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Airsoft Review APS ACP Gas Blowback Pistol From Jag Precision

Airsoft Review APS ACP Gas Blowback Pistol From Jag Precision

all right what’s going on YouTube crazy NC man here to take a look at the APS ACP gas blowback pistol co2 power I’ve been wanting to see these ever since they come out fairly new to the market so the folks over at jag precision comm sent this to me go over and check them out all links will be in the description as usual to what I’m talking about but anyways I don’t appreciate jag sending this over so I could check it out so before we get into the review let’s jump over to the chrono in the shooting test as you can see the student results pretty good performance the FPS was decent for co2 pistol not too high a lot of times the co2 pistol fire real high Bob had good performance so let’s get right into the review first thing you notice is this comes in a very fancy box and I like it but I don’t like it it’s like why spend so much time on packaging this thing it looks cool but it’s got this bolt on cover here spring on cover it’s really kind of ridiculous in my opinion but anyways oh you got a manual with it pretty good you know tells everything you need to know translations a little rough you get some bb’s which are perfectly fine to use you get an extra seal for the co2 setup which we’ll talk about here in a little bit and these are a couple little grip pads there like that that grit sandpaper I guess you can put on the slide I’m guessing I don’t know I was like whatever magazine 23 rounds plus you can put one in the chamber co2 powered he had a little key it’s got that hikotsu ApS if you guys don’t know is actually owned by hikotsu who make the thunder bees and all kinds of stuff but you get this little this cool little katsu key to get the co2 in and out again we’ll talk about that a minute get a cleaning and on jamming rod and of course the pistol like I said this one is in multicam and it’s really a good-looking unit and then of course this tag was on it which we’ll talk about this in a minute this was hanging on the trigger guard tells you about putting the co2 into the magazine and we’ll talk about that later but I thought that the box was kind of ridiculous I mean how much money did it cost to make this with a lot of you know I look at the logo art mess it’s really kind of overkill and actually this box when I got it it was kind of bent up a little bit so all the manuals are still sliding out it doesn’t actually lock down real good but it is both an odd kind oculus in my opinion so anyways as you can see it’s in multicam very familiar-looking frame but overall I was pleased with the the aesthetics of the gun right out of the box it looks good it’s good that okatsu logo on the end of the slide will switch to an overhead here in a minute do a close-up oh that but I’ve been looking pistol they these are want to transfer it if I’m not mistaken so it’s really nicely done on the exterior they also do a lot of different camos which even Wanjiru precision comm check it out they got some cryptic looking stuff and they got multicam and all this so it’s a little different than what’s on the market a very cool looking straight out box my opinion was very positive now an overview here on the externals this is a plastic frame gun metal slide as you can see nice multicam want to transfer this is ACP here typical functions of a gas blowback pistol you get your magazine and release you get your slide lock release you got two tabs on the other side that you pull down to get the slide off this does have a safety which is right here on the trigger most guns of this style this look we’re used to not having a safety but this one’s got one here on the trigger like I said the sights really cool nice white markings on them well as I like the hikotsu logo here on the end does have a little spot you can put a lanyard loop and that’s just your basic it’s your basic gas blowback pistol nothing new on the outside like I said magazine 23 rounds plus one in the chamber it is co2 a little bit different than the co2 systems were used to we’ll talk about that here in a minute but all all just your typical magazine typical exterior on the gun but everything functions I like the multicam of course my concern is you know this is very close to the actual multicam pattern so are they actually paying a royalty to use it which you know the answer to that they’re probably not so that’s one one of my concerns with the exterior of it the licensing of using somebody else’s multicam but does look really good I forgot to bring the real multicam down so you can see it and then typical this style gun you just pull these tabs down and that thing come right apart to where you can adjust the hop-up adjustable hop-up Sal ittle bit different on the inside they’ve done a few things different on their own it’s got a nice return spring on it it’s got good recoil and you shoot it overall pretty good that you can see the rest of it is just your basic you know what we’re used to in gas blowback pistols I will say it was nicely greased but I found it to be very sticky it’s that real thick thick grease so I definitely recommend you can see right there I’ve only run a couple couple three mags through it I definitely recommend when you get this to take it down clean it up and use some good silicon oil on it because it was a little bit stiff on the action the grease is looking a little little sticky but all in all not too bad nice easy gun to work on good lookin exterior and as you saw the shooting test was pretty good this side had a little sticker on it that’s just a little glue