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AIRSOFT – Review #1 – Gunfire Rockets

AIRSOFT – Review #1 – Gunfire Rockets

This review isn’t about the replica accuracy, but more about the consistency that can be achieved with different kind of bbs. So please keep that in mind, thanks 😉 Ps: Yes it’s our first video, and yes we had to do record it a few times.

Hi, this is Fidel from NASE, and today we’re gonna talk about a product that was sent to us by Gunfire.pl It’s the Gunfire Rockets, a new brand of bbs released around 2 months ago. Since we didn’t find any reviews on french websites, we contacted Gunfire, and after a few emails the shop sent us some samples.

While expecting some 300bbs packs, we received 4 packs of 1kg, very nice of them ! To see what else was in the package, you can go to our website and check the pictures there : http://nase06.free.fr Let’s get back to the Rockets.

They are sold as high quality bbs. Let’s see. First, the diameter. Announced at 5.95/+-0.01mm, they are exactly as that. (pictures on the website). So it’s not bad and means that it will work with almost any barrel, from 6.

01 to 6.08. And what’s specific with this bbs is the slow cool-down processed used during the manufacturing. So what is means is that with this process, there is less chances to have air bubbles in the bb.

About the air bubbles, we cracked open a few bbs, and no bubbles in the bio version. As for non bio, there were a few bubbles, but very small and perfectly centered. You can find those bbs from .2g to .

36g, bio and non bio (from .2 to .25g), and as a “bonus” there is a reminder for which weight would be more suitable according to your FPS. Now for the BIO version of the bbs. First, the color. What was told to us is that the color was especially chosen so animals wouldn’t mix up bbs for food.

Good idea. And it takes 3 months for the bbs to degrade under laboratory conditions, so it should take a bit more in real life situation. We’re gonna proceed to the testing soon. Here’s Oscar, our resident highlander, always getting fired upon, and never complaining (that we like) As for the the bbs we’ll be using today: Gold Fire .

2 Non-Bio/Kyou .2 BIO Gunfire Rockets .2 & .25 Bio and Non-Bio Taiwangun .2 & .25 Non-Bio I forgot to told you earlier, but we placed Oscar 15m away. As for the replica used, it’s an APS M4 ASR104, with 6.

03 barrel, shooting at 400fps. Off to test the .25g. Before testing, we learned the hard way that 20€ red-dots sucks at short range (couldn’t lower the dot more). So I had to adapt and take a reference point each time we switched bbs.

That explains why most of the targets are shot low. NB : never buy this crap again. Let’s go for some Taiwagun .25g Non-bio Now, Kyou .25g Bio Gunfire Rockets .25g Bio What we will be looking for here, is more the grouping that can be achieved on the target than aiming for the bullseye As you can see, the accuracy is excellent with the Rockets .

25g Bio. The only bb (bottom left) that didn’t go where it was supposed to is entirely my fault, I pulled the trigger a bit too hard, but didn’t feel like re-doing the shooting would be honest. Now, last one of the .

25g, the Rockets .25 Non-bio. Between .25g and .2g, we adjusted the hop-up in order to shoot the .2g as straight as possible. Let’s go with some Gold Fire .2g…really not a bb I like. Not bad but not great either, but we’ll see what happens.

Sorry but we had to cut the last shot. Seems like not everyone knew that the camera was recording, and someone made a weird noise. Not cool for the ones recording >.< (just so you know, the shot went just out of the paper sheet :-( poor Oscar) Taiwangun .

2g Non-bio And now we had to cut the first shot. AGAIN. Thanks guys. Next time I’ll do the review alone >.< Gunfire .2g Non-bio A little zoom on the .2g Rockets. The grouping isn't bad at all for .2g I thought one shot did miss, but Spino was standing near the target and confirmed that 2 shots just entered the target at exactly the same place.

Impressive ! (luck ?) Very last bb, the Rockets .2g BIO, last one, I promise ! You can hear the the 1st shot hitting the target, faintly at 6:08. The camera did start recording just I was pressing the trigger for the first round, so it didn’t record everything.

Maybe it’s because it’s the last target ? Come with me You don’t see the impacts from here, but Spino is checking the target. Spino : “Bullseye” No bullshit, no cheating, look at where the .2g bio did hit Again, no bs, still at 15m, look at that result.

Amazing. What about the price ? So, Taiwangun, not that expensive, around 6.5€ for 2.g 1kg, but not excellent either, tends to float a bit at max range. There’s the Kyou bbs, high quality, excellent accuracy but 15€ is a bit too much when you play with 80-90€ replica You might not have the money needed to keep buying it if you are the kind of player that shoots 3000bbs in an afternoon.

We’re left with the Rockets, accuracy of the kyou, and cheaper than the Taiwangun. From 5,5 (0.2g) to 9.5€ (.36g), always sold in 1kg package. Don’t mind the small package, it’s just a sample of non-bio bbs.

What you’ll find at Gunfire are those packs right there. Didn’t you forget something ? As for the Gold Fire .2g…from ASG… Well, it’s good for your backup, but putting this in your AEG, just pray and spray and that’s it.

Forget about it 😉 So Oscar, what’s your thoughts about those bbs ? Talking about pure accuracy, Gunfire Rockets makes no compromises, and works in any weights and type (bio/non bio) Something that needs to said is that the first time we tried the Rockets, the bbs flew way up and we had to check our hop up units and lower the settings to make them work.

As for me, and talking for most of the members, from now on it will be Gunfire Rockets only. Taiwangun bbs : good but nowhere near the Rockets. Kyou bb : good, expensive, above Taiwangun, good at long range.

This one, let’s pretend it doesn’t exists… So we’re left with those. That’s what the NASE recommends out of all the bbs tested. Best overall quality, excellent product. Thanks for watching this video, thanks to Spino for filming, Oscar, everyone at NASE and also Gunfire for sending us the samples.

You can find their website at http://www.gunfire.pl Thanks again, see you soon in another video, and don’t hesitate to comment. If you have any question we’ll do our best to give you an answer. You can also contact us via our website.

Thanks ! See ya ! Vertical alignement is getting better as we progress in the video, probably because I start to get the hang of it. That’s something to think about. But grouping by itself is showing the quality of the bbs.

We’ve been amazed by this product, and hope you’ll be too. Don’t hesitate to post your comments below. See ya 🙂


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