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AIRSOFT – Review #10 – Répliques SPARTAC

AIRSOFT – Review #10 – Répliques SPARTAC

Hi everyone, this is Fidel from the Nice AirSoft Equipe ! and today we’re reviewing the SPARTAC replicas. In the box you’ll find One hi-cap magazine (plastic) A sling A battery charger A BB sample A battery And of course your replica.

What’s special about SPARTAC replicas is the weight since they are mainly plastic replicas except for a few parts such as : fire selector Outer barrel and sling catch. Other elements are made of sturdy plastic.

Let’s ask Spino about the weight difference between a CYMA (CM028a) and a SPARTAC (SRT-08) Mmm…Nice weight. I’ll take this one, it’s lighter, bye ! 🙂 Of course the weight is different. A lot less metal elements on the SPARTAC But it doesn’t really give any troubles regarding the sturdiness as you’ll see in the following sequence : Fidel : You have a doubt on the replica sturdiness ? Berlugansky : Yes, so I’ll drop it.

Fidel : Go ahead ! Fidel : higher please ! 🙂 Fidel : Again, from higher ? Berlugansky : Now let’s try it. Berlugansky : Seems solid. SRT-10, metal elements : fire selector and sling catch SRT-13, with tactical grip and M4 style stock.

and sling swivel. (metal elements : outer barrel, sling catch, sling swivel.) SRT-12, which is a classic AK47 replica, metal elements : fire selector, outer barrel, sling catch, Handguard, stock and grip are “wood like” but still plastic.

Last model, SRT-11. metal fire selector and metal sling swivel/sling catch A M4 style stock, Let’s not forget about the RIS handguard. On short AKs you’ll find short 200bbs~ hi-caps and on longer AKs you’ll find long 600bbs~ hi caps According to your replica, there are 2 types of batteries : classic battery or stick type battery.

In both cases, they are 8.4v 1100mah equipped with mini-tamyia plugs. The fps output given for short AKs is around 380fps and for long AKs around 400fps. Regarding price, it’s around 80€ for any given model.

wich puts them in the same price range as CYMA AKs. So we will give you a small comparaison of internals and shooting capabilites in order to see how SPARTAC compares to CYMA We are opening the gearboxes to see what’s inside the SPARTAC compared to what’s in a CYMA gearbox.

Let’s head to the workshop. Plastic piston, full teeth. Chromed cylinder. Metal bushings. No-name motor, without markings but a serial number. Plastic spring guide without bearings. And something rare on cheap replicas : some loctite around the screws preventing them to untighten themselves due to vibrations when firing.

Let’s check the tightness between cylinder and piston. Not great, but mainly due to piston o-ring. Here are the internals of CYMA and SPARTAC. Left is a CM028a, right is SRT11. Which is why there’s a ported cylinder.

Differences ? Almost none ! Beside spring guides, looking a bit different And a chromed cylinder on SPARTAC instead of brass on CM028a Everything else looks identical. Same gears, same bushings, motors looks exactly the same, markings on the gearbox shell are identicals, showing “02C”, motor cages both show “02b”, One difference though, which is a very nice surprise, there’s just enough grease inside the SPARTAC gearbox while in the CYMA it’s really a pain, lots of grease everywhere.

Very nice to see that they didn’t overgrease everything, it’s nice not to play with a fryer for a change 🙂 Let’s go for the classical chrony tests, using .2 ROCKETS BIO. Let’s proceed to some firing tests at 40, 50 and 60m, comparing 2 SPARTACS to one CYMA replica.

using .25 ROCKETS BIO bbs. Players answered the SPARTAC call to try out the replicas. We were around 20 players that day they were all able to try out the replica of their choice, and give some feedback some of them didn’t want to be interviewed, so don’t be surprised not everybody talks 🙂 Fidel : You tried the replica ? Deambulator : Yep and it confirms what I thought.

Really nice ! Fidel : What do you mean ? Deambulator : Great range, lightweight, very small Fidel : What’s your usual replica ? Deambulator : G36C. Fidel : Okay, and regarding the weight difference ? Deambulator : Night and day.

Almost feels like a long handgun and not an AEG. Fidel : Okay, so for your it’s very pratical ? Deambulator : Extremely pratical yes. At lunch I installed a red dot on it because I’m taking the replica home ! See ya ! Berlugansky : Small game with the short AK (SRT-10) felt really nice handling it small barrel, small stock, very nice Fidel : Very compact indeed.

Berlugansky : Exactly, very compact and extremely lightweight since it’s almost full plastic. After trying it out, very interesting long range surprisingly enough regarding the barrel length. Accuracy is good but not great.

Of course accuracy is not great but for the price it’s really interesting. One thing I didn’t like is the placement of sling catch they are not very pratical with a sling it might be hard to put the replica against the shoulder.

(note that it’s not a SPARTAC problem, it’s due to replica design itself). I didn’t try out the full auto mode in game, but gave it a try at the range, and it seems correct. I’d say it’s an interesting price/performances compromise.

Fidel : So for the price, seems correct to you. Berlugansky : It seems correct, and it seems really great for CQB because of the small size. Giorgo : I spent the whole afternoon with the classical AK47 and had a lot of fun with it.

It’s a nice product with good price/performance ratio. it’s good for beginners, you can have fun with it Fidel : Yes, for beginners it’s really good. Fidel : Feels better than your full metal replica ! (Giorgo always complains about the weight) Giorgo : Ah yes of course ! It’s really different ! Fidel : yep, weights a lot less ! Giorgo : and it shoots really far.

Shark : Good out of the box replica, regarding internals, range and accuracy. Only problem that I saw and that can be seen on other AKs replicas Pistol grip broke when I picked up the replica. Fidel : When you say on other replicas ? Shark : I won’t give brand names but they are brands in the same price range.

Fidel : Other AKs in the same price range ? Shark : Exactly, they had the same problem at the same place. Shark : Good potential for beginners, for upgrades should need be, and if you like to play with a practical ligthweight, easy to use replica.

Stéphane : I enjoyed the replica very much. Used it for the whole day. Fidel : Whole day with that replica ? Stéphane : Played with it for 5 hours yes. performed very well shot all the bbs where I needed Very very light Fidel : You had troubles with the battery ? Stéphane : not really, just at the end of the day where the battery became really low.

Fidel : yes that’s normal. Stéphane : For that price, nothing bad to say about the replica. Ah yes, dropped it once and I didn’t see anything break on it. nothing happened when it dropped. Very nice replica.

Thanks for watching the video ! We’d like to thank Gunfire for the replicas, See you soon for another video !


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