Home Airsoft Reviews AIRSOFT – Review #2 – HK416 ASCU by GFC Guns

AIRSOFT – Review #2 – HK416 ASCU by GFC Guns

AIRSOFT – Review #2 – HK416 ASCU by GFC Guns

Hi, this is Fidel from NiceAirSoftEquipe and today we’re gonna talk about the HK416 ASCU by GFC Guns In the box you will find : Some bbs A manual for the ASCU A battery charger A Hi-cap mag, 300bbs A large 9.

6v 1500 Mah battery, with large plug. Let’s talk about the externals, because it’s the first thing you see on a replica Everything you can see here is made of metal but the stock and grip, which are made of plastic The sights are removable in order to clear the path for a red dot Just unscrew here for this one And flip the other one, and you’re done ! The flash hider comes out, you just need to unscrew it.

The stock is big enough so you can fit almost any battery in it. The replica feels very sturdy, since it’s full metal and that there is wobbly part anywhere, either in the RIS, stock, or magazine Definitely a plus for me.

Furthermore, the way the replica feels is just excellent as with all the “armalite” style replica but having a real stock really helps it and allows you to aim with comfort even with a mask on. We tried it and it was fine.

The replica shoots at around 440 fps on average. Those tests will be done with 0.2g BBs and hop up set to zero 435. 441. 443. 443. 442. 438. This replica is as good on the inside as it’s good on the outside To access the hop up, just pull here, and the ejection window will open The big advantage of this hop up unit is that it stays calibrated during games unlike on some other replicas we have around.

Still no problems after a month. The gearbox has been entirely reinforced. Since I can’t open it here on the field, you can check some pictures on our website One thing : out of the box you don’t have to do anything on the gearbox it runs like a charm, and the sound it produces is just perfect.

This is the stock battery, 9.6v but the replica is lipo-ready the internals can take it and deal with a 11.1v battery without problem. One last thing, the replica comes with a 6.04mm barrel which changes a bit from the classic 6.

08mm barrel. In this model you will find an ASCU It’s a little piece of electronics that will manage your gearbox and to make it shoot the way you want (semi/burst/auto). but also to get a more reliable replica and optimize the battery life.

The ASCU will make sure the gearbox doesn’t lock up if you fire on semi and will put your replica on safety mode to avoid if anything was to happen like for example the motor having a malfunction, or your battery getting low.

Here you can maybe see the little box, it’s the ASCU. And before doing a demo of what it can do, I will try to put the battery in You’ll need some training to get it right on the first attempt. Mmm…

let me use both hands here There ! You can here a sound telling you the ASCU is ready to operate. The ASCU gives a big breath of fresh air on the airsoft market I was telling you it gives you more reliability but you will also gain some reactivity – let me show you When firing on semi, it shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger See ? You pull the trigger just a bit, and it shoots instantly.

For burst mode, you switch to auto and just hit the trigger once and for full auto, just let the trigger pulled. A replica like that changes quite a lot the way you play. To shoot more effectively, I will install a red dot which will fit nicely on the replica We placed our dear Oscar at 42m Just to be clear, it’s 42m checked with our laser rangefinder it’s the distance from the camera to the target, and I will shoot from the camera position Test protocol will be 10 rounds on semi, 3 burst, and full auto As demonstrated, this is a replica that’s doing its job pretty nicely out of the box but if you want real performance, install a new hop rubber.

because at this distance bbs were already start falling a bit. And while you’re at it, get a precision barrel. With that, this replica will hit every time. We’ll do a quick conclusion Some remarks first : If you want an extra mag, buy a Jing Gong or else your mag might not clip in place You should also think about getting a precision barrel/hop rubber to get the best out this replica The cons – because unfortunately there are some : Starting with the large connectors, either on the battery or replica So if you’re like me, and using some mini type battery it might be a problem Also, if you put a mini type battery inside, watch for the ASCU moving around a simple velcro patch could have been put from the start to avoid this annoyance but it’s no big deal.

Next, what you see here is a quick detach emplacement but the problem is that it’s nice, but it’s not in the box so be sure to buy one, it’s not expensive and very useful. As for the pros, well, you have everything else Full metal, metal everywhere, very solid A precision – even if not exceptionnal – very good out of the box Of course, the ASCU Because when they will hear this on the field.

..they will run for cover ! but watch out because when you start using that you will not want to stop firing. Beside that, there’s the look, I like it a lot, looks really neat And last, the price, we’re around 190€ for the replica alone and 250€ for the replica with ASCU installation This is very affordable especially for a replica of this quality If you had any doubt about getting this replica, you can get one with your eyes closed This is very high quality materials and recommended by the NASE It does make a real difference on the field ! See you soon, and for any comments, please use youtube or our FB page


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