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We would like to present you a new LCT Airsfot product the LK-33A2. The real firearm, the HK33A2 has been manufactured in the 1960s. It was never popular within the NATO countries but it was a standard issue weapon in the Netherlands Thailand, Brazil, Chili and Turkey though it was never adopted by the Bundeswehr.

But it has been used by the German Police. During the Vietnam War a rifle like this could be seen in the hands of US soldiers, but those were faithful copies of the HK33 called the T223 and made especially for the Navy Seals.

Currently it is made by private companies in France and Turkey. The resented LK-33A2 is a replica of the basic HK33 rifle equipped with a fixed polymer stock and a 390 mm long barrel. Since the original was made in the basis of the HK G3 the described replica is visually very similar to it.

With the difference being that the original HK33 is chambered for the 5.56×45 mm ammunition. The structure of the replica is stiff and stable thanks to oxidizes steel from which all external parts are made.

The use of steel greatly increases the weight of the replica which, without a battery and with an empty magazine, weighs over 4 kg. The replica is powered by a V2 gearbox made in a way typical for LCT Airsoft.

Steel gears are set in 9 mm ball bearings. The policarbon piston has a full set of steel teeth and the cylinder set has a very airtight. Both heads are made of aluminium and the piston head has a bearing.

There is also a second bearing in the spring guide. The replica comes with a magazine holding 100 BBs. In the tested replica the magazine we feeding well. The presented version has a 445 mm long inner barrel installed.

The Hop-Up is adjusted using knob that is perpendicular to the barrel’s axis. It is the same one that was previously used in the replica of the G3 rifle, that is the LCT Airsoft LC-3. Access to the adjustment is gained similarly to other such design by pulling back the charging handle.

During the firing tests the replica performed well but is considerable weight was felt during shooting. It is worth pointing out that this replica is still lighter then the LC-3. Additionally, despite the battery placed inside the stock the center of gravity is moved forward towards the barrel is was the case in the G3 replica.

The muzzle velocity measured was around 410 fps and the effective range was around 55 m. The new replica by LCT Airsoft, the LK-33A2 as will all product by the manufacturer is of very good quality. The manufacturing precision and parts made of stamped steel sheets are trademarks of a robust design.

Internally, the replica has standard parts which means it will be easy to upgrade. You will find more detail about the LK-33A2 by LCT Airsoft in an article at WMASG.com Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel.

We also have a smell contest for you. Details are in the description. Length: 925 mm Weight: 4200 g Steel + Polimer


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