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(Airsoft Review) A&K M870 full metal spring shotgun

(Airsoft Review) A&K M870 full metal spring shotgun

This episode support English Subtitles welcome to another airsoft reviews hd episode today we will present another airsoft shotgun as you can see there is no markings on the box this is an A&K M870 Full metal spring powered airsoft shotgun so lets open it the product comes in a very simple cartoon box with no markings i will leave that here so this is how it looks inside the box is very simple but holds all the parts very well A&K usually have simple boxes with no markings as the company does not invest in marketing but anyway, the product is great so there is no bad deal with that package includes the shotgun, one metal magazine , few bb’s and some screws and tools so this is the M870 by A&K it’s a spring powered airsoft gun the first impressive fact for this airsoft gun is the weight due to the full metal construction, that shotgun weights 3.

030 grams building quality is supreme the only part that seems to be a little loose is the charging handle but anyway that airsoft gun is very well made the main body of this airsoft shotgun is metal including the outer barrel, the charging rail and the main body the only plastic parts are the stock and the charging handle the ergonomics are very good too i really like it lets take a look for the charging handle it is pretty heavy because of the powerful spring that airsoft gun produces 380 fps (.

20g) and shoots only one bb, so this is not a CQB airsoft shotgun lets fired it it is also too loud! so with 380 fps, one shoot and so loud operation, it is sure not a CQB airsoft shotgun let continue with all the other accessories now package includes on full metal magazine this airsoft shotgun take a rifles type magazine and not shells the building construction is awesome and it is very heavy just place it from below and press up this magazine can get up to 40 bb’s and it shoots 1 bb per shot so the capacity is very good to play for a long time before reloading the total length is 92 cm but due to the weight it’s not the best choice for a secondary airsoft gun (snipers for example) but the range of this shotgun is impressive there are two sling mounts, for two point or one point slings the barrel length is 24 cm in a few minutes you will see how it fires the price is good too as it costs 95 euros or less (depending the Country) if you want to remove the magazine you have to press the two buttons on the magazine press the buttons and pull out the magazine another impressive fact for the A&K M870 shotgun is that it has a hop up unit package includes an allen key to adjust the hop up unit due to the hop up unit the range is impressive finally it has also a trigger safety lets get out and test it the magazine is loaded and we are ready to test the A&K M870 airsoft shotgun it has a heavy charging handle due to the high fps rate, the hop up unit and the one bb per shot the range is great i believe that this airsoft shotgun can become a great friend for a sniper so that’s all guys, thanks for watching and we will be back soon!


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