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(Airsoft Review) ASG CZ75 D Compact | CO2 GBB | The worst airsoft pistol?

(Airsoft Review) ASG CZ75 D Compact | CO2 GBB | The worst airsoft pistol?

Airsoft Reviews HD want to thank aerosfairisi.gr airsoft time radio and AirsoftHellas.gr for their support welcome to another airosftreviewshd episode we are here to present you another airsoft pistol in this episode we will present the ASG CZ75D compact CO2 airsoft pistol it has blowback and it is possible the worst airsoft pistol that we had because of many serious technical issues before telling you the problems let me unbox it for you and i will show you what is included in the package after that i will show you one by one all the problems ASG usually makes good quality airsoft guns but that product is unfortunately a big fail back to the unbox, the package is pretty small as the pistol also is very compact the package quality is decent with printed top cap and all the necessary info this is a CO2 version so lets open it the pistol and the other parts are fitted very well in the package there is a color printed tutorial it is very detailed with photos, very nice ASG always provides well made manuals lets see the gun now the gun and all the inclundings are placed nicely inside the box package includes a multi-purpose tool and special key to remove thread cover from the outer barrel so you can install a silencer also there is one CO2 full metal magazine plus a small bottle with some bb’s lets take it out so this is the CZ 75 D by ASG it looks great, it is very compact and lightweight it is very easy to carry it as i said before the magazine has a full metal construction the magazine fits very well and there is no space between the body and the magazine unfortunately there are many body parts with gaps between them the low receiver is made of polymer plastic the pistol grip covers feel like they are made from low quality rubber the biggest problem with this pistol is the gap between the slide (metal) and the lower body as you can hear the gap is extremely bad and this is very sad for a company like ASG so lets exam all the other parts take a closer look of the metal slide it is very beautiful and it has engraved markings but look again the gap in the front part which is terrible that lever is dummy and right here there is a safety lever again the building quality of these lever is very very bad! if you push this lever hard it may come off! the lever is very tough and it doesn’t gives you good feedback If you pull it up the safety is one and if you pull it down the safety is off you can arm your gun by pulling down the hummer (if there is a bb in the chamber) or you can pull the slide back in this point i want you to see the inside of the chamber it is not simillar with other gbb guns and it looks like a non-blowback pistol but it has blowback it has a double action trigger but my God it is terrible too.

.. it’s like a cheap baby gun seems like its gonna broke if you apply some force and the trigger distance is very long something very weird for me i will show you something else now we have used only two times this bb gun and as i will show you now i hope you will see it our camera man will try to focus ok, as you can see i hope, the rubber is already worn out and it is just placed into a pistol holster two times at all the building quality is very low and this is not the only part of the airsoft gun with low quality materials this is the second CZ75D we bought because the safety lever from the first one broke up with a single touch! in my opinion if you want a CZ75 only for decoration the ASG is the one because the overall quality is very poor on the front part, there is a plastic cover for the internal threads with the key that is provided you can remove this cap and install a silencer and here it is! there is also a small 20mm picatinny rail so you can mount a laser module or a flashlight let me install a flashlight the flashlight is on and the pistol looks great you can use that as a movie prop gun it is very beautiful for videos but again it is totally useless for airsoft games so that was the CZ75D review and we will not shoot it! because again we had issues with the magazine you will lose many CO2 cartridges until you will be able to install successfully one so after all practically this is not appropriate for airsofting ASG claims that it shoots 346 fps but when we where shooting it the bb’s where spreading crazily at all directions finally this is maybe the WORST airsoft pistol i got into my hands until now i would recommend to get one if you want it for your collection and because it is cheap (50-60 euros) so thank you very much for watching this review i hope you like it please leave your comments below and subscribe my channel and enjoy many other reviews!


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