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Airsoft Review ENG – Airsoft Foldable Stalker Mask from OneTigris

Airsoft Review ENG – Airsoft Foldable Stalker Mask from OneTigris

Hello everybody, it’s Vasriotaep. Welcome for this new review! Today, I will show a product send by OneTigris. It’s a new revolutionnary product on the market. It’s a foldable airsoft stalker mesh mask.

It’s a new kind of product. So it’s interesant to review it. As you can see, it’s sold in simple plastic pocket, very simple. As you can see, the package is really small, not similar to classic stalker package.

I will open it right now to show you the mask. On the pocket, there is a carton, it’s not important. Here is the mask. It’s folded, like his name suggest. And when I unfold it, I can notice that both lateral parts aren’t in metal.

They are flexible. This is interesting, first for carry the mask, it takes less space in the bag. And then for the confort, it allows to change the mask shape. Let see the mask closer. Except these two flexible parts, the face is a classic mesh mask.

With elastic arround the mesh for more confort, like classic mask too. The elastic strap for the head has two adjustable straps. It’s better than one strap version. Another good point, the straps are totally green! It’s really better than black straps we can see everytime.

So, does it change really something? I have tried this mask during one long day, so I can give you a good feedback. First interesting fact, the soft parts on each side of the mask provide a real and better confort than classic stalker mask.

No more agressive and cold feeling of the metal against the skin. Fabric parts are soft, comfortable, they don’t keep the sweat. When I used it, the temperature was 3°C during the morning, I was happy to don’t use something in metal.

It was really cool! Then, about the breath evacuation, as the front part is still in mesh metal, nothing change between this mask and a classic mask. No more fog, nothing change really. About the shape of the mask.

It should be better for aimed and shoot with gun, it should be less annoying. Moreover because this part is soft so it should be easy to crush it. In fact, yes it’s better. It’s better than a big stalker mask not customized.

But it’s not the best solution I ever tried. The metal part is still too big for me. It’s still problematic to aim especialy with low-base optic. It will not solve all your problems but it’s a great evolution comparing as current stalker mask on the market.

The finishing is really great. I’m just worry about both fabric parts because they seem to be glued to the metal part. If it’s not the case, good news we will forget what I said. So I’m afraid that one day, fabrics parts will be splited from the metal part.

In fact, I can’t say if it will happen or not, we will see. Always about finishing, all platics parts seem to be good qualities. I had the feeling that the slap loosened during my tried, but I think I have to tighten it more for my next game.

What does it look like once on my head, let’s see. On the face, if you don’t tighten too much it’s good, no pression. About the shape, like I said, you can see there is more space here, so you’re more exposed.

It’s proper to my face of course, everybody has a different face so it will fit differently for someone else, even if this kind of mask should be “universal”. So I said that this part is a little bit exposed, but it’s not really important.

So this surface is soft and should be a better solution to aim. On the side part, it’s pretty good but if it was me, I would make this part thinner to improve the aim capacity because it’s big for nothing.

At the front, the nose protection is good. The shape around eyes is nice too. It’s usefull if you use a mask, you will not be annoying by the stalker mask. But, about the shape, the bottom part is really too big! There are something like 5cm which are not necessary.

If you have a shemag or a scarf, if you move you head down, the stalker mask will go up, it’s too bad even if it’s the same on other stalker masks. It’s sad they don’t improve this part to make a more “human shape”.

I will try to show you the render when you try to aim with this mask. I use my new favorite gun, the GHK Steyr AUG. This gun has a pretty high mount scope, so we will see. You can see that despite the fabric part, the mask bother me.

I feel the thickness of the mask, it’s a little bit annoying. But to be honest, with a classic stalker, it would be much worst. It’s too bad it’s not better but it’s a very big improvement after all. We can’t got everything but it’s still a good improvement.

This mask cost about 13€, shipping including, depending of website, but on the official website it’s around this. Compared to a classic stalker mask which cost up to 20€ on some shop, honestly, the OneTigris mask is the best solution for a stalker mask.

Moreover, the mask exists in many differents colors, especially a camo version! Once again, as I’m a camo-fan, it’s perfect! I hate having something black on my face it’s too visible. The goal of a mask is to protect, and this mask has the ANSI Z80.

3 certification, which confirm that the protection is good at extrem temperature and resist up to 800fps. So don’t worry about the protection, when I tried it, I has been touched a lot of time in the head (thx forest) so it’s good! Even if it’s not a problem, I noticed that after one day of use, the paint of the metal part start to fall in piece.

It was cold, I was shooted many times on the mouth but it’s not usual to see the paint fall after so little time. I don’t remember to see this on my other stalker masks. It’s not really a problem but it’s strange.

For : Better for aim, much more pleasant to wear, easier to carry, very good protection, hot for the winter, price really correct. Con: The shape of the metal part isn’t good enough.


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