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Airsoft Review ASG CZ-75D Compact

Airsoft Review ASG CZ-75D Compact

what’s going on youtube crazyncman here to do another airsoft gun review this one’s being brought to you by my friends over airsoft RC dot com check it out, they re-did their website looks great great company to deal with are they get the best of both worlds they got airsoft and they got radio-controlled stuff so two of my favorite things my favorite things thanks are great site link is in a description to their website as well as directly to this product now before getting to review how the weather has not been cooperating at all across the country train that snow is cold windy so I wasn’t able to get shooting test of fort is gone I didn’t want to do in Psych knowing about 20-25 feet here’s how maybe I’ll do a later about I apologize for not having shooting test you know well this is not cooperating are so unstable look at the Crowne results real quick and there will be no onto the actual a review violent protest man that’s that’s pretty hot of 400 coffee per second for pistols pretty hot but you know it dies down after a couple shots so on all its reasonable but people going to say we can use it indoors while seminars 400 FPS you know round here we do 400 not former MPs in or so of a stealth little high but Mike said dies down after you crack of couple shots souls he was gonna get with this on this is made by asgn there now the company its arm you know there I actually make the gun but they get a license rights are very popular over Europe not so much here in the united states hope to change Acocks I really like this gun are between a manual with it is pretty short concise and everything you need no buy cialis sample pack to be these which are finally use a SG actually makes fantastic be reserved blaster day will be visa great you’re taller just a hop pop yet ha the sides go to a flat head screw sing at the co2 in an out-of-date get a 16 round magazine obviously that co2 doesn’t come without I just left into the purpose for this review ovitz get a 16 round magazines in a course the CZ 75d compact pistol now first glance I thought I was a little like this I liked kinda non-state entity with the magazine’s little weird and just love max real short mom I i you know i wasnt real pro-lifers to an hour marks what s are using it I started like it because he’s only go for about seventy eight mark 779 box on there sa party our C dot com arms is really reasonably priced I’m like so the more I used it the more I liked it are so let’s go over the external for a quick is going to be a metal slide the plastic frames got rubber grips on it which are really nice arm white sites you can adjust the back once I decide on a problems fixed are it is blowback magazine release here the slide lock releases fake it doesn’t do anything and %ah the safety is right here took and then like any gone once you load it loaded magazine pussy 02 you put it in iraq it once pulls a hammer back it’s ready to go but safety on you know so are earlier just like this since I actually have co2 will leave it in safe mode comment the exterior the externals over real nice arm real decent Mike said license so that’s good thing because they can use the CZ name logo and everyone on their keep everybody who get in trouble license guns a good girls like I said before are but thats basically it on the externals are really liked it arm you know looks good feels good in phnom just great little pistols specially for 79 bucks Now magazine few things that I like about this gun om the magazine here’s obviously not the standard what we come to you know get used to is the standard airsoft magazine oslo difference good different gas delivery system that’s why the blowback solution were on it by Tom still is a pretty nice my favorite features this magazine this magazine is the co2 ball underneath it has this little hard disk its it’s an honor along the outside so if you don’t have a tool your fingers strong enough to actually get the co2 in an hour this gun without having have an Allen wrench or in this case it uses a flat head screw your so I really like that our gas efficiency on this thing was good I was able to get arm about five magazines 526 magazines fallout over again it’s a different gas up gas delivery system so I think the efficiencies little better than well I call a normal co2 pistol you know I can only for Sir W anyone ever om but again that the the magazine’s a little weird it does lock back when you pull it back so when you fill up the BBC’s The plungers days ball back to Memphis peace sticks his push it up get should be used up to the top om so on there was a little weird black man a lot but the worst thing about this guy on the the biggest thing I didn’t like about it is when you take the magazine now here that little gas come on a bit because is basically got a needle that sticks down and when you put the magazine and the needle goes into nom to the co2 sold long we leave it louder it is to serve you trying to do a real quiet tactical reload you gonna hear that gas it’s quiet now covers almost now on but it did it is pretty loud specially if you leave around an hour with the pool co2 bald are in any object to his pics setup no tactical clan are reload on this sector but like that on that was my biggest complaint other than that big ass efficiency is great the little tool for that you use to just a hop off again it’s not like I normally use to but able to slide back and then this allen wrench goes here on top and you just stop up that way little bit different than what we’re used to reach the poor not open and there’s a wheelie was built with the finger on again not a big deal for me because the price of a gun oMG performance was great shoes like every other gas blowback to respond 100 Pete’s get decent performance at 1575 feed obvious a great great gone so I can highly recommend these airsoft RC dot com link is in the description directly this be looking for lower cost alternative to a gas blowback pistol has good gas efficiency definitely the SG CZ 75d compact haha should be on Ulysse I like it I’ll give it about eight outta 10 just a little quirks it had but overall good purchase appreciate airsoft RC dot com send it out and look to next review coming up hopefully we’ll start schedule on the wrong train schedule every Saturday if I cancel thanks watching be sure to comment rate subscribe he whatever you want share shared on the social media I appreciate it we’ll see a next time we were is the coolest guy I love the year no doubt everybody says they want something different that time M 4’s a tiny gays and died at this point I had a knack echo1 deliver something very cool the echo on red star Igor


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