that didn’t come off when I took the sticker off but all in all I did a great job on the exterior of it plastics a little bit I don’t know I’d be interesting to see how these take being dropped on concrete because compared to other this this plastic seems I don’t know it just has that kind of brittle feel to it it doesn’t have any flex when you take the magazine out you can’t really it’s really brittle feeling so be interesting to see if anybody’s has one of these if you dropped it how it fared but externally looks pretty good as you can see the shooting test was pretty good so let’s go over the rest of it real quick and finish up this review now let’s talk about the co2 system on it’s a little bit different to what we’re used to and coming back to that tag in the beginning I said I was going to talk about it’s kind of funny because this was hanging on a trigger guard it says warning co2 insulation one clockwise screw to after one then anti-clockwise ten degrees and you’re like what and then you go on the back there’s some more and it comes to say turn the inside and outside switch end cap clockwise together until reach end turn the inside switch end cap anti-clockwise about ten degrees so I read it a few times they’re like what the hell are you talking about but basically here’s what it is is you know like any co2 system you put it in you put a cap on then you have something that screws down to puncture the co2 cartridge so that’s the middle of it so you line these up together to take it off and one of my problems was is this thing is very very tight and I had issues after I shot it to where I couldn’t get this thing screw out matter of fact I bent this if you if you just notice in the beginning and it’s all chunked up so that put a pair of vise grips on it to hang on to it to get this thing out so again if you have one of these put in the comments if you have any issues because I found after you shoot this when the co2 is empty it’s a pain to get this thing off now normally we’re used to not forget the co2 cartridge we used to put in the co2 cartridge in with a little end down and there’s a needle in there that punctures the end of it you put this on and then you tighten down the middle and puncture on this one the co2 goes in exact opposite it goes with a little end sticking up and the pin is in here that punctures it so basically what that yellow thing was saying is when you get it when you put a co2 cartridge in you back this center screw all the way off and it’ll wind up misaligned with the other slot and then you just you just rotate it back just enough to where it lines up that slot okay so that way the the pin that punctures as a canister is back and then you put it in there you screw it in and then you take the the inside piece and you screw it down to puncture the co2 cartridge that’s what this was saying with all its bad translation the seal right here is to replace these it’s got two seals on it I like it other than its it was very hard to get the thing apart after I shot it and I wasn’t I didn’t cross thread it you can only screw it in so far you can’t really over torque it but it is a little weird and I just didn’t like that cuz I had a lot of problems when that thing you know plus it was a little cold out and it’s you can even see it’s kind of hard to get it started it’s a very fine thread so you got to be careful not to cross thread it but I just find this was difficult to get off the other thing is I don’t know if these are standing O rings they don’t look really round I don’t know if anybody if you’ve tried a different o-ring other than this put it in the comments but I just thought it was this thing here it’s kind of a pain and it’s so big if there’s not really a screwdriver it fits it you got to have this thing to get in there and I just had a lot of issue with that gas consumption it was a little bit of a gas hog – I was only getting like two two and a half magazines out of one cartridge which is you know close to being on par with a gas blowback but I would have liked to see it a little more gas efficiency out of it I think the system for ceiling wise is really nice it’s nicely done but like I said it’s just a little different than what we’re used to and in co2 magazines but basically this thing you know being on the other end where it punctures and lets the gas out so other than that other than that I really liked it I thought the performance was good I liked the kick the recoil of it was good it does have a work in safety that’s a nice feature for the newer players you get the rail system on it you know you got all the features of gas blowback pistol the lock that was the other thing that’s the slide lock I had one mag when I was amped and never locked back this is a little sticky but that goes back to where I was saying the grease and it seems real heavy and kind of that nasty sticky stuff so I think if you clean it up you definitely get better performance out of it but just little issues but although I think it’s a great pistol I think it’s well worth your hard-earned dollars especially if you look in one that’s already done in a water transfer and camo so appreciate jagged precision and sending that over check the links in the description and as usual we’ll be sure to comment rate subscribe share this video so everybody can see it and if you own one of these put some input down in the comments let people know what you’ve had as your experience so appreciate you guys watching lahter reviews coming up stay tuned subscribe and don’t forget to check the box to email you when I upload new videos in the subscription box


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