Home Airsoft Reviews Airsoft review: Cyma CM.125 USP AEP pistol replica

Airsoft review: Cyma CM.125 USP AEP pistol replica

Airsoft review: Cyma CM.125 USP AEP pistol replica

hello guys sorry to burst today we are going to leave the see you IM a cm 0.125 electric we saw this pistol replicates the iconic or us pain and Saima has made several pistols based on the similar in tomas these pistols were similarly to an aging basically they are downsize the AG’s and let’s see what we have in the box i have a speed loader battery trickle charger and the adapter for the special a team of the kragle babies the gun itself and the cleaning gun German club if you got Assad safely in place sorry the charger in the charging battery here is the magazine the magazine is unique to the USP it is groove here where the package catch is the magazine that has it falls in place a only the M and the cyma USP ap USP magazines you fit and stay in the mic well this Simon USP cyber makes a series of pistols you similar in the bus just name a few the glock 18c the desert eagle a sig p226 and the 1911 replicas they have similar features they can shoot a semi full auto they showed around 200 FPS appointees basically and they have the same range which is max around 100 feet that’s sorta meters and meters in matrix okay like the original the replica has a polymer frame in this case these grip panels are maybe it separately and glued here yeah they held in place by glue the gearbox is in the pistol grip plus the magazine clicks in place give us the magazine release here is the file select on select row mechanism in your thumb save sorry Auto the slide catch of course there is no any kind of slight movement in this IEP is model together with the frame we have real touch hold rail doctor here you know the place removable you by eschewing these two Phillips head screws here if someone wants it to move the slide is fixed and made of metal basically kind of following seems to be a sink for me the slide is not too detailed but for the price hookers sides are fixed and has three red red 3 white dots two on the back one front a this is simply straight forward just hold back the hammer the slides goes off like that the subject possesses the reversal line up the front part with the fake a spring guide of course there is no spring underneath the bar mostly because the bottle is there water is not is installed at the model here is an RO remark on the front of the battery rod battery contacts on the side he stole your battery just like that yeah your gun is ready to fire was put on so my fault hey here is your hopper the hop-up is pretty usable because on the Glocks I had I mean the side oh ayyyy P looks the hop-up was only able to put pointers on the float project – the others were falling right after 10 meters now the USP has a little better hope it can put point even point 28 to flat trajectory whereas the arrow shows iam rotating the wheel we talk wise creases the whole rotating counterclockwise decreases the robot here is the leader to remove your battery with sideways battery goes off you can see the mechanisms there basically don’t touch anything until your gun works okay here is the rig assembly process just like the fake screen guide inside pull it backwards and push it towards the frame yeah my please don’t touch my god it’s too heavy Ramba dexterous yeah what is the same the build quality is similar to the Glock it’s not exceptional but acceptable for the price and there are several points for for the aps the most important is date work in coop so unlike the gas prop advance a piece work when rocket enter they have the range of yeah I told I think that’s it okay share governed by


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