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AirSoft Review #7 – Detonic 51672 – BG Sport – [FR]

AirSoft Review #7 – Detonic 51672 – BG Sport – [FR]

hello everyone here zakho 93 for a new review we meet today therefore for the review of one of my two oldest replica therefore who is really my first take with cowboys p1 I mean after of course the spring so which is an electric replica yes I know an electric pea it’s been done for a long time but hey here it was my first pa so called electric i have no box for you present which we will go directly to the replica itself is thin but unfortunately my charger broke in two so I try recharging which breaks into two coupons so I will not have to load to present to you either which is being repaired in my garage so I will present the replica to you, here is a replica from home therefore dg sport we call the detonic 51 672 so the inmate will therefore be from dg sport you see that he has lived well together he has full of traces very young that I made a lot of forests with him his debt still a little so which is an electric replica what else can you tell this replica so works on batteries not battery here is to open the hood of picon makes its pop we have unlocked and we put the wires inside here it confirms hop here so there when it is closed we can charge was really very very hungry in fact it was a kind of banana but it is very very thin and so here is so a bit you see so the charger capacity was of 22 bis so it was not a good ability for a father and therefore we had a blu bac where I see the nobility every time browse in ruins this replica since to tell you anyway I can still change the barrel I know so it’s full abs of course there is not a gram of dating methane I do not think points except the and electrical components of course inside nothing is adjustable so neither the dog is no security, if the security in fact is that one can point that shoot like that so even if there are batteries and flow maintenance in fact we had a very small press here so we have to press that and at the same time pulled what otherwise there will be no ball that goes so go so the guy from the nation is in abs imitation very badly made me so a little done in the room guen sees the question referred we have something very very basic so not at all adjustable even no white dots or nothing good of course it’s a pea but hey we won’t ask too much either for them it’s a brand has completely disappeared ebg spot So here I think I had only that to say about this very little you won’t have a test shot now I’m trying to output a video after so maybe in a week two weeks with the third test of those of the slums since really that the loader which shits a little there thus here it was a little long bonus review finally a review what of those of what tonics from bgc wear I hope you liked it I you promise to do a test shots very very very very soon when I would like to talk about charging and we see there no longer everyone wear you well and receive hold ciao


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