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Airsoft Review: E&L AKM AEG

Airsoft Review: E&L AKM AEG

Hi i’m Kevin and I’m going to do a review about the AKM from E&L. I just received this and it’s one of the first that they sold. I want to go over a couple of things that i like and that i don’t like about this thing.

the first thing is that it looks really nice! The wood finish it’s kind of a redish dark brown. that is dependable on what kind of colour you like it’s nice or maybe not. But you could change it because it’s real wood, so if you just sand it down and then just re-do it refurnish it, that should give it a whole other look.

starting from the back, the stock has a latch right here, and since they made the stock just like the real one the battery doesn’t go in there because the hole that’s in here it just for cleaning tools.

you don’t get the cleaning tools with the gun, but the real ones should fit. and the hole in here doesn’t go all the way up to the receiver. so maybe if you want to put a battery in there you could but you’d have to drill a hole that goes up to the receiver.

you should have to do that yourself and it weakens the construction, so right now it’s really solid you can’t break this. I mean it shouldn’t break when you fall on it or whatever, plus it shouldn’t crack if you fall down on it or drop your weapon.

the battery goes underneath the dust cover, so that’s the same as on alot of other AK’s it’s built like the LCT and VFC one’s so it doesn’t have the plastic cover right here, you have a little bit more room for your battery, but it’s still a tight fit for most batteries.

I always use Lipo’s, 7.4V. you really have to have a small one a 1200mAh stick type. the fuse is right there. it uses a mini tamiya plug. put this back. what i like about this gun is that it feels really solid.

It’s made out of stamped steel, so no alloy or aluminium, it’s all real steel and E&L is supposedly a factory that makes real AK’s so this is probably just a real AK but kindof reformed into an airsoft gun.

another nice thing is that the selector lever really clicks into place it’s not going to fall of, and this cap is not going to fall off. the cocking lever goes all the way back instead of just up to here like on the Cyma or Tokyo Marui ones.

the Hop-Up is right there, you can adjust it. If you take it apart it’s also just like the real one’s you flick this over so you can pull the gasblock off, then you have a small piece you have to flick so you can take the whole wooden grip off.

let’s see… Thing’s i DON’T like, is the mag. let’s put this down for a sec, so i can show you. the magazine is a high-cap it holds 400BB’s and that’s fine with me but this latch where you put in the BB’s, it doesn’t really click into place, so if you have it filled up with BB’s and you would put it upside down, all the BB’s would spill out and that just sucks, when you’re in the field or well.

. it sucks at any time. another thing is with the mag’s. I tried to fit a Cyma mag in there and it wouldn’t fit. but after some sanding down, this lip is a bit bigger on the Cyma and this is also a bit bigger, so if you sand it down there and sand it down here that will make it fit.

well it’s a tiny adjustment but you know, you have to do it. And It’s a high-cap but it doesn’t use the winding wheel, this is to make it more realistic. you have a cord right there and you have to pull it a couple of times so it will feed the BB’s.

the other thing is that the magwell, is also made just like a VF.. ehm maybe not a VFC but an LCT one. So instead of having a flat piece right there in which if you put the mag in it won’t go any further.

On this one you can put it in too far and then it’s impossible to put it in there, so you have to really click it into the tiny piece right there. overall the quality is great! It looks great! If you compare it to the Cyma ones, and i will probably make a video because i have a Cyma one and a Jing Gong i guess, or a Dboys.

If you compare it they all have this kindof grey-ish look. and on this one the steel just looks great it has this kind of blue heat spots on there and i just like the look of it. I think that kindof covers it, I’m going to do a Chrono-test right now.

I hooked up a battery, i don’t have one that fits yet so i had to improvise this. i filled the mag. alright. I’m going to chrono it, turn this thing on and see what the FPS is. 438 FPS 442 FPS 441 FPS 435 FPS 431 FPS 433 FPS so it seems to be between the 430 and 440 FPS.

now i’m going to do the ehm.. thank you for the nice sounds on the background. somebody with a motorcycle or something. now i’m going to do the Rounds per minute test. that’s 705 r/m 705 r/m again and again 705 r/m so that is an average of, let’s see.

11.7 rounds per second Yesterday i tried this and it shot 750 r/m and 12.5/s so probably the battery is dead, plus its really cold outside and batteries really don’t like the cold. That’s it, if you have any question’s or tips for me, this was my first review that i tried to do in English.

so if you have any tips or something post them in the comment section below! haha! check that out!


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