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(Airsoft Review) CYMA CM700A Bolt action rifle

(Airsoft Review) CYMA CM700A Bolt action rifle

welcome to another episode of Airsoft Reviews hd in this episode i will present a new airsoft bolt action rifle the CM 700 A made by Cyma it comes in a huge carton box so lets open it! so i got here the airsoft gun and it is huge this a M40 A5 replica, the newest version of the legendary M40 and i have to say that i am impressed i think that CYMA has made huge steps especially on this bolt action airsoft rifles it is heavy and i love the groovy plastic on the front handguard and on the grip well the weight is distributed well, maybe a little more to the front because of the huge full metal outer barrel of course the scope and the bipod are optional also the sling mounts and the para cord sling are optional too like i said before this is a bolt action airsoft gun so you have to cock it in every shot the trigger safety is on the top point like all the M40’s push it forward and your are ready to shot it produces 490 fps (.

20g) out for the box, so it is very powerful due to the huge inner barrel it is very accurate and the range is also impressive the buttstock is plastic (as all the body is plastic too) with a rubber block on the end also it has an adjustable cheek raiser, but you have to uptight screws that magazine is dummy the operating magazine goes into this compartment we had some trouble to find extra mags for this gun but finally we found that the CM700 magazines (from the previous model) are compatible as i said before the bipod and the scope are optional i did not like the fact that there was no sling mounts in the box if you want to add a silencer you have to buy an optional adapter like this one remove the flash hider and add this adapter where you can screw your silencer you can get a CM700A with only 140 € those are the magazines which where hard to find the magazine goes right there the magazine here as i said before is dummy for the hop up adjustment you have to use an Allen key which you will find it in the box along with other tools so thats all guys for the M40A5 named as CM700A from CYMA its a great bolt action airsoft rifle from CYMA it is cheap, it is precise and durable hope you like that review, please subscribe and give a thumps up!


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