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(Airsoft Review) ASG Franchi SAS-12 Tactical Pump Action Shotgun

(Airsoft Review) ASG Franchi SAS-12 Tactical Pump Action Shotgun

Enjoy all our episodes with English Subtitles + our new English Voice episodes! welcome to a new episode of Airsoft Reviews HD In this episode i will present you another airsoft pump action shotgun i got here the ASG FRANCHI SAS 12 tactical version this is a spring powered one shot shotgun so lets open it! first of all lets check the box the box quality is very good it is printed and all the specifications are written on it the difference in compare with the A&K M870 box that we have presented in the previous episode is obvious so lets see what does includes like the A&K M870 box, it seperates in two parts the airsoft replica and the accessories are holded in this foam base there is a color manual full of information about the setup, the use and the troubleshooting you will find everything you need with pictures and detailed data inside the package you will find the airsoft replica, 4 shell magazines one shell holder, a bb loader and some bb’s so this is the SAS-12 Tactical shotgun by ASG the tactical version has a adjustable stock so let me start from the back to the front in this point there is a button that allows you to adjust the stock the adjustable stock helps you to use it in CQB games with the stock collapsed the total lenght is only 77 cm and it can get up to 89.

5 cm with the stock fully opened due to the plastic construction the total weight is only 1,5 Κg’s all the body is made of plastic, inclunding even the stock tube the only metal part is the inner barrel the building quality is good enough and the only part that has gaps is the charging handle the cocking mechanism is pretty light and easy and it is a bit loud the magazine looks like a real shotgun shell pull back this small lever and the magazine compartment will open take one shell and place it in the compartment and just close the small port to fill the magazines with bb’s use the small bb loader included in the package this shells can hold up to 30 bb’s in the package there are 4 shells ASG gives you in the package a shell holder that you can place on the replica put the holder on the top and push it down this holder can hold up to 4 shells place the shells from the top to the buttom (upside down) this is a very good feature but there is a big problem if you turn the replica upside down the shells will fall we advice you to place a thin piece of rubber to create more friction and hold safely the shells like the A&K M870 this replica has also a hop up system you can adjust the hop up with this small lever on the dummy bolt we will test it outside now but before that i have to mention that there is also a trigger safety behind the trigger overall it is pretty good and lightweight so now we are outside the studio to test it i have already load one shell with bb’s and i will start the testing so overall it is leightweight, it has a light cocking mechanism and the building quality is good i hope you enjoy this episode if you did, please leave your comments, subscribe and share our videos!


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