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(Airsoft Review) CYMA M052 40mm Grenade Launcher | AirsoftHellas.gr

(Airsoft Review) CYMA M052 40mm Grenade Launcher | AirsoftHellas.gr

welcome to another airsoftreviewshd episode! as you can see we have done some serious work in our studio and now we have a great background we have placed some of our airsoft guns on the wall we have reviewed most of them and you can watch all this reviews in our channel so just subscribe our channel and enjoy! in this episode our friend Chris from AirsoftHellas.

gr send us a special airsoft weapon so this episode is dedicated to chris for the cede of this great airsoft gun so please check their site (link in discription) you will find there many interesting posts so airsofthellas.

gr send us the CYMA M052 handheld grenade launcher it a pistol grenade launcher it seems pretty good and from the package i can understand that it is low weighted so lets open it! first of all it comes in a cartoon simple box with no printings they got it from a polish airsoft e-shop Chris send us two patches from airsofthellas.

gr and we thank him for that! i will leave them here and we will defiantly put them on our uniforms i will remove the top cover and you can see that the airsoft gun is seperated into two pieces the main body and the pistol grip the main body is full metal and it seems pretty good the 40mm shell is not included in the package so obviously you will need to buy one or more 40mm airsoft shells so in the package you will find the main body, the pistol grip and one screw for the pistol grip you have to slide in the pistol grip (it looks like an M4 grip) and tighten the screw on it you have to install this parts out of the box to use it simply, slight the pistol grip towards the upper body and tighten the screw the m052 is ready for use and it looks like this the grip is very vertical and it looks like an old pistol due to low weight and small size you can carry it like a pistol in a holster so let me show you in close look this airsoft gun it has a very simple construction on the top there is a lever which allows you to open the gun and insert the 40mm shell let me grab one that is a Classic Army 40mm shell it fits perfectly and the gun closes smoothly the reload is very easy and you can do it in seconds during game with no problems at all i say again i am impressed with the building quality (according to the low price) if you check the price is very low but i have to mention that you have to spend another 30-40$ for one 40mm shell and if you want more of them the cost goes up very much this CA 40mm shell is pretty expensive but it can fit 120 bb’s and hold enough gas to send them all enough away a few words for the body the main body made from good quality metal while the pistol grip is polymer the only part that looks like low quality is the main cylinder that holds the shell it has rails something pretty useless for that type of airsoft gun here again the release lever and it has also a trigger safety it well made and durable it weight almost 1,8 kgs with the shell loaded so it is like a pistol so that was all for the CYMA M052 GL thank you again Chris find the link in the discription we will upload many new episodes so please subscribe right now! THANKS FOR WATCHING!


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