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Airsoft Review ENG – ASG Bersa BP9CC Co2 dual tone with shooting test – DM Diffusion

Airsoft Review ENG – ASG Bersa BP9CC Co2 dual tone with shooting test – DM Diffusion

Hello everybody, let’s go for the review of the Bersa BP9CC of ASG I start a new partnership with DM Diffusion who send me this gun, thank to them! I hope that this partnership will be intersting for you and will allow me to make lot of videos The BP9 is one of the Bersa gun model So let me explain the name, BP is the number of the model, 9 is the caliber, and CC is for concealed carry This mean is for a discret usage like security, police and this kind of profession This is why this gun is very thin and discret, but you will see this About the packaging, the box is classic, but the green color is really flashy All importants informations are on the face of the box like adjustable hop-up, unique serial number, etc And it has a smart way to load the co2 cartridge, you will see it’s really nice, it allows to change the cartridge without touch the mag Thank to the licence, the gun has the real scale of the real gun Some other informations below like the size, the weight, the caliber, number of bb on the mag, materials, power and speed This gun is not really used, and this model in particular is really not usual I found it on ehobby asia for 100€ but nowhere else What is inside? Inside we can find a small manual Translated in french for me, it’s cool With all commons informations, how to use the gun, security, maintenance, etc Some accessories By the way, warning, they say you have to add oil on the bb hole of the mag That is a very bad idea, your hop-up will be oiled and of course this will decrease the gun performance So if you do that, don’t forget to make some blank fire first then clean the barrel and the hop-up before use it in game So new the gun itself Protected with bubbles plastic There is a small hexa key (1.

5mm) And like always some bbs The box can be transformed on pistol stand for collection or shop It’s hard to show you with this camera angle, but it’s pretty cool Do you see that? It’s oil When I received the gun, there was oil everywhere on the gun, from the slide So don’t forget to clean it if you want to use it just after receive it It’s a good sign for the maintenance The gun is a dual tone, grey and black The dual tone color is really beautiful, it’s very impressive Something strange, the box is full of informations but the picture shows a black gun, weird The slide is in metal and the body in polymer I took a look inside, all parts are mixed plastic and metal, as it’s a co2 propulsion, I was afraid but I didn’t notice anything weak The weight of a so small gun is really surprisin I didn’t expect this, and it’s a good news As the gun is under licence, marking are really nice and real Small instructions here Note the quality of the marking On the other side, the same here, an unique serial number The safety The brand This little logo, if I don’t say bullshit, it’s the German legislation which need this to authorize the importation of airsoft gun Like this, they’re sure it’s not a real gun but an airsoft gun Here are calibers informations, 6mm for airsoft and 9mm for the real gun And one more marking under the magazine It’s not a blowback version, but the slide can be block back with this kind of bolt stop It release the hop-up adjustment screw A little zoom on the grip, it’s not really adhesive But the pistol grip is really thin, like the gun, it’s really impressive, I never try something like this As the pistol is really small, it’s really interesting to play with, the handle is really nice Here is the sights We can’t adjust them They’re correct with their blank points But you will see on the shooting test, they’re absolutely not well adjusted by default Did you notice the size of the trigger? Let’s talk about the reset I have to push a long time and with lot of force to release the shoot, it’s really not pleasant! To allow a new shoot, I have to release the trigger until the end! These two actions combined are really bad for fast shooting and accuracy About accuracy, the hop-up can be adjust here with the hexa key included in the package, but be careful it’s really hard to set-up You can see that the paint start to fall because I adjust the hop-up, not a big deal But if you screw too much the screw, it will fall inside the gun, between the internal and external barrel And of course if you unscrew it too much, the screw will go out the hole So adjust it very carefully About the slide paint, it’s pretty nice, but not really solid.

After one game I already have a scratch on it The scratch on the trigger is totaly my fault But in general it’s very cool The magazine is really not common if you’re a classic GBB user It looks like a small bb loader with 15 bbs Good point, you can block the bb follower down Don’t forget to put a finger behind this hole, if not bbs will go down Except the design, the main bad point of this mag is that it can carry only 15 bbs The best particularity of this gun is the co2 fast reload system which is really smart You have to put a co2 cartridge on the pistol grip, screw to lock the cartridge inside then close the hood of the pistol grip and it’s ok Chrono test, new co2 cartridge and 0.

20g bbs Let’s talk about my performance testing To be accurate, I use a triple decimetre to be sure of the distance between my target and I About the target, I don’t use an unrepresentative A4 paper target or classic target I use my jacket, which mean the target has a human size It’s better for you to imagine the range/target size/accuracy ratio At 30m, it’s really hard to touch the target.

The dispersion is huge, some times the bb goes on the right, then on the left Too few bbs go on the right direction, so 30m is too much for this pistol At 20m, I’m sure I can hit the target all the time, but the sights are really not align properly, I have to aim really lower than the target If you learn to shoot with this problem, it should not be a problem to make a 100% hits at 20m This video is now finished, if you like it, share it, put a like, comment, etc.

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