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Airsoft Review ENG – ASG CZ P09 GBB #1 from Univairsoft – real english sub

Airsoft Review ENG – ASG CZ P09 GBB #1 from Univairsoft – real english sub

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video So today let see the CZ-P09 from ASG As you can see from the table of content, two videos again It will be like that from now until I find an easy access field Otherwise you will wait too long between each video Enjoy the review! Today I’ll show you this airsoft gun version of the P09 from CZ sold by ASG The original model comes from KJW This gun has been provided by Univairsoft who I thank warmly for loan me this gun Univairsoft is a website which sell spare parts for AEG, GBB, GBBR etc there are lot of thing For those who want to upgrade or change a damaged part, it’s a real gold mine As they will soon put on sale this model they asked me to do a test Obviously you will find the link in the description Then this model costs about 130 euros It is quite difficult to find in France, and it comes in two versions A version such as this and a DUTY Version Only the box changes a bit, as the markings, but it is almost the only differences between the two models If you want to be sure, look at the serial number, it must be like this to be sure it’s the same as me Except this, it seems there is not a lot differences between these P09 Talk a little about the packaging As you can see, it is quite sober and nice There is no weird colors, I like that You can see there are two models, a black and a FDE one On the box it looks like more green I also find bicolor variant, maybe it’s like the duty, another packaging etc On the box, you can find classical informations The size, the weight The caliber, the number of bbs, used materials The power and the speed It’s a GBB and it has a rail By cons, like they say I don’t remember where, this model should not be compatible with CO2 I will come back on this later because I do not agree with that Of course as it’s an ASG model licence, it’s a 1:1 scale gun so it’s really nice We should have all marking like on the real gun Something fun, maybe only for me On the cover of the box, it’s fully english And on the edge it’s in french maybe it will annoy only me but I have to say it So inside we have, obviously, the gun, the manual It’s classical, the gun is well protected no problem And we have a small bbs box, for those who don’t have bbs I really don’t understand why they put bbs like this on the package One more time, the internal box has stairs, used for transform the box in a display stand Something like this, I showed you this in another video Normally, this part should come in a hole here to lock the display stand It’s not like this on this box, so collectors who want to use the box as a pistol stand will need to customize it a little But anyway, I like the idea, a box which can be transform into a pistol stand, it’s really cool Take a look of this on the manual Warning, the gun is not CO2 compatible As you can see, it’s write here, but I will talk about it later because I’m really not agree with that But anyway, it’s write so you have to take it into account The manual is classical, with basic informaitons How to setup the hop-up, how to disassembly, etc And compatible accessories And once again the sacrilege, the manual ask to put some oil on the top of the magazine lips for lubricate the gun! Don’t do this, never, by pity, if you don’t want to wreck your performance Here is the P09 Something very surprising, despite his normal size, it seems very heavy It’s really impressive it seems very heavy when I take it in my hand BUT I check and it weighs 860g It weighs 100g less than my PX4!! It’s in total contradiction that my feeling I was right to beware of my feeling It is lighter than my px4 but it seems really heavy It is not negative, but it’s very surprising About the design, everybody has different tastes, but for my part, I’m totally in love with this one I really love it It looks very modern, with his thin breech, yes really modern The relatively sharp edges like that I love It give a performance feeling, it is something I appreciate with this pistol It is different than what we could see usually I think it is very cool I forgot to tell you that I absolutely do not known CZ pistols before this review I have discovered the CZ pistol series and made some research So I talk with a total neutral opinion Especially because I’m fan of Beretta but I didn’t know CZ pistols So I can tell you that I really love the design of this pistol! The body is in plastic, and the breech is in metal The plastic sound not really nice As you can see, the paint is really good The color is great, matt, and it seems the paint is resistant I used this gun many times and nothing moved But the plastic seems bland, light, maybe a little cheap Even the breech seems a little cheap It’s not very important but it was strange, Especially at first, now I’m get used to but as I try to be the most honest possible, I had to tell you The finish level is very high You should see it, I will try to show you some parts but it’s really amazing, look at this quality! The quality of marking It’s really crazy Lots of details, it’s very well done There is almost no trace of mold It’s very impressive For my part, I have been very impressed by the quality of the finish Usually I don’t care about finish, but when it’s so good, I have to say it So a very good point for this gun about finish! And now, let me talk a little about the special grip It’s a very surprising kind of grip They look like spaghetti It’s not stipping or groove They just look like spaghetti They are grip here, when you want to put the finger on it The adhesion is really high, it’s very effective it’s very cool But without gloves, it’s very abrasive it’s very hurtful Shoot with this gun without gloves expose you to some disagreements Fortunately, we mainly use guns with gloves The grip is really good Like I said, marking are really good They should be conform to the real gun On the other side, airsoft marking The brand, the caliber, the airsoft icon for germany And that all Not a lot of marking, but they exist and they’re really nice, it’s always good Obvisouly, this gun can be used by right or left hand owner Especially for the security By cons, the bolt stop and the mag release button are only for right hand Sorry for left hand, but I know you develop special techniques which allow you to use right hand control with your left hand, congrats! About the slide, like I said, it’s thin and modern it’s really cool Something I really appreciate with the slide is that it’s really soft There is no hard points during manipulation It’s really easy to manipulate You can see that I don’t use force to pull it, only with two finger The slide runs without effort, it’s really nice By con, it’s so thin that it’s hard to catch it on the front side It’s easy to catch the rear side for engage or powerstroke The front grip is too thin and tilt to allow a good prehension Except if you have gloves, it’s really hard to use the front of the slide Better with rear part If you try from the front, it’s really more difficult The security works, can’t shoot like that But I really regret there is no decocking function So the gun stays armed, for some people it’s not a problem, for other it is For my opinion, I really don’t like that, I prefer when the gun is decocked by the security But at least, the security exists and works, it’s always better than nothing About sights, classic and effective, with blank points They are not adjustable of course, they are correctly aligned You can see they can be disassembled If you want to use optic fiber sights I saw a reddot exists that you can add above or instead the rear sight If I found the link, I will write it in the description Again for the sights, it’s a good job and nothing wrong to say about them As you can see, there is a hook to not lose your pistol, always cool And you can see here, the back of the pistol grip can be changed You can do it with the little pin here, to something more thin if you have small hand I searched on internet, it seems it doesn’t exist on the airsoft market, only on the real deal market As the gun should be 1:1 scale than the real gun, they should fit, but I can’t confirm About the handle, you have to know I have medium/large hand You can see that the cross is really big And like this, I have some difficulties to keep the gun in my hand The gun slides in my hand, it’s not so annoying when I wear gloves but it’s not really cool I would really prefer a smaller grip It will suit you or not, or you will have to find smaller grip in the RD market The inner barrel is 100mm length The internal diameter should be between 6.

