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(Airsoft Review) ASG Dan Wesson 6″ | CO2 GNB Airsoft Revolver

(Airsoft Review) ASG Dan Wesson 6″ | CO2 GNB Airsoft Revolver

welcome to another airsoft Reviews HD episode! on this episode i got another airsoft pistol this is the ASG Dan Wesson 6″ a very powerful airsoft revolver the pistol comes in a lexury color printed box you can find all the indecations from the producer on the package and inside there are well placed the pistol and all the parts provided so this is how the airsoft revolver is placed in the box, with all this parts included in the price also ASG as usual provides a fully detailed color manual ASG pay always attention on their manuals so inside the package you will find the Dan Wesson revolver a dummy bullet quick loader i will show next how you can use it six dummy bullets that holds 1 bb/bullet and also on small top rail, one tool for the rail, and some bb’s i got the Dan Wesson on hand its a full metal chrome painted revolver with a very good building quality its not too heavy and for this shape it has a pretty good weight balance so guys this is a very powerful airsoft gun and you can not use it as a side arm as it produces almost 450 fps (.

20g) you can use it only for woodland games or for shooting practice and it works with co2 from this side there is a fire selector it has three modes, safety, fire and if you push it all the way to the front you will Unlatch the cylinder the fire selector is hard to move so you have to apply some force the cylinder can take 6 dummy bullets (magazines) take a close look to the cylinder and let me take out his dummy bullets that contains one bb per each bullet so those full metal dummy bullets can take six bb’s totally the building quality of this dummy bullets is very good they are very realistic they do not contain any gas as the gas tank is placed in the pistol grip and i will demonstrate you now how you can use the speed loader that is provided in the box so this is the speed loader you have to load the six dummy bullets on this speed loader as you can imagine, this is not the most practical airsoft gun for games so let me load it when the cylinder is full, press and turn the lower button and the speed loader will lock no the dummy bullets will not come out i ve got here an optinal speed loader pouch you can buy more speed loaders and pouches and place them on your tactical belt lets reload it now the cylinder is now open and i will place the six dummy bullets with the use of the speed loader tool just slight the bullets in the cylinder and push it down till the speed loader will unlock it is not practical but it is a very nice airsoft replica for your collection and the building quality is awesome co2 cartridge goes in the pistol grip you have only to slight backward the pistol grip cover and the co2 cartridge storage will reveal this is the only weak point for this ASG Dan Wesson because this cover is very loose and it can easily dropped in game i got here some 6mm airsoft bb’s and some metallic 4,5 mm shooting practice bullets as ASG produces the same pistol replica for this two different purposes be careful before you will buy one the 4,5mm version is only for shooting practice and NOT for airsoft use you may seriously harm someone with a 4,5mm gas pistol so if you decide to get a Dan Wesson for airsoft use pick up the CAL 6 mm Airsoft Gas non blowback pistol finally i got here a universal Dan Wesson pistol holster that holster can take up to the 8″ version (and also the smaller ones) the 6″ version fits very tight and there is no fear of loosing it in game so thats all guys, thanks for watching, please give a thumps up and subscribe!


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