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The AK-12 is the first replica from the series of the newest AK family carbines made by LCT Airsoft. The original firearm was accepted into service in January 2018. In December 2018 it went into service.

In March 2019, at the IWA expo the first replica appeared, made by LCT Airsoft. Starting with this one, LCT Airsoft has began to rapidly introduce replicas of modern Russian Fedaration Army weapons. Therefore, this replica should be liked by reenactors of the modern Russian army.

The replica is mostly made of steel. Apart from the aluminum stock guide, folded to the side all external parts are made of steel. Only the handguard is made of hard, reinforced polymer. As usual, in case of LCT products, the replica is very well made.

The receiver has imitations of all the pins and welds. Unfortunately, the satefy/selector switch markings are not true to the original. The original AK-12 has a 2-rounds burst setting. The replica does not have this feature and this is probably the reason for the lack of such a marking.

The AK-12 doesn’t have the traditional side mounting rail. It is replaced by a long Picatinny rail running along the whole length of the receiver cover. Moving the sights mounting point to the receiver cover forced a change in the way it itself is mounted.

The AK-12 doesn’t have the traditional button in the back of the cover which is now locked on inner latches at the back and a rotating pin at the front. The space for the battery is under the cover. It can accommodate stick type batteries.

The rear sight is similar to the traditional one but has an aperture and an additional adjustment dial. The sight can be moved or completely detached. At the front, on the gas block a traditional front sight was installed.

A new feature in the AK-12 is a small nut next to it. It is not a gas regulator but a dummy gas tube plug which, in the original, is used for cleaning and maintenance. The AK-12 has a new pistol grip design which houses a small tool kit in the original.

The replica does not have it but the ergonomic shape of the grip has been faithfully replicated. In the original the magazine has translucent ports which allow to see how many rounds are left. The replica’s magazine doesn’t have these ports.

It is made entirely from homogeneous polymer. Mechanically, the replica doesn’t surprise. The gearbox and its parts are standard for LCT products. Steel gears are set in ball bearings and the pneumatic system, which has a steel toothed piston is very airtight.

The piston head and spring guide have ball bearings. The replica has a muzzle velocity of 390 fps. The workings of the mechanism if flawless. The range and accuracy are typical. A part worth improving is the lack of stability of the front part of the inner barrel which wobbles noticeably when shaking the replica.

The replica is made in a typical LCT standard. It is very well made. For more details, as always read our full review at WMASG.com Also, subscribe to our Youtube channel as we will make more such videos.


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