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Airsoft Review du M16A4 King Arms – WhiteFox [Fr]

Airsoft Review du M16A4 King Arms – WhiteFox [Fr]

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video review of the m16 at 4 g in company of gonzalo hi who will do the presentation do the guide hi you go do the cabba shooting test right away let’s start with the right one rating so that’s it for the presentation of our m 16 to 4 2 at king arms as you can see if a very nice replica very reliable so I told you about the positives and negatives the positive point is precisely the large door etc and there we can wait a target up to 50 meters is really the default is that hate is long enough is made to m in any case the boat and is 520 mm which can be disadvantageous by its magnitude to these cubes and all that is long building on the other hand are in the forest you do not have everything if it really plays in then for the batteries here we have a 9 points 6 of pirate arms 1500 it would be ideal to buy according to you can acquire a lipo 11.

1 an 1100 to increase the power is perhaps the door is a little bit if not with the ear just a little store 3 its neck a basic store the replica I you can find on air except that ch a320 frau with the store is made about 3 kg the replica then poor the batteries we put them behind the hole there is enough big as you can see it is quite convenient to m there around here on the other hand the battery the replica cd large type should buy a adapter like that which is on where except that we know what it is it goes france and not expensive these games could adapt the matrix but if you thought once plugged in or put in and you close the little one stopper so I will give way to killian for the ps to say thank you so just before shooting I would like to give a brief overview of the accessories that I will use for this video so for my part I the used glasses type to these objects as well as a glasses the 15th of 3.

9 times 32 or two bought on rcf character and i will use 2m 16 stores to a vietnam in a capacity of about 120 shots I don’t remember very well and the advantage that they do not noise when loaded so proceed to fire we will the rva gave way just before a small clarification on their peoples in europe they can be adjusted inside it is enough to pull the cylinder head and here it is that we adjust so just turn forwards or backwards then you just have to press this little button to close and it’s good then for the shooting I will use the lipo as a battery because that there will be a much better cadence and I prefer that So here we are going to shoot I will shoot at about 15 meters I will use the haye cap king weapons store cost 300 as well as the moon is enough auger and I like being the automatic mode so full auto show so here is the end of this video it will be 15 more who did not hesitate to comment on the age and why not to you subscribe you can subscribe to our letters a leaflet on the facebook page is accused m and then thank you again for the real


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