Home Airsoft Reviews AIRSOFT – Review #8 – G39C GFC (GFG039C)

AIRSOFT – Review #8 – G39C GFC (GFG039C)

AIRSOFT – Review #8 – G39C GFC (GFG039C)

Hello everyone, it’s Fidel from the Nice AirSoft Equipe ! And today we’re gonna review a replica that just popped in our team : It’s the G39C sold by Gunfire ! In the box there is : Targets and manual The replica and a magazine, under the replica, an unjamming rod, some bbs, the battery, 8.

4v and the battery charger. This replica is almost all made of ABS plastic regarding the body, some elements are made of metal, such as rear sight, front sight, and the flash hider. Please note that the replica has a unique serial number.

the selector switch is ambidextrous like on all replicas of this kind. You can access the hop unit by pulling this part right here. The hop wheel is right there. You can collapse the stock, a bit hard since it’s brand new.

To get to the battery, you just pull this pin, push the handguard and there’s the battery. As you’ve seen, the replica shoots at around 380-390fps which is a bit hard for a replica that is designed for CQB, short and mid range engagements.

The bushings are made of plastic The motor, short axis and no markings. Spring guide, plastic, no bearings. the piston : plastic, full teeth and last tooth is metal. Compression wise : it could be better, as you can see there’s a leak at the cylinder head.

For the shooting tests we’ll use .25g bbs and for the range, we’ll shoot at 10m, 20m, 30m and 40m. We won’t shoot further since this replicas is used for cqb/short range up to mid-range so 40m is long enough and good enough for what we’re using it in the team.

Small burst to show the dispersion (damn wind :/) No problem to hit someone at that distance. To conclude, what can we say on this replica : Overall, it’s good, externally or internally even though if regarding the internals we’d like a better compression.

As for the shooting tests, it shoots way better than expected. You can hit your target up to 40m without troubles. Biggest problem is how hard the replica shoots. If you plan on doing some CQB, you’ll have to change the spring.

But please keep in mind that this replica only costs around 100 euros, has 24 months warranty and that is quite robust, no wobble at all on the body and no problems at all with the externals. So overall, for a replica at this price it’s a good deal, but if you want to upgrade it there will be some work to do.

but out of the box it’s useable, shoots straight and gets the job done. So that’s it for this review of the G39C by Gunfire. See you soon in another video !


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