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Airsoft-Review Colt M1911 WE / KWC 2/3

Airsoft-Review Colt M1911 WE / KWC 2/3

over here are up here, on the other hand, the gas variants so the gbs and here a co2 variant at the top, the m 19 differ in appearance eleven pistols hardly to too few we have the obligatory own time here in the screwed-on version, the slide is integrated here and here and here we have the characteristic beaver tail cover of course we have different shaped inhibitors we have the characteristic ones and typical handball securing a back of the magazines from Hof u200bu200bKnopf the trigger itself, of course, drive the sled directly behind the trigger guard and of course the wing lock, which is the case with most models on the left here it is missing on this model This weapon can be operated on both sides for right and left-handers equally suitable otherwise there are still differences being the usual long strap holder which does not exist in every variant and of course the handles differ from model to model and We have already made some changes based on personal taste this weapon comes in the original, for example, with a wooden handle but also made of plastic, this was only replaced by a black one and I have also made a so-called rip extension here helps to keep the weapon safe by hand with a finger on suffer In addition, the ball of the hand protection is permanently pressed in by apps Basically, the weapons actually all work like their original ones Variants and also like some on pistols fire diver pistol are just invited to bbs and the supports for each conclusion once withdrawn by hand the gbw pistols naturally work semi-automatically that means we have a valve and exhaust valves on the top the judgment when firing triggered the co2 model Then come here in this expansion and the co2 capsules are the co2 variant so, in our opinion, the most effective as a co2 capsule lasts much longer than a magazine full the magazines are almost all identical in structure, there is of course that run down ball after leader a 1 notch position down the magazines on the front often have an empathy with the bws Easier and faster, for example, can also introduce or developers the magazines look the same almost everywhere and apart from that, other differences are so minimal that you should once you have disassembled a weapon, you have understood almost all of them can disassemble models independently and lay three


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