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What do you associate the name Atatürk all inclusive holidays and kebab? From this country comes the real firearm version of this replica. The Sarsilmaz SAR9 is a pistol made by the largest Turkish small arms manufacturer.

The real firearm has a polymer frame with an exchangeable rear grip panel. And how is the case with this licensed replica? When opening the box from the Taiwanese manufacturer, ISC we will find a neatly cutout foam holding the replica, a single magazine, a silencer adapter and the same thing that is offered in the original namely, an exchangeable rear grip panels.

After taking it into one’s hands, the pistols seems to be well made with an emphasis on the details displayed by individual parts. It is one of my favorite striker based options. Manually, the pistol is very similar to the well known and liked Glock.

The manipulators are in almost the same places. Unfortunately, the slide stop and the magazine release are mainly for the right handed. The pistol is made from the same materials as the original meaning a metal slide and barrel, and a polymer frame.

Unfortunately, the external barrel has considerable slack. When it moves, loud clanking can be heard. Under the barrel there is a short rail for a flashlight or other similar accessory. The pistol lies very firmly in one’s hand and allows for good handling.

The sights are very comfortable to use and have white dots. After taking the slide off we see a very well fitted recoil spring guide and an interesting solution for fixing the inner barrel. The Hop-Up chamber is fitted in a special rail with a pin which allows for fixing the inner barrel perfectly.

This translates into very good accuracy and range for a stock replica. Hop-Up is adjusted from the bottom with a screw. It can be done with a flat screwdriver or a finger. The adjustment is very fluid.

The blow-back piston head and the cylinder with the nozzle were quite intensely lubricated but worked flawlessly. The magazine’s shape is similar to the hi capa but it caused a certain dissonance. After removing the bottom plate there is a valve screwed into a bolt the is usually used for mounting 12 g CO2 capsules.

After unscrewing it the dissonance is gone as there is no such possibility. The magazine has the green gas valve set too deeply which causes problem when loading gas using certain cans. Summing up, the Sarsilmaz has made a very good gun and ISC made an almost perfect replica of it.

It shoots well and handles well but it has one noticeable backward which is a less then perfect fitting of the external barrel. I thing that this replica is worth buying mainly thanks to its looks and performance.

For more details and information please read our full article at WMASG.com Also, please subscribe to our Youtube channel. Weight: 750 g Lenght: 195 mm Magazine: 22 BBs Accessory rail


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