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AirSoft Review #6 – M4 CQB-R – King Arms – [FR]

AirSoft Review #6 – M4 CQB-R – King Arms – [FR]

hi everyone here sakho 93 for a new video finally for a water she laughs view we meet again today for a big review of a big replica which is the colt m4 its r2 cuvĂ©es check-in Guys I thank you right away that see me lend so from my team thank you sam who is my cameraman that at this very moment So here it is at first as usual I will introduce you the box then the replica and to finish my shooting theses it will be under the snow still pisses off so to start the box so like in the habit of making king to a very pretty box frankly me I adore them boots that annoys me it’s just beautiful black so to start us have everything there is to know about the replica so all characteristics so that is to say the case linked also mm almost all the clique 300 million loaded so it’s an icap charger but tata power electric so it is one to judge the battery is invited wind is an 8 that hits 4 volts is a mini so as you can see on the box we will need a small one of a small box above to be able to put the battery it weighs 2.

40 kg either so a little less when same as my sig to me which made me that which weighed 2.8 100 g or still which is quite heavy so with the new butt folded it is 70 cm and with the butt unfold it is 78 cm and therefore the aluminum effect of nylon here what can I say about the box so we will do a little looked at the box on the side we have a known of the famous keys in a superb illustration we have illustrations of the replica since there are components from side so there we really have the normal box of chic ingalls and here is the small handle to be able bring one in we made two types of boxes we have a protective film like in everything a guy is remain we have a small booklet on the replica therefore since it looks a lot like the m16 so that’s exactly the same manuals as you can see it is exactly the same except that m6 does not have a large unfoldable it has changed a bit but it is much like the m4 we have here including two that were shopping from little instructions for m to pay at the pub for m to change the future for put the small box especially very important how to put oil in the charger so that they do not scramble and everything and so that’s it, it’s frankly very good to have put seven white and above all it is very well illustrated and in French in French you say afterwards we have a key from king to mark us anyway we have a small screw which I will show you later what it is for on the replica we therefore have the case for m the battery so we just have to unscrew the survival m it’s I won’t you show how they open up where we work earlier and we have of course a tactical handle that is basic now my friend sam didn’t want to put it what he finds ugly on his practical and of course unnecessary unclogging and cleaning so we meet immediately for the presentation of the reply of the return the world so we meet for the presentation of the replica in the second part of the video so here is the replica itself here is sitting heavy anyway not 30 bodega not looking good to wear it So here is a pretty good replica for even the metal is needed except of course the cages to be able to aim stupid we put after I am a little more a little more better to the touch so it’s a tactical grip so with the little trick there to look good here it is so we will first talk about the charger so load fullmetal metal 1 finally set head on plastic hockey lagoon I don’t know why so here are usual things with the small wheel not very large but on the other hand it’s a bit of a shame or small wheel to put flow so that you have to have nails anyway news of the gloves it is impossible here then and the ebit of in the chronicle here is after for the replica so we have a replica which is at king weapons therefore which is unfortunately therefore the sector holds is not ambidextrous and since my friend sam is left-handed it does well who is you saw that natural rhymes so here it is very hot and it’s very boring I play the string that we are left-handed that we don’t have for it semi auto and here you see they have been deflated kings market here it is a bit the black point of the replica 1 here then in action sex So you hang the eighth note so a foldable and foldable stick frankly a pretty nice cross so the little button no that’s not very complicated for the people, place your pasta so like that m 4 we pull here and when we have the copy so the pin and the border and we have it to the people with the little wave which counted by turning to the right left to adjust it so to refurbish it their own and succeeds a new generation of m cap before we called you sassou true but now there is not much chance that it will open with the little one security that is now the organs to aim the sights are there where I do not know if we will see well here and here so the little son who gasoline for the geipan battery that we do not yet have a thousand cash So here is the cassa we can adjust the drift also in that it is for the task is therefore it is also we can also adjust it in height and in descent So we have two types of little bits of little rounds of huy good go we have the one there and we have this one so it’s a precise act and a normal saying here so after so does not ensure everything is adjustable behind which is good enough nevertheless and in front also it is adjustable because we we have a little trick with a small key we are just turning so it can be assembled all this can be descended at will, so that’s good if we can remove we just have to do this for him i don’t know if i can’t do it should be regulated like a sagouin good I can not do it who can not so you you can of course remove its issue a red dot graphic design or whatever you want 1 we will go to cannons so cannon with a nice crashplan with a little a little metal wheels so expect to a pretty good style we try bostik we too much question marking now the markings so it has a lot like one so the marking from mk2 the horse with g in the mouth cross on the earth I return you so here is the caliph 6 mm n 4 carbine here after colts manufacturing so to say that these collars which made it after all that is engraved in the mass after we have the buttons the brands hfc me and auto of course there is when even then that frankly i don’t understand it still marked behind there is no button so this is really explain 1 here and if not we have some marking the cee so I do not know exactly what it means here is a handle of course tactical I already told them what am I missing I think it’s you with ties sense of forgiveness excuse me so tying swimming here so we wants to put on the right or on the left and an endearing blue only cashed in left here is one who turns speechless here I think I did the turn so the button + square of course it is here as with all tics from sheringham a nice push button and so here it is of course this is completely you can lean on me but hey it’s completely false that do nothing here so we meet for the third step of the video some chargers here it is not even a pretty nice style we meet all now for for the third party test outside in the snow in the cold so we will brave the temperatures to please you, that’s the case ciao suite hello everyone so we meet for the third part of the video So the 7m 4c qpr shooting test from King Arms So here is the beast with the small box to beat his partners shooting speed I started to me and to finish in a car, no, I didn’t have everything I could do I am about 20 steps away so really a very very good reactivity a magnificent now we are going to do it by car we hang on here are these two sets so of this step of the one who keeps me her cubes and r what there is a term in addiction to the models you can see it therefore belongs to two around 300 euros so it is a nation with a very good say box 2 6 3 here we are for new videos do not hesitate to subscribe to leave a little I like and a little a little comment here thank you everyone hello saved well chuck


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