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Airsoft Review – Defcon 5 Folgore Gloves

Airsoft Review – Defcon 5 Folgore Gloves

Hello everybody and welcome for this first video of a serie of 3 review about Defcon5 gloves Let’s begin by my personal gloves, Folgore gloves As you can see, they’re quiet technical They’re used by military forces They have been released in 2010 They’re really complex, lot of materials Nomex, Kevlar, PVC shell, Nylon, Rubber, Cow leather Neck.

.. They are really renforced and they are used by Folgore Italian Special Forces Only one color available, between tan and olive They weight 60gr and cost 49 euros Let’s talk about the design of these gloves About the design, as you can see, they’re massive With lot of differents materials They’re really renforced, specially on this side with this stuff, very resistant We can see small pads very resistant too On the finger Something like leather matter Under the glove The palm is protected by this matter Which is flexible but very resistant As mine have already been used You can see the result after few years They’re in a very good condition and totally usable Here, there is a soft protection pad, finger pad aren’t soft The design is really military It’s not surprising these gloves are used by Italian forces There is an elastic inside, which allow to maintain the glove at this position On these gloves, the scratch is on the palm side of the hand It’s not my favorite option but it’s a detail It will not be eliminatory I think this kind of protection, for airsoft game, it’s totally useless In a real usage, maybe, when we put the hand on the flood and the gun on the hand But for airsoft, I think it’s useless But cool feature is these pad It could be cool to add them on all the finger because a bbs on this part is still painfull In conclusion for the design, it’s not really sexy, it’s military stuff and it’s enough Now some extract when I use these gloves in a game situation They’re please to wear I fell internal seam but it’s not nasty They’re really resistant, indestructible I use them since few years and they’re not damaged The external protection is not very pleasurable But it’s maybe because of me, I’m not a big fan of this kind of protection You maybe noticed that the fabric pill a little The big negative point is the missing of tactice surface on the finger But regarding the age of these gloves, it’s understable The scratch on the rear side of the glove is not something I like But it’s a personal feeling About the gripping ability, as we can see, it’s not difficult, but not the best We can do everything is needed when we play aisoft, but not use small object To speak about the quality/price ratio of Folgore gloves There is lot of concurrence on the military and airsoft gloves market Price of these gloves are above the average price of the market But it’s totally normal because it’s military gloves That mean a very good durability There are lot of protections And a good protection against the cold of the winter On the Defcon5 range, I don’t see any concurrent of the Folgore gloves Because for the same price, there is no equivalent gloves Regarding other brand, there is Mechanix which made gloves roughly equivalent for the price But I have serious doubts about their ability to match these gloves in terms of quality, finish and durability The design will be more modern of course But honestly, I’m a big fan of Folgore gloves For our use it will especially interest to people who do reenactement Because I think they’re too expensive just for airsoft But if you’re ready to pay this price for gloves You will buy indestructible gloves Really pratical Si je devais conseiller Defcon5 sur ces gants, il serait de refaire les gants, mais avec les nouvelles technologies But for the rest, don’t change anything, they are excellent


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