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[Airsoft] Review du MP9 A1 de chez ASG

[Airsoft] Review du MP9 A1 de chez ASG

hello everyone here 7.4 for a new video the first thing I took the device that’s great but we are not there for that as we would have seen in the title of the video we will talk today the chea sg t9 here is a very nice replica so the characteristics of this art of this replica then expresses one day we got a little pea a misstep ask for more but with a good range a joule 1 kg 7 gas bruebach will use green gas for this video presentation here He preferably knows him foldable cros crowd abs except one interior and the 48 bis metal charger the charger has a range of about 40 45 m is not huge huge but it’s a glitch also a misstep to ask for much so So here we are going to go to the Comoros in charge of that so what I’m asking you here so then yeah but it’s true if the la replica of the brand of alger here is the price on a soft horizons and 249 euros but as I had two Jewish occasions for 200 euros so here we can see the brand lp 9 made in taiwan nan I’m kidding boots the sighting system here in fact it is between very simple ac 1-1 round and one warns must have taken the piece of methane there for football the other is a these incidents also here to update which then passes the charger to remove the charger it is simple could not here and here they go down automatically so as i said elsewhere these chargers a 48 life skill this which is not bad for one for an automatic gun because it is necessary anyway a minimum of life to achieve the minimum bursts, moreover the burst is more to scare than anything else because I use plus the semi in part it’s much more practical So there to remove the gas the gas is put here elsewhere we will use it so here is brown gas if it knows silicones is ideal for replicas to gas for all the blue system goes all that maintains the replica at the same time what is left about 10 15 seconds to fill the charger well because it is big enough when you think flat so it is a replica one day its ramps really powerful but but frankly for such for start to make a principal it can be useful I use for backup because I have a stubborn imac as a weapon main so here is the foldable butt so the here is for the feet it’s simple here it is facing this block a little bit pull a little bit inside and hop there why they could see here it is really a weapon of shouldered under these practical services of which case precise we do not know cube and we just have to press the button here we press and then here we are just retracted all that we want but this crawl under the recoil is not huge huge and but there was a small recoil how much tactics that allows to have a good stabilization spot then as a site an armed deaf gas replica the replica just do this so i go this side So here we are and here we can also pull the firing disconnector it is not like the m4 the to which 47 what you could not see officials like that in fact at the top of the ejecta button we have a small button there see it there when we see a red dot is that these seedlings we press the button the button not the other side of the replica and sends it 3at resume red it means that it is the burst the people it is adjustable of course and located inside the cylinder head so we pull the cylinder head and this side there a small end at the beginning of the barrel with the click provided in the pack the clae that all isles is provided in all times we just have to turn to settle it to the people so here we go to the penalty shootout I say hi see you next time for a next video that will come on my channel two parts with the 9.

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