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Airsoft Review ENG – #2 Shooting test Cybergun 1911 A1 Anniversary C02 GBB – Shootgame

Airsoft Review ENG – #2 Shooting test Cybergun 1911 A1 Anniversary C02 GBB – Shootgame

Hello everybody it’s Vasriotaep, second part of the review of the 1911 cybergun anniversary version This time, shooting test, consumption, chrono test and conclusion Like always when I test a Co2 gun, I use one Co2 cartridge and I have filled the magazine many times to see if the power decrease Like you can see, on the first mag, I fail my chrono test sorry Bbs hit the internal of the chrony so it displayed 0 The power should be around 320 fps for the first mag, it’s a little too high to play with some team in France, but it’s not as amazing as I was expected Indeed the power decrease so it’s good, arround 280fps Playable everywhere in France Third bbs magazine, the power still decrease, near 260fps 4st mag, the power is going really too low, 250fps It works on the video, but I’m not sure the gun is playable during the 4st mag At 30m, like lot of airsoft pistol, no problem to hit the target Sight are really not helpfull to aim The recoil is really hard So strong that it’s hard to aim because of it With 0.

25 at 30m, it’s really easy to hit the target and the shooting feeling is really good At 40m, of course it’s more difficult But with 0.28 I have touched the target with more regularly than with 0.25 Of course it’s not made for shoot at a so long range, the dispersion is huge, the lucky ratio has to be take into account But with heaviest bbs, the range/accuracy is better, it’s pretty nice But thank to the very bad sight, it’s hard to touch someone at this range If you watched chrono test, you probably saw the gas autonomy, but I also make the real test here So I tried to check how long a Co2 cartridge can be shoot 16 bbs shooted without problem Warning, the bbs follower can be go out of the mag like that Don’t forget to put it into the mag before using it 2nd mag, still good 3rd, still good too This time, I finish the 4th mag without problem and without loss of power Of course, the 5th and last mag isn’t really good.

The recoil is sluggish. Bbs seem to be shooted correctly but I’m really not sure it’s playable But so much bbs shooted with a Co2 mag, it’s a nice performance!


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