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Airsoft Review – Defcon 5 Balaclava Multiland – real english sub


Hello everybody, let’s go for a new review. Today I will show you the Defcon5 balaclava! This balaclava is really cool because you can wear it by 4 differents positions In opposition of balaclava with only 3 hole for eyes and mouth There is a mobile part on the lower of the balaclava You can wear it totaly opened like this Or you can wear it just below the mouth on the chin Or you can cover the mouth It’s the position I use when I play Or you can wear it on the nose like this With this position, no more skin outside, best camouflage and weather protection You can try this position if you want, but it’s hard to don’t produce mist on glasses There is less blast of air going outside so the air go up on the glasses. With this position, I have less mist on my glasses This balaclava is really nice because it’s light weight and very breathable It keep my head warm but it will not be unpleasant I think even on the summer it could be wear without sensation of burning I used it all the winter and the begining of the spring, and on my region, spring is really cool about temperature And I didn’t want to remove it because of an unpleasant sensation.For me, it’s really cool. If you’re interesting by this balaclava, it exists in Multiland, black, OD, Tan and in vegetato. You can find this product on S&S tactical website (link on description). The cost is about 8,5€. It’s a very good quality/price ratio for a balaclava. It’s not very expensive, and it’s a military quality as usual for Defcon5 products so it’s very nice. If you search a good balaclava, I recommend you this one! .


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