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Airsoft Review – Defcon 5 Shooting Gloves Armor Tex – real english sub


Hello everybody, welcome for the 3rd video about Defcon5 gloves of the series: Armor tex shooting gloves These are professional gloves, for shoot and combat You can see the composition on the left side of the video Fingers are compatible with smartphones thank to the Amara surface The armor tex fabric is resistant to the cut and the rip Through EN388 standard About this standard, they should have on gloves or/and on the packaging informations about the standard. It’s not like that on these gloves So Defcon5, my friend, if you can add these informations about this standard like I said, it’s critical Theses gloves are light (55g one) and they exist in Tan or Black color and they’re sell for 36€ Design part I confirm they’re really light, that nice I don’t find them very sexy, especially regarding Jungle gloves But they totally follow the standard design model for modern light gloves So this design is not a problem, and the design can be appreciate by someone and don’t by someone else About the face On this side, there is a padded material, well placed, just over phalanx It’s cool, I didn’t try to shoot on my hand with bbs, I won’t do this, but it seems it could be a good protection No protection on fingers No cover on the extremity of fingers It’s light glove, so it’s the Defcon5 decision, and you can be hurted by bbs on fingers There is a cover on this part Perfect for pistol grip Another cool part, the closure system I really like this closure, it’s very sexy, with the brand mould with the logo So the face part is not bad On the other side, we can see that the totality of the palm is cover by a nice material This material seems to be really strong It’s strange because on the face, I don’t have a very good feeling about the resistance but on the palm it look like indestructible It’s a flexible but also very strong material It’s maybe thank to the new material they used, a kind of Kevlar, the Armor Tex This material should have better quality than Kevlar They’re cover on each important parts No on fingers, for the mobility And they’re amara surface for smartphone They gloves are very confortable! The small closing system with velcro is really nice to use No pression, no discomfort The palm of the hand is very resistant, no worries about anything! They’re warm, it’s cool in the summer The lack of protection on the extremity of fingers allow a good prehension.Not as good as Jungle which are just amazing for this part
But we can do lot of thing with these gloves without problems After a full day of use, I didn’t notice anything scratch The extremity of fingers is the only part which are little used It’s normal, it’s the same for all gloves so no worry about their resistance during a long time About defaults, there is a strange fold on the palm of the hand when I fold it It’s not really comfortable, I was worry that when I will take a pistol grip, I will feel it In fact, during the game, I didn’t notice it at all It remains a problem, so if Defcon5 could fix this problem, it could be cool 😉 I think it can be related to the size of the little finger Its size is a little too much despite others fingers are ok Second problem, it’s about the tactil surface in Amara They should be the same on the face and the border of the finger But in fact it works when I touched the screen with the border side, not with the face side This problem is only on this model, not on the Jungle one I don’t know why Maybe it’s only on my model, but I have to say it To conclude, what about the quality price ratio They cost 36€ Compare to other brand, it’s a normal price But other brands have more protection on the upper It will fit with some player who search more protections I think these gloves are better for materials quality and prehension They seem to be indestructible, long time usage Both problems I talked before can be discomfortable for some players The fold on the palm is not a big problem for me You have to choose for yourselft 🙂 About the problem with the amara tissu, the question is do you use your smartphone on the battlefield? For me it’s a gadget, if it works it’s cool, if not, I won’t cry So, if the design is ok and you’re looking for resistant gloves, they’re for you!


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