Hi, its Karol from Reckon Krakow. Today I have the pleasure of showing you the new ICS CXP MARS PDW 9 replica. The PCC type carbines are gaining increasing popularity in the airsoft community. Lets see this brand new one by ICS.

From the outside, the replica looks like the good old ICS products. A robust and well made replica showing a lot of details and interesting solutions. Starting from the back there is the adjustable stock, with three positions which have been selected very well.

To disassemble the stock, one has to used the locking button. The is enough space to put an 11.1V 1300 mAh Lipo battery. The pistol grip is interesting and it has a good grip thanks to its texture. It angle is also very comfortable.

The safety/selector switch is double-sided. It moves with a noticeable resistance but it does not seem clunky as in some replicas. An interesting solution is the adjustable and programmable trigger. In the stock configuration its work is very precise and has a short travel.

It will be ideal for quick single fire enthusiasts. The are three magazine release buttons. There is the classic yet enlarged AR-15 style one an analogous one from the left side and a new one from the bottom.

While pulling the magazine out we stick the thumb up and than we touch the button. Its a very cool idea. The bolt catch has been moved to the mag well and it moves up and down on both sides. The sights are interesting, easy to unfold and can be used in both positions.

The charging handle is comfortable simple, enlarged and give access to Hop-Up adjustment. And since the port is quite small, the adjustment is quite challenging. The chamber is a rotary type. The handguard is an M-LOK variation comfortable and a bit modified, as in all MARS series replicas.

The replica has a split type gearbox which is a staple of ICS products. It a great idea in this model as one can just replace the upper receiver and have a nice assault replica. It also has an electric blowback system which works correctly, but for me its not a necessary feature.

As for the shooting, the replica works fine and has a range of about 50 m. For a muzzle velocity of 370 fps its a very good result. An interesting feature is the precocking which results in quicker trigger reaction time but it has to be turned on manually.

Decocking is done setting the replica to safe mode. When done, the replica will make an interesting sound, like with a broken anti-reversl but this is just the way it is. The replica comes with a hi-cap magazine.

Currently there is no information when other types of magazines will be available. The ICS replica is very well made and fitted. It is very well suited for CQB games. For more details visit WMASG.com also, subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Length: 619-690 mm Weight: 2700 g


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