04 or 6.03, can’t be confirmed If it’s the case, it’s a really efficient diameter for this kind of gun, something I recommend each time About the magazine, it’s pretty classical It’s specific to the P09 Small specificity which could be forget, because it’s not on all magazines This little hole which allows to insert bbs directly without passing by the lips It’s a really nice feature Because on some other mags, it doesn’t exist and it’s pretty irritating Let see the internal parts To remove the slide, it’s easy, you have to make like on so many pistol Push back the slide, pull out the bolt stop, and remove the slide (without mag of course) Like this you have two parts Let start with this one As you can see, the greasing is not really impressive On the runner it’s ok but on the hammer part it’s really not enough It could be better but honestly, when you receive a gbb, don’t think about this, clean and make a new greasing At least with this gun, you can use it directly out of the box but it’s not the best think to do As soon as you can, apply some grease on the mobile part, it’s always better Small detail I forget to mention, the upper side of the hammer has a small grip And it’s really nice to manipulate, the grip is really strong I have to notice it because not lot of guns has this kind of grip and it’s really cool About the other parts, nothing special, they seem well done Well mounted, no slack, everything seem good Springs seems correct and big I’m just worried about screws, especially this one With the recoil, check them if they doesn’t move Otherwise, nothing seems weak here We will see with the time, but I can’t give you big warning on this part of this gun Oh yes maybe just this part I just don’t understand why it come up like this, when I will put the slide again it will be really annoying I never seen that on a GBB, in general this part doesn’t stop the bolt when reassembly It’s not really a big deal About the slide Here is the hop-up setting screw Which needs to remove the slide to be set, like on so many other pistol It’s absolutely not possible to change the hop-up by hand, you have to use a screwdriver, no worry to make it go wrong It’s cool because this mean you will set your hop-up once then never touch it again By cons, honestly, why they don’t put a notched screw or something like that to allow us to set the hop-up easily? Like that, you have to keep a screwdriver with you during the hop-up set up, its really stupid About the nozzle area, do you see that how it’s wedge correctly It’s really really amazing, there is no lack, nothing move, it’s really nice So I guess it’s why this gun has a so good performance, no lack, that’s probably for this reason that all is so smooth during the shoot Everything move very well, it’s really cool The common lack which can exist is between inner and outer barrel It’s common so remember, when you buy a gun, make some reliability check like this You can put teflon tape arround the hop-up and inner barrel And why not a piece of adhesive tape between the inner to avoid this lack The finish is really good, the slide seems very solid and well done! Let’s go to disassemble it, be careful it’s not so easy than it seems šŸ™‚ Because the stem-guide has no space to move and it’s hard to take it up Like I said, about greasing, it’s close to nothing Here we have the inner and outer barrel Always really nice finish, really cool.

You can see that the outer barrel is rock solid, with all shots I did, just a little scratch here The paint is really solid it’s cool Here is the pin and the system which allow to move up and down the cover On this part, like I said, everything is really compact And moreover the nozzle has a very strong spring! It comes back really quickly “I made a blablabla about the co2 compatibility, because the nozzle has a red part which mean in general it’s ok for co2” “But in fact, has the slide is in plastic, it’s really not recommended to use co2 or ultrair or propane.

.. I broke a slide already :p” “I said that there is no difference between the Duty version and this one, but the difference is on the slide material…” It’s really annoying to find so many differents kind of P09 in the market About the greasing, once again, not enough, don’t forget to add some grease inside The reassembly is a little more faster than the disassembly Just before that, be careful, the hop-up rubber is specific to this model if you want to change it Speaking of this, I will make you another video because I have to show you another outer barrel with a threaded end And some inner barrels, with differents diameters I will make a comparative video between them and talk a little more about the rubber Be careful with this part when you reassemble the gun Don’t put your finger on it, I tested and I have cut my finger very well! Use the bolt release instead It’s safer In double action, the trigger is really soft There is no hard point to know when the shot will be done It’s the same in single action mode, but the trigger reset is really good, so it’s not so disturbing Thank for watching this video, soon the second part will show you the gun performances Don’t forget to comment, like and share Ciao


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