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Airsoft Review ENG – As good as bad this WE SMG 8 Feedback after 1 year of usage

Airsoft Review ENG – As good as bad this WE SMG 8 Feedback after 1 year of usage

Hello everybody. I introduce a new kind of video on my chanel I make the feedback review of one of my airsoft gun The SMG8 of WE I used this airsoft gun since something like one year, so I can see you more thing than a simple review about how it evolved in the time First, the external The external is in a very good and resistant plastic There are some little signs of wear I used camo form on the external, so it protects my gun during this year The hop-up can be manipulate by this little hole You should use a very small BTR key The hop-up is really hard to setup on this gun It’s mainly because there is a plastic rod which push on the rubber, a metal one would have been much better When you increase the hop-up to much, the plastic rod will be wring and then break, so be carefull I never break this part, because I check during the setup the curve of the rod To increase the hop-up effect, turn to the right, to decrease, turn to the left The hop-up rubber of the SMG8 is really specific, I don’t know why I tried to use a Nineball instead of the stock one the “mistake-proofing” isn’t at the same position The only way to adapt it is to cut the “mistake-proofing” I find one brand which made compatible rubber, A+ Studio, which made a very good soft rubber Another breaking part is the butt retention button, the classic one It made with a very bad metal I think, the recoil of the gun doesn’t help This part will break on 2-3 games Fortunately, this part is easy to find now But warning, the screws which maintain the block are really gripped, be sure you have good tools I break one of them with a bad quality tool The branchs on my gun aren’t dammage at all, but on some rev3, these parts are in very bad quality metal This gun has a fantastic recoil, too much even, so check all screws after each game, like these one I had another problem, no more semi-auto (or pew) I don’t really know which part was damage, but because of this, my only way to fire was to use the automatic mode (pew pew pew) The semi auto worked only once when I wind the gun on, but after nothing I found a troubleshooting by the neutralisation of the full auto, you can see the fix by clicking on this link I had another problem, my nozzle spring has been broken It’s a common problem on gbbr, but at this time, find this part was not possible It’s not really important because this gun works well without this spring (strange) But I think this has cause the following problem Tadam! The part which maintains the upper on the external has been broken When I said this gun has a amazing recoil!! it’s of course cause by the poor quality of the metal Unfortunately, replace this part by classic way is impossible, I had to contact WE directly And after some time, they send me this part It’s cool, but without this, the gun would throw in the trash I searched a lot if someone else has this problem, I didn’t find anyone else Not lucky for me Let see mag.

As you can see, the paint of WE products are still very bad You can see the result on this mag I put camo form on the bottom of the mag, and when I pulled it out, the paint gone away with the camo form It’s absolutly not important for the game, but you have to know that I change gas route on all my mags These one are a little more bigger and allow a better impermeability They should reduce the gas consumption, in reality, it’s really light, but it works Something strange on these mags, they’re like pistol mag, but you can’t insert bbs from the bottom We have to use a bb loader like any other gbbr mags I thing,with the good tool, it could be easy to increase the size of the hole The mag sold with the gun works good, but any other mags don’t fit perfectly on the gun.

They don’t lock inside the gun To fix this, it’s really simple, just sand a little ths two stops Like some other metal mags, the SMG8 one can have some leak I fix that with teflon and grease And I used a personal technic, I submerge the mag full of gas on very hot water during few hours This expand the gas inside and push on seals, increasing the impermeability Another little problem, the heel of the mag can go out Beside of the little part which should stop it, I suggest you to put some tape With these mags, the bolt catch doesn’t work all the time, the cause is about this little part You can solve this by modifying the mag or a part inside the gun I didn’t do this mod because I don’t have appropriate tools But you can see on the description the DingChavez blog where he explains how to solve this with both method To finish with the mag, there is a very small gap between the mag and the gun Maybe it’s because of the new gas route Performance part My gun shoot at 330 fps because it’s a rev2 The rev1 was at 400 fps and the rev3 is about 370 fps.

The rev2 nozzle can’t use npas The rev3 has some reinforced internal parts, but has some specific problem too I use ultrair This is one of the most powerfull recoil on a gbbr I ever try since now Lot of noise, strong recoil And regarding all problems I had, I think ultrair isn’t the best gas for this gun If you can, use a dry low power gas like 134a Let me show you the noise and the recoil The mag wasn’t full of gas, but you can make you an idea Full stock, I can touch someone at 40m with a nice accuracy It’s a good performance for a so small gun This gun can be used in CQB or in forest, because we’re not annoyed with the barrel length The maniability is really great For me, the MP7 has the best maniability About upgrade, please don’t buy lot of thing for this gun This gun is cheap, so don’t waste your money on expensive upgrade I just change the hop-up rubber by a A+ and it’s enough! I have now a range of 50m with good accuracy It’s really enough! Don’t buy precision barrel, WE stock barrel are really good To conclude, the SMG8 is a very good gun, light, docile, with good performance and with a nice futuristic look The price is really nice too But, on rev2 and 3 (and 1 of course), too many reliability problems So use a low power gas Blablabla (I repeat myself, not interesting) I forget, this gun can work during the winter (until 4°C for my experience) I hope this kind of video enjoy you, personnaly I like it I will make you a feedback/review of the PX4 soon If you like it, share, like and show my chan to your friend See you


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