that this gun should have good performance For the moment, it’s not really amazing.

The external quality is medium, the internal scary me But I have the feeling that this gun has good performance, we will see this in the shooting test Like always, don’t forget to like and share this video.

Tell me what you want in comment See you all! Tchao